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Panasonic P11
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Rs 3,999
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Panasonic P11
Expected Price
₹ 3,999
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I have following complaints WRT to the P11 purchased by me as per my bill of Dec 2013nnNature of complaint informed to them are as under :- n1. During charging Phone charging area getting heated up too much n2. Cell phone becomes unstable due to problem(1) n3. Cell gets hung up while doing some activity n4. Cell phone goes OFF while talking. n5. Battery life is too low 99% charged gets to 2% in less than 5 hours n6. While the net is switched off battery life observed was 5 hours 11 minutes. None applications usedn7. The phone hanging is reduced but not eliminated inspite of the fact that I do not use any other applications other than whattsapp, camcard (Very rarely – once a week), Can scanner (Very rarely – once a foutnight), Google plus (Very rarely – once a week), and music for songs (occasionally).n8. The applications use 565 MB and free space is 870 MBn9. While I was in West Bengal - Bagdogra and Siligudi and in Sikkim – Darjeeling, Gangtok from 5th to 15th June 2014 etc….no Net was captured by phone by any SIMS (Tata DoCoMo nor Vodafone) but when the same Tata DoCoMo or Vodaphone SIMs were used in Samsung 19070 smart phone the net was working without hang up. Signal was showing 3G for DoCoMo but no net. While in Kolhapur also no net signal is shown only while on WIFI it shows green signal of net in operation.

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Good specs. But has some serious cons.

I've been using this P11 for a while now and did some real-world tests.nI'll go straight to the point.nnPros:n1. Good specs on paper. 720p with good pixel density.n2. Doesn't lag. It has never lagged till now. (Quadcore and 1GB RAM).n3. Good design (although this is a personal choice)nnCons:n1. Touch is not that responsive. Sometimes touch doesn't get registered.n2. Don't let the camera MP fool you. Its very bad.n3. Battery is the worst. 3 hrs on net usage. Same hours for other purposes. You'll need a power bank.nnOther notes:n1. Actual inbuilt storage capacity is only 1.40GB only. Its not 4GB. And my RAM shows approx. 800MB (I was expecting a little over 900 tbh).n2. You'll NOT find any cover for this phone in the market. Only protective layer for the phone would be a leather pouch.n3. No developer support. Meaning no custom ROM nothing! I've tried looking all over for it, even on XDA.n4. Back cover is very difficult to open. Open it with care else it will crack! NOT KIDDING!nnBottomline: Giving it 3 stars only because of the pros listed above. Not recommended.

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sallu bhai

The worst part is phone getting heated up with in few minutes. Good news for those who doesn't have micro woven , you can prepare any kind of food on this mobile.nNo transfer of files like photos etc .. by any means only possibility when you are connected with Net.nNo screen guard is available in the market . WOW so many bad features, better not to go for this kind of mobiles just by seeing the brand name.

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Average phone

Bought this phone 6 months back.nnPros: n1. Excellent screen. n2. Good performance.n3. Changeable panels.nnCons: n1. Bulky and cannot operate in one hand. n2. The back panels does not fit properly and makes noise while using the phone. n3. Lots of pre-installed apps (hungama, economic times, wechat, etc). This can be downloaded from good store if required. Don't know why its inbuilt in the phone.n4. The camera does not work after the phone warns of low battery. This is weird.n5. Speaker phone quality is very poor.n6. Heats up a lot. Even when sometimes its not in use and its in my pocket.

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in this prize this is good

1 ppi294 is very goodn2 looking is goodn3 performance 7/10n3 camera 7/10n4 battery 5/10n5 video quality 8/10n ni m very confused when i take this mobile but after 5 days i think panasonic is very good compeny now you can go with panasonic in this mobile quad core 1.2 processer with 1 gb ram no heng problemn prob......n1 heating problem some time ( charging time and playing time ) n2 back cover not proper fitn3 battery 2 times charge for 1 day 9 ( if you use 2 to 3 hour net continue and like games then u must charge your battery 2 times otherwise normaly u can enjoy full dayn4 after click photo when you take zoom your picture not good

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