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Nokia Lumia 830
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Nokia Lumia 830
Out of Stock
₹ 7,999
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Lumia 830 Vs Lumia 730

A review coming from Hardcore Nokia fan.. Till now. Model 830 730 Processor S400 1.2 Quad S400 1.2 Quad Ram 1 GB 1 GB Camera 10 MP zies 6.7 MP Zies Sec-cam 1 Mp 5 MP Screen 5 Inch 4.7 Inch Battery 2200 MAH 2220 MAH Price Rs 28200 Rs 15000(Almost half) I am still wondering why did they price lumia 830, almost double the price of 730. For this price range they could have made the hardware a lot better. As this kind of hardware is obsolete from the market completely now. even the smaller brands have higher specs. I think after Nokia's overtake, microsoft is decieving indian customer's now. India is still the nokia's largest share of customer around the world. Almost as many as rest of the world. Still they launch their new products all over the world first and then finally in india after a long wait. Their Products are sold at a highest price in india as compared to any other countries, some times more than double rate. All there products have, is a camera, nothing else much. Their app store sucks, till now. Google has kicked their ass and blocked them from using any google apps. Since microsoft, our beloved brand nokia has fallen down the standards really low. But tell you what Microsoft, we Indians are not fools. We have enough options now and you amongst them, sucks most. Good buy Nokia.

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Nokia got their principles right in Lumia 830.

Its been a mostly sad turn of events in Smartphone industry the past 2-3 years. Earlier phones were valued on its features and actual real life usefulness of these features. Phones instead of being focused with its real features and uniqueness, the evaluation of phones were done by just reading numbers on the spec sheet, the number of Cores, its clock speed, amount of RAM, amount of pixel per inch, number of Megapixels etc. This was perpetuated by manufacturers themselves, and the entire industry followed it. OEM started releasing upgrading merely by the change of cores or pixel numbers while the basic experience didn't change. Only a few companies notably Nokia and Apple stayed out of this mindless spec race. Nokia was however particularly a victim of this race as some of its finest devices in the high end suffered badly due to this. Anyway when Lumia 830 was released we hear the same complaints of lower specs than competition. More interesting is the fact that Apple is never drawn into this criticisms. Lumia 830 has a Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor same as the Lumia 630 but steps way ahead of its league when it comes to the others like Camera. It has a 10 MP pureview camera which makes it the cheapest phone with OIS. I have personally tested the camera and have to say this is the best camera you can find till you go all the way to the top end where Lumia 930 rules. Design is another thing which though ignored by most of the industry at large was held with high regard by Apple and Nokia throughout, Lumia 830 has new design which is a evolution of its iconic Fabula design (partly adopted by even Apple in Iphone 5c). Its almost same as that of Lumia 930 but only better. The phone is thinner and lighter than other lumias. It has a pillowed back (again a Nokia design slandered) making it very comfortable to hold. The screen is another interesting element in the phone, even though its only 720p it looks outstanding and way better than other HD screens in mobile world, it has Nokia's Clear Black Display tech and is visible even in direct sunlight, its also super sensitive meaning you can use it with gloves on (another Nokia slandered in Mid-High end). It has Nokia's unheralded and unrivalled HAAC microphones which gives near studio quality stereo recordings. The front came is average only but has wide angle lenses. Phone has great real world performance with swift and smooth OS functioning. Why do you need to add a costly higher processor when you can get identical performance with a lower one. Nokia had a simple strategy with Lumia 830 beat the competition with their best the, in Lumia 830 they have the finest Camera, Screen, Design and the best Microphones. They could have added Snapdragon 600 but will it really benefit the end user No instead they added features and tech that directly benefits the end user. While keeping the costs to the minimum. P.S Lumia 830 runs on WP and on WP processor and RAM specs doesn't matter a lot just like in Apple iPhones unlike Android devices. Lumia 830 has 1GB RAM AND 16gb internal memory. Consider using an 8GB memory card. Lumia 830 is the last device having Nokia branding, its but manufactured by Microsoft Mobile. WP8.1 with Lumia Denim update is already present in Lumia 830 out of box.

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Clean but not Clear

Well this is an interesting phone.Not because of the specs. But because of the competition that it has at this price range.As sold by Flipkart ,Nokia 1020 is priced at Rs.27999. That is lesser than this device.Lets have the comparison of the hardware between these two Nokia Geared hardware. Advantages of Lumia 830 over Lumia 1020: 1.5" Display.Slightly bigger than Lumia 1020 so better as far as screen space is concerned. 2.1.2 Ghz,SnapDragon 400 Quad Core Processor.Well it is faster compared to the processor of the Lumia 1020 but is underclocked at 1.2 GHz. 3.Bigger Battery:- 2200maH vs 2000maH 4.Memory Card Slot,Expandable upto 128 GB Advantages of Lumia 1020 over Lumia 830: 1.Obviously the camera.Its still the best in the market.41 MegaPixels of pure beauty. 2.Screen Resolution is higher with a smaller screen.Hence PPI(Pixels Per Inch) is more.(332 vs 294). 3.AMOLED display.I personally feel it to be always better than an IPS Display. 4. 2 GB RAM vs 1 GB So well , is Nokia creating a own competition for itself? The 830 is no doubt a good phone , but at the present price range it simply doesn't stand in the competition in my opinion.Better Android Phones like Xperia Z1,LG G2 which have faster processors are also available at the same price bracket.Also u expect to have at least a full HD display at times when QHD phones are making the rounds.Well I personally will prefer the Nokia 1020 at this price range.Though its older chipset,older graphics may displease the eyes at first, it still is the best in the photography zone. Also the 830 , is a good looking device,pretty sleek and has the pureview camera as well to make things going in its favor but in-spite of that the other Lumia prevails.Its the user discretion to buy it or not. But considering mobiles like Asus Zenfone 5 priced at Rs.10000 only(for 8 GB Version),Nokia should rethink their strategy and price this phone around Rs.20000. Rating goes 4 for Mobile and 2 for Price. Happy decision making.Cheers !! :)

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Nokia Lumia 830 For Great Pictures And Smart Apps

The new Nokia smartphone that I have bought recently is a great handset and it practically has everything that is possible on a phone. My Nokia Lumia 830 is a complete smartphone. It has a good camera with which I can capture stunning pictures as well as videos. It is a strong and durable handset with a great hardware configuration and also has a stylish design. The 10 MP Pure View camera is undoubtedly one of the best features on my Nokia 830. Along with the LED flash and OIS and Zeiss optics clicking images and videos are no more a big deal. My Lumia 830 is good enough for clicking away pictures and capturing videos wherever I want. The good sound quality makes it even better. The 3 mic Rich Recording makes for a distortion free clear sound, so that I get to capture exactly the same moment and save it for life. Besides the great camera and sound capture the Lumia 830 also comes loaded with a large number of apps the. The Skype, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and others are all loaded and integrated with my phone. And I have so far faced no problem while running any of these apps. They all run smooth and fine. This has been made possible by the Quad Core processor and the 1GB RAM. Also the powerful battery backup ensures that my Nokia Lumia 830 keeps functioning for long. The mass memory of 16 GB combined with the 128 GB of the extendable memory provides for a huge storage on the device. I can store songs, pictures, videos and even movies on my phone. And the One Drive storage too is a lot of help. The impressive 15 GB of the free storage lets me keep a back up for all my important files and I can extract these files using any other computer or tablet. I can store away the images and the videos I capture with my Lumia 830 on the One Drive and can also share it on any of the social networking sites. I may also choose to share these with a few people of my choice as well.

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Nokia Lumia 830 The Camerasmart Phone

I wanted a good camera phone that would also have other features on it. I didn’t mind spending a few extra thousands for it but the quality of the phone should be above ordinary. I got what I was looking for in the Nokia Lumia 830. I am very much pleased with it as it both stylish and a highly efficient handset. A true smartphone I must say. This is a camera smart phone with a 10 MP Pure View camera. The Pure View technology is the ultimate technology that can be used for the handset cameras. It not only makes the images sharper and brighter but also allows to click equally great picture even under the low light situations. Moreover the LED flash is an added advantage over it. The quality of the videos too is no less and the OIS and the Zeiss Optics makes for high resolution video capture. Therefore be it a birthday party or a short trip, I can capture all the beautiful moments of my life at a go and without too much effort. These can be shared on any of the social networking sites directly. I have numerous interesting and useful apps on my handset and these include Skype, Facebook, Vine, Instagram etc. I can share my images on any of these sites with just a click. The handset is also pretty good looking. It has a big screen that is powered by IPS LCD display and the Clear Black technology. Thus watching videos or playing games on the big screen is a great experience. The handset is also slim and sleek with a colourful exterior and is also easy to hold in the hands. I am also impressed with the huge memory back up provided by the Nokia 830. The mass memory it self is 16GB and it can be extended upto 128 GB. The free One Drive storage of 15 GB also very useful as I can tag along all my important documents anywhere I go. The 2200mAh capacitated battery is also a huge advantage as the battery back up is an important factor.

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