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Nokia Asha 502
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Nokia Asha 502
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thats how nokia goes bankrupt

my dad was using my old motorola defy since long time but mobile has some issue in screen touch sensitivity and my dad was frustrated to use it . so i decide to gift him some good mobile as dad told me that he want good camera in mobile, i start searching for 5 mp camera mobile . i zero down my choices to Gionee P2 . Nokia 501 / 502 . there are very few review about gionee P2 so i decide to go for nokia brand . also i thought camera of nokia produce some good snap . i read that gionee P2 5 mp camera is bad so i buy nokia asha 502 . filpkart took much little more time to deliver this phone but i got it on Sunday ! i thought that filpkart never deliver order on sunday but got surprise to see ekart man on door . packaging is very nice . bit sine after unboxing the mobile all expectations went down the drain . the design is quite weird . screen viewing angle are good but u see individual pixel from naked eye . there are lot's of crap game/ apps pre installed on phone which u can not remove . contact transfer is quite easy with Bluetooth but there is no way to transfer sms to phone . also there is no pc suite available for asha platform . so i m still searching how to transfer them to this phone . even u can transfer sms contact from old sony ericsson phone to android easily but there is no way to do it in asha platform . i don't understand why they build new platform when nokia S40 is working fine on low-end borderline phones . camera produce lot's of noise can snaps look crap . UI is bit sluggish sometimes. audio output from headphone is not great. i m now regretting my decision to buy nokia . i will not recommend anybody to buy this asha series phone . i have no aasha from nokia asha anymore .

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WhatsApp sucks on Nokia Asha 502, Nokia Care is Careless!!

5 mega pixel camera with flash is just a trap!!nBe careful, do not buy this phone.nnIt has a major bug in WhatsApp which Nokia also cannot fix easily. How could Nokia release such a product??nn5megapixel camera is of no use if you cannot do WhatsApp?nWhatsApp is a recent introduction in the Asha series and looks like Nokia did not do proper QA and simply released these phones. I purchased this phone and from the day one I have been facing sluggish preformance with WhatsApp.nAfter a week I am unable to see pictures in WhatsApp, there is a memory error which does not go after restarting the phone.nnI purchased this from UniverCel and they were smart enough to push me to Nokia Care who are pretty careless.nThe technician in Nokia Care did not know how to take backup of Contacts on this phone and said she took all the backup from the SD Card leaving the contacts on the phone.nThey care a damn! whether you have another phone to make important calls, after a 2 days they tell that they will give me another alternate phone in which I cannot put my micro SIM cards.nnAfter testing for the whole day, Nokia Care says it is a software issue and they are trying to reinstall the software but the phone does not accept the update. nSo that clearly shows the phone has a major bug.nMy question is why was it released if it cannot handle WhatsApp?nThere are so many other applications on this phone and just imagine if all of them are enable what will be the state of this phone.nnNokia Care, after you know that it is a one week old phone and it has a major issue, you say that you will send it to factory and fix it. I am totally disappointed with the service. Even if you replace it with a new one, I am doubtful whether that will work, because I don't see any new update for the software and this might effect all the phones of this model.nnPeople if you want to use WhatsApp on Nokia Asha forget that, you can just use it for calling but for that the price you pay is very high.

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Don't buy this disappointing garbage

Hello everyone, nFirst of all I thank flipkart for lightning fast delivery. I ordered it on Saturday noon and got it by Monday afternoon even the only day in between was Sunday. So that's amazing and the stars I've given only for the service. nThe product deserves negative.nI bought this product on 3rd March and after using this crap for 22 days here is my review :--nGone are the days of Nokia. Trust me if anyone wants to waste money, do go for this set. Only a blind fan of Nokia like me would dare to buy this stuff and later lament. nnPros:--n1> Good flash.n2> Outstanding design and looks.n3> Easy to use.n4> Good battery.nnThat's it.Now comes the cons and they over weigh the pros by manifold. n1> The 5Mp camera that drew my attention is a total shaky and noisy crap. Even with such a powerful flash it produces worst images.n2> No one should think this phone as substitute of an android phone. This OS has only the looks of Android but it's no where near of Android by means of Applications,performance or utility. n3> There is no cut,copy,paste option. No message archive option.n4> Hangs sometime and not so smooth touch.n5> Now comes the worst part the music output of this phone is the worst I've listened so far. The music player doesn't even have an equalizer. n6> Though the specs says it supports 3.5mm headphones only a specific kind is supported. Even my old nokia headset isn't supported. There is no call handling, FM station or track change feature in the headphone.nnSo basically if you are a music lover like me don't go for it. Trust me my old Nokia 7230 performs way better than this. 502 has some basic options missing that you will find even in very basic phone. Every drawback you hear about this phone is true. As per performance the price is way high.It's may be worth under 4k. Don't waste money on this.Go for other phones. I really regret my decision of buying this as I couldn't believe the negative remarks about this phone. Now I find every word is true. Really disappointing product.

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Asha 502 Having Great Features & A Smarty Device

"Asha 502 has not made much fuss on design front; still that simple touch captured my attention at first sight. It comes rich on my eyes, most probably due to the saturated colour and the protective, prominent encasing. nAsha 502 has Dual SIM and Nokia Xpress Browser on offer. If the first one saves me cost, the second one assures me of browser which also saves data. And with new integration of Nokia Xpress Now app, it is no longer a slow experience to discover latest contents on a certain topic. nAnother wonderful feature is Fastlane. It is just like a gateway to access my Facebook, Twitter updates. I use the feature if I ever need to see my recent posts, messages, pictures on the social networking platform. The details are displayed on a screen, implying that I don’t need to slide between the screens. nAsha 502 has arrived packed with several social networking apps including Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, LinkedIn etc. That lets me connect to my friends on these sites and also receive updated information from the same. nAsha 502 also features a camera which comes equipped with 5MP power, 32mm focal length, digital zoom and a good many of image alternation features. n"nWill Rock

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Not Recommended

Very worst mobile and waste of money.n 1. There is no mobile charge complete notification message. n 2. Games are not good and you can't uninstall that preloaded games.n 3. Copying Contacts from old NOKIA mobile using Memory Card is not possible.n 4. Mobile screen clarity is bad.n 5. Camera picture clarity is very worst looks like VGA camera.n 6. Nokia PC Suite is not supported.n 7. You should use the Mobile browser to download any apps from Nokia Store as downloading via PC is not supported. Even that apps are not good and its limited comparing to the Android.n 9. Home screen and Menu list is not good.n 10. The mobile application usage speed is slow.n 11. Wi-fi Hotspot not available.n 12. No GPS but there is Nokia Nearby using Internet.nnThe notable features arenn 1. Wifi enabledn 2. Bluetooth enabledn 3. Dual SIMn nTotally not recommended instead try Sony Xperia Tipo Dual or Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo.

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