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OnePlus 8
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awesome camera (38)
decent camera (9)
awesome front camera (3)
poor camera (6)
poor phone (10)
awesome battery backup (36)
average battery backup (5)
bad battery backup (13)
battery issue (1)
awesome display (24)
display issue (2)
bad display (1)
connectivity issues (6)
poor voice clarity (1)
awesome phone (172)
value for money (31)
average performance (1)
amazing performance (23)
great sound (5)
hanging issue (36)
poor performance (9)
heating issue (39)
awesome performance (5)
poor front camera (1)
fast charging (16)
wireless charging (6)
fingerprint sensor (11)
service center (1)
build quality (11)
flash (1)
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Great but always with some screen and body issues!

I changed OnePlus 8, 4 times! Due to something or the other defects (like headache giving screens, line marks at the back of the body, etc) as it's expensive!Phone boxes were puffed, torned, some displays were dull if noticed closely, more warm and yellowish. No control by OnePlus on this. People go nuts like "wow what a display" not realizing that they are being given inferior quality displays of Samsung.I hope I really hope people strive for perfection to really understand and get what they are paying for by controlling their excitements a bit and forward stronger feedbacks, as I believe I was listened and Amazon India did helped me too.My 5th device came altogether from a different location, excellent box, phone built and display feels more broader even with same dimensions, no two parallel lines design or defect at the back, it's clean and curvy like OnePlus 8 8gb variant (mine is the 6gb one). Screen display is still more warm which I didn't want but colors are very punchy and clearly shows the display is far better than previous returned devices.1st OnePlus 8 8gb - Had a very long permanent line mark at the back of the body if looked closely.2nd OnePlus 8 8gb - Display's blue light filter had issues I'm sure as it gave me headache in seconds, eye strain as well.3rd OnePlus 8 6gb - 2 parallel lines on edges of the back body if the device was tilted a little, was like a dent kind of design or defect (I believe though this one had the best display even than the 5th one that I'm keeping and more smoother 90 HZ).4th OnePlus 8 6gb - 2 parallel lines were again there so I thought it's normal and was okay with it, but display was yellowish and dull, playing pubg with graphics optimization made the game look more ugly in extreme hd settings (hdr sucks). Looking at Images on articles, etc were looking just good.5th OnePlus 8 6gb variant - As told above there are no 2 parallel lines, punchy colors, not dull and very good display, however still yellowish in large part of the screen and whitish around above and right & left edges of the screen in vivid mode (I did noticed in some displays it was not this warm). I also noticed vivid mode was nicer and whiter in previous devices than this one whether they were dull or not.I also know screen being yellowish a bit makes video viewing an amazing experience to make it more natural for skin color, etc. But should be less and corrected with all the flaws mentioned. However, I'm tierd and somewhat satisfied but will want OnePlus to correct if possible with software update without compromising any quality of the display.It's said that Apple never compromises on quality, they even delay their production if they find any imperfections (I don't like iOS or use Apple though). OnePlus should do like this.Not happy at all with this kind of support. I noticed paying more (when I got the 8gb one) was really like getting better qalutiy made device (the first one, if the issue mentioned wasn't there). This shouldn't be the case as this leads to disappointment and all variants should be given the same attention/perfection with just internal hardware changes.OnePlus 8 will be my first and last device for a short period of time. Will look for a brand who cares. 3 out of 5.

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Just mind-blowing

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Didn't get the sim tray

I did not get sim ejector pin,red cable card ,oneplus stickers and warranty card

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Heating Issue and Low Quality camera

Badly Heating Issue

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Better phone but could have been the best

Great phone, Amazon delivers it within 10 hours of ordering really happy there,Pros: Beast performanceGreat battery LifeBrilliant ScreenFluid 90hzAnd blazing fast oxygen os5gCons:Camera: have a 2megapixel camera for the sake of having 3 camera on the backRest of the camera are only averageHopefully upadates can fix that and given one plus history I think they will!Curved screen cause accidental touches and most covers can't cover phone fully in the front due to display Hence its prone to break more than regular flat screen phone like 7tHave a little bit of weight due to larger batteryPrincing is highly agressive but could have provided wireless charging and headphone jackIn the same price!Overall good phone if you want a future proof phone but this eyes closedBut if you are on a budget 7t can mostly get you there with better camera and almost as fast snapdragon 855plusChoose wisely

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