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Nokia Lumia 525
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Rs 7,500
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Nokia Lumia 525
Out of Stock
₹ 7,500
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Full in Depth Review

IMP NOTE: Read only if you really want to buy this device, and do not blame me / my review if you do not like the device after purchase.nnThank you for delivering this product one day before the actual date. The package was very clean and good. But, I thought you would provide another invoice bill instead of sticking it to the box. Never the less, you have provided good quality as expected.nnReview: Before you decide that "is lumia 525 the best smart phone I wanna buy?" make sure that you are not interested in android platform, apps and tired of clutter content or the way your current phone looks and lags all the time. Also, a small advice, people always have a misconception about the camera in mobile devices, I've seen most of them think more megapixels means more clarity, which is not true in fact. A smart phone which has 4 inch IPS display (Multi-touch) 5MP camera (lenses included *) which gives you quick uploads on your favorite social media like facebook, instagram etc,. is always a smart choice rather than compromising on things which are least important and does not helps in our routine life.nnSpecification of this phone are genuine. Usability is truly amazing when all tasks are done on it each and every day without getting lost in useless apps. However, this phone gives you a feeling of carrying a premium quality device and not like a budget ones. Read below for all the pros & cons of this device in detail.nnPROS:nn* IPS Display:n - Vivid and crystal clear. n - Gives you full HD experience.n - Color profiles are amazing. n - Super Sensitive (can also use it by wearing gloves) n - Scratch less (please don't use a pen or pin on it to prove me wrong)n - Auto adjust the brightness according to environment.nn* Built Quality:n - very good, soft in hands (only if it has a black panel, rest of the covers will slip from your hands) n - Buttons are good, they do not wobble from place. n - Connectivity is good both for USB and Head jack.n - Speakers are loud enough.nn* Windows OS 8:n - Lumia Black update (pre-installed) Ready for windows 8.1n - Minimalistic Interface, fast, secured and no lags anywhere like android. n - Has all the "Must have apps" from windows marketplace. n - Nokia did a fantastic job in providing them.n - Creativity(+)n - Office use (+) n - Business purpose (+) n - Entertainment (+)n - Premium Ringtones (+)n - Addictive (+) (if you like windows)n - Does not hangs in betweenn - Boots up soon, no delays (except the first launch)n - Classy looksn - Upgradablenn * Call quality is great (Airtel only / don't know about the other provider)n * Can record all sort of calls including conference, radio and voice recordingn - Recording quality is very good (real-time)n * Music quality depends upon your earphones. n * Video playback quality is very good, more format options available and no need to get extra player apps to play different formats.n n* Camera:n - Intelligent, Auto Focus (ISO options - Nokia Camera) and gives good pictures (if taken in daylight). n - Different lenses, more creative options.n - Apps. (Nokia Exclusive)n - Good light gives you 5MP worth quality. n - Video recording quality is great (depending on light) more options for creativity.nn* Network: n - Fastn - 3G is very good, never slows down unless if you face a low bar in signals. n - Internet explorer is much faster and pages load more quickly than previous versionn - Wi-Fi speed is excellent (depending upon the strength)n - Download speed is goodn - Upload speed is goodnn* Storage:n - In-build memory gives 6.8 GB (2Gb reserved) (total = 8 GB)n - One Drive gives you 7 GB online storage (Free) (upgradable)n - Camera roll gives 3 GB additional on One Driven - Expandable memory card up to 64 GBn - Total Storage : 80.8 GB (Excluding 2GB reserve) (no phone gives this storage for 9k)nn* Other:n - Apps are clean and fast.n - Games do not stuck in between. (high end games+)n - Maps are a plus add-on to this phonennCONS:nn - Default earpiece gives basic audio experience.n - Bad lighting gives you a 2 - 3 MP picture / video quality.n - Sweaty hands can't hold it properly.n - Heats up if used continuously for more than 4 hours.n - Not so Customizable like android with themes or launchers.n - Less apps if compared with androidn - Delicaten - Single Simn - Short USB cablennI hope you find this review helpful. For more info you can visit This review is only to help you to decide on the terms of the phone you are about to purchase. Please do not held me, my review if you think windows lumia 525 sucks! Opinion varies*nnGood luck on this buy!

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far better than 520

its lumia 520 + { 512mb ram+dlna(Digital Living Network Alliance)+bluetooth v4+nnBrightness Control+Lumia Color Profile+ Auto-c Screen+Integrated Hands-free nnSpeakers+Proximity Sensor+ Orientation Sensor}nnwhat elsi could you expect for the extra 2k you pay.nnthats it pay more get more.

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far better than 520

its lumia 520 + { 512mb ram+dlna(Digital Living Network Alliance)+bluetooth v4+nnBrightness Control+Lumia Color Profile+ Auto-c Screen+Integrated Hands-free nnSpeakers+Proximity Sensor+ Orientation Sensor}nnwhat elsi could you expect for the extra 2k you pay.nnthats it pay more get more.

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Ultimatee. . . .!!!!

Phone is obviously good. . . .but price is great concern with it. . . Nokia store is giving it wid d tag of 10,399. . .and flipkart is costing it (100 rupees) more. . . .arrey hum kyaa baba ji ka thullu hath me leke baithey hai jo mehnga lgaa rhe oo...:/nnnReview No.2 : price=rs. 9470/- aayi na rajjo saali aukaat pe(dialouge copied from pkp)..:P

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Awesome Product from Nokia

Hello Friends,nnAfter a lot of research i finalized this device as my choice and then without second thought i ordered if from another online site for much lower price than flipkart.I have been using the device from past 20 days.And my opinion is :nnThe device performance is Buttery Smooth,Windows UI is Awesome.I suggest this phone for those who are bored with laggy android,those who cannot afford a high end android.nnAlmost all important apps are now available on WP store except very few which we use hardly. Never think that WP store does'nt have apps or so !nnPerformance : yes performance is superb in this price range, I bet you,show me a single smartphone other than windows,in this price range that performs really good ! We cant find any ! nnMicrosoft has given high priority for the Privacy of customers and this is the reason there are many limitations in the OS.Hopefully at least few will be addressed in next update.nnCamera is excellent during daytime but Nights its not !nnThough there are no customizations as of now,Microsoft is working on WP 8.1 which adds many customizations.nnAnd never ever compare WP and Android ! Android took nearly 7 years to reach the position which it is enjoying now,but WP is just two years old.It takes time.nnMost Of the people have complaint regarding the Battery Life.n--> This is because most of them put over charge before the first usage(6 hrs ++).Those days were gone.nn--> If you are getting a new phone,then just charge it to 100% and use the phone normally for a couple of days(lets say 4 to 6 days or a week).And never operate your phone when its charging(Only during these days),mainly do not play games.nn-->after a week or so play with your phone as you want, No restrictions.nnNote : This is not from any source or article, This is from my personal experience.nn-->My phone gives a back up of 1 day + 5 hours On "moderate--heavy" usage. And on light usage i get 2+ days back up.nnModerate--heavy Usage : Wifi Always on,Whatsapp,hike,Browsing Via Internet Explorer,Subway surfers + 2 or 3 games,calls.Streaming(at times only).nnLight usage : Calls,messages,Few normal games.No wifi or data.nnn** Hope this review helps for those who decide to buy this phone**

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