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Nokia 701 Helen
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Nokia 701 Helen
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Nokia 701 Steal at 17000 . Android is over hyped !!

* . It is a very refined phone (Symbian Belle OS).Something , which gives immense pleasure , everytime , you shall use it . n* . brilliant screen . See the screen to believe me ...... n* . Lifetime free GPS (not Google Map but true GPS )n* . Last but not the least ... A battery life to die for ... nnOverall, This phone shall last you a very very long time . When you upgrade give it someone in your family and they shall also keep enjoying it ..

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Nokia 701 is the best phone.

This phone is a value for money. nIt has 8MP camera, 720p HD video recording, plays most of video formats without converting. Pretty smooth video playback and youtube.nSupports HD games,SIS and java games and apps also supported.nDisplay is currently workd brightest, easy visibility under sunlight.nTouch screen is better than most droids.nWidgets, homescreen are very useful, maybe you'll get most work done in homescreen itself. Has 6 homescreens which also rotates to lanscape mode including menu.nGPS works just perfect, navigation free for lifetime.nBattery backup is good 1.5 days with email client in background, playing games for an 2.5 hours, accessing wifi for 2 hours(downloading), music for 3 hours, call for 1.5 hours.nIf you don't use all those then talktime is 10 to 15 hours on 2g and 5 hours on 3G or 3.5G.nYou can use it as 3G modem, it can give upto 14.4Mbps speed.nnIt has TV out, USB charging, USB OTG(for connecting pendrive or hard disk or other nokia phone-You have to get OTG cable).nnMusic player with cover flow looks fantastic.nnComes with preloaded games,Angry birds and Asphald urban 5 HD 3D.nYou'll also get Nokia Store gifts also.nnThey have given a small nfc sticker attached to manual, on turning nfc and just tapping it to that nfc sticker takes you to Store gifts page-Just for showing sample of nfc power.nnDon't wait Just get it.nI am completely satisfied.nSymbian belle rocks.

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Symbian Belle is the latest iteration of an OS almost a decade old now. From being the most sought after OS to being probably the most criticized one, it has seen it all. Most mobile manufacturers had lost faith in it by the end of 2009, save the biggest of them all, Nokia. Indeed, only an OS backed by Nokia could have survived that long. However, since the coming of touchscreens, Symbian market shares have nose-dived. Only that it seems to retire on a high.nnSymbian Belle does remind us of the glorious past it had once had. The future remains bleak, but Nokia 701 endeavors restore the users’ faith in the OS. On the outside, you have a tried and tested clad which was first seen and appreciated with Nokia C7. The generous use of metal and smooth curved edges, make 701 a beauty to withhold. Also, the 1ghz processor and 512 mb ram make Symbian Belle a pleasant sight. In fact, the specs are enough to enable 701 play HD games with ease.nnnPros:n1. The body is almost completely made of metal alloy which gives it excellent ergonomics. It can be handled with one or two hands with ease.n2. 1GHz ARM 11 CPU, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU and 512 MB RAM are enormous numbers for any Symbian phone. It handles Symbian Belle with utmost ease. There will not be much lag with many applications open.n3. 3.5” nHD screen is a LCD IPS ClearBlack Display unit. The resolution is only ok, but the screen has very high brightness, decent contrast, excellent sunlight legibility and very good viewing angles.n4. The battery at the back does have some pretty impressive numbers when it comes to standby, music playback time or talk time. In real life usage, it may last 2 days with ease on moderate usage.n5. Impressive audio quality.n6. 720p video recording may no longer attract eyes, but the quality is downright impressive.n7. NFC support.n8. 8gb of inbuilt storage, which can be expanded to 32gb more. Given that all Symbian apps can be installed on memory cards or elsewhere, it is a huge plus.nnCons:n1. Symbian admittedly has less number of apps. n2. Symbian browser is still some way off the competition.n3. Camera lacks auto-focus. Other than that, it does quite well though.nnCompetition:nSymbian Belle still has many fans who would insist that Symbian is the least resource-monger of all the present OS, gives excellent battery backup, and incorporates true multitasking. Most of such assertions are true. All HD games would fly on Nokia 701. Even playing angry birds on it and other android mobiles with similar hardware (the difference is overwhelming) would give you an idea how less demanding the OS is. However, android does beat Symbian Belle in terms of sheer number of apps, overall eye-candy, versatility and in having a faster (not necessarily smoother) UI. nSony Ericcson Xperia Ray and Xperia Neo V are very tempting android alternatives with 1 ghz processors, 512 mb ram and planned upgrades to ICS. A better camera or a bigger screen should tilt your preferences to the former or later.nNokia Lumia 710 has been grabbing headlines of late. It is definitely worth a look.

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Have been using Nokia 701 since November 2011, and it's been an awesome ride. First, let's do away with some of the rumors,nnNo Apps: People who keep on harping about no applications on the Symbian OS have no idea of what is out there. Yes, the market is considerably smaller than Android or Apple's 3 million or something. But the point here is, the average user, or even the geekiest of geeks, does not and cannot use 3 million apps. In your lifetime with the phone you will barely cross 300. I'm a hardened tech junkie and I try out every application that has any relevance to my work at all and I can do anything I want with my phone and I'm sure there is nothing that a person wouldn't be able to do on Symbian that s/he does on Android. Games/news/entertainment, trust me, it's all there.nnNo HD Resolution: On a 3.5" screen, do you really think things pixelate? Even on 360x640, it's really hard trying to see pixelated characters or images, because they're almost indistinguishable. There's nothing wrong with having money and spending it on smartphones with HD resolution screens, but please be informed that even nHD resolution screens are pretty good. Talking about 701, with Clear Black Display and 1000 nits of brightness, it actually helps you see in the sun or wherever you might want to use your phone, unlike some others which are illegible under direct sunlight.nnSymbian is dying: There are 4 years of support left for Symbian and two more major software updates, Carla and Donna, so don't give up on Nokia just yet.nnNow, that those rumors are done away with, I'll come to the review,nnCamera: 8 MP, excellent in sunlight and well-lit conditions. In low-lit conditions, flash comes into use but the results are above average. Red-eye is a problem so be sure to have it on when you are using the camera in low-lit conditions. Video capture is awesome with no detectable shutter lag and quite smooth, even when you are panning or moving the camera from one subject to another. 720p capture is supported so while watching, it's hard to make out that you shot the video with a phone. Would've loved if it shared N8's AF camera module, but this one is pretty awesome too.nnBattery: The battery life of Nokia is always commendable as Symbian is generally optimized for the same. The maximum I've squeezed out of my 701 is 48 hours, with medium to light usage of games, calls, messaging etc. Otherwise, under high usage with constant GPRS, HD games and calling, the limit is 12 hours. IF you use Wi-fi, then that easily stretches to 18 hrs, with 5-6 hours of constant net usage, 1-2 hours of games, constant music through headphones and calling of 2-3 hours.nnGPS: I am a student living in Pune, and I am often at a loss for directions as I mainly reside in Viman Nagar and traverse to the city only once in a while. GPS has been a life-saver for me in some occasions, like I got off at Pune University, which was 2 stops ahead from where I had to get off for Fergusson College. Switched on Maps and it calculated the shortest rout in 10 seconds and I was set to go. Nokia Maps is available for Online/Offline usage, but from my experience, GPS locks on faster when you're using Online. Offline is fine inside the city, but takes a little bit time if you're outside the city, for eg in a train. I used this when I was going to Mumbai via train and wanted to find out how far I was from Dadar, it took 2 minutes more than what it usually takes but located my position outside Thane.nnNet Usage: This is really good if you have good data plan, if you don't then Opera Mini is advisable over Symbian Browser for obvious reasons. If you're using Wi-fi, the phone runs like lightning. I've even downloaded a movie from YouTube, and I was getting 260 kbps over Wi-fi. When tethered through USB cable, the speed is pretty good here, too. Am online through my mobile connection as I type and it's working like a charm.nnApps: Symbian can do anything you want it to, from Office editing to interacting with cloud based services to getting your e-mail instantly to reading from your favorite RSS feeds. nnThis was my review of the Nokia 701. Hope it was helpful to you. :)

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Why Stuck on Symbian? Where is Windows Phone 7?

I dont understand if Nokia is going to phase out Symbian... Just fooling customers... trust me guys.. i am a mobile tester and Symbian isnt anywhere near good as Android or IOS... WHY THE HELL THEY ARE STILL STUCK ON SYMBIANnNOT worth buying..... Symbian lacks apps and the new Belle OS STILL has long way to go if it wants to be like Android or IOS...nGo for Android and enjoy the freedom..

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