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Panasonic P31
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Panasonic P31
Out of Stock
₹ 3,987
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Dont Buy Any Mobile Of Panasonic..

Hi friends...i had purchased Panasonic p11unluckily it was dropped by my hand & touchpad was crack & not working.I had approached the service station for repairing of touch screen per them i have to purchase complete set of display of about 6000rs, which is realy not fair & not justified as the new price of mobile is @10,500.I had also approched central service center on for helping on this matter,nut they had denied to do so & told thatn "we would like to inform you that the part price (service charges and service details) can get only by service centers."nSo pls dont purchase any panasonic smart phones there is no spares available in market & servicing done on more than half the rate of new device. So situation of mine is to throw the phone so pls rethink if you r planning to by a new smart phone of Panasonic

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512 MB RAM .... r u kidding?

outdated phone... 512 mb ram in 2014, when we talk about 3 gb of ram in phones!nni use a 512 mb ram phone....n it hangs like hell..!!

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(1) Panasonic does not have anything to do with the development of this or any other Panasonic BRANDED phone being sold in India. It has simply reached an agreement with a domestic company (Jaina Marketing Associates) to make use of the Panasonic BRAND and trick people into buying its phones. Panasonic BRANDED phones themselves are not so bad; they are good phones, but the problem is the lack of availability of spares/components, which means that once your phone gets broken, it can never be fixed by anybody in India, unless you yourselves import the necessary spare part from China/Singapore/Taiwan.nn(2) Jaina Marketing Associates (the same company that markets Karbonn phones) is involved in the sales, marketing and after sales service of Panasonic BRANDED phones.nn(3) Jaina's sales and marketing network is very efficient (they are too good at selling their phones) but it's after sales services are equally inefficient. Your Panasonic phone will rot at the service centre for weeks and then months because Jaina doesn't bother to import any spares/components for Panasonic BRANDED phones)nn(4) In return for allowing Jaina Marketing to use it's brand-cum-logo on these cheap, imported Chinese phones, Panasonic gets a share in the profit that Jaina Marketing earns from selling these phones to unfortunate people like me.

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512 mb RAM

For a company like Panasonic with so much penetration in India in other electronics products, I thought they had captured the mindset of the generation.but the story is different. After looking in TV AD I thought of buying one, but the specs especially RAM is stopping me from buying one.nnA phone with loads of features, yet 512 mb RAM, how on Earth will this satisfy the memory hungry Andriod 4.2.2 OS and its apps?

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Good phone .....Bad Camera

Purchased the phone a week back.My review about is :n1.Good Screen .Display Bright n2.Battery life satisfactory.n3.Hd videos are a delight to watch.n4.Phone does not lagnnDrawbacks:n1.Has googleplay connectivity issues.Most of the apps stop halfaway during installation even when there is a 3g network.n2.Viewing angles are very bad.n3.1080P vido recording??? questionable ...Camera very very bad bad.No white balance

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