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Panasonic T21
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Rs 3,935
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Panasonic T21
Out of Stock
₹ 3,935
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Birthday Gift For My Dad.

I would like to make it very clear that this device does not have 1GB RAM.nIt has got just 512MB of RAM, which is pretty decent for this budget. Android leaves the device with 300mb of usable RAM.nThis device is much better than Canvas 2 A110 and Canvas 3D A115 in performance. (I own these two devices also).nnThere are few drawbacks of this device :n1) It cannot be used for heavy gaming, as data files on this device cannot be moved to External SD card.n2) Internal Storage for data is just 1.56GB and System Storage is 0.98GB for application.nnThough these things doesn't matter to me as the device is to be used by my father.nnwhat made me buy this device?n1) Display! Its awesome. I watched 720p movies and even full HD (1080p) Videos, which worked flawlessly.n2) Handy. The device is lightweight and easy to carry.n3) Battery Life. Its pretty satisfactory to me.n4) Camera is 8MP which you may get in other devices of this range too, but i found it better than that of Canvas HD A116 and few other Xolo Devices.nnMain attraction of this device is its display, which is the most required and essential for a good touch screen phone.nDisplay is much more crisp and the touch is also quite responsive.nWhen the display is turned off or the device is on stand-by mode, the display looks black as it should where as other devices of this range have a greyish display when turned off. This kind of display are usually noticed in high end devices like Nexus 4 and above.nnConclusion :nI've been using this cell phone from past 20days and i got no issues to think upon.nA must buy if you're not a gamer, or a heavy multi-tasker.

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Not a very good one

I purchased this phone for Rs 9450/- from Flipkart around 20 days back. I had actually purchased this item because of it's 4 GB internal memory, 1 GB RAM and 8MP primary camera. I thought that's what i was in need of but it actually doesn't contain as it was specified. I had downloaded some common apps except games as I'm not interested in gaming and my memory was almost full in 2 weeks. The internal memory shows only 2 GB.nnAlthough the look is good, clarity is good, screen resolution is good but it doesn't give good sound except if you use the earphones. At times in noisy surrounding you can't even hear the phone ringing. Next, it gets heated up very soon when you use it even for 5 to 20 minutes even when you are on a call.nnBattery gets drained out very easily even after installing battery saver app. I had to charge atleast twice a day.nnI tried to replace this phone due to other technical problems which i figured out later but it only had 10 days replacement policy. They told me to take it to the Panasonic service centre. Now the phone is just lying idle. After 15 days I ordered Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro which is far and much more better than Panasonic T21.nnI also feel its overpriced as far as its features are concerned. Samsung will give you better features at a lower price. I wasted my money on this piece. If you want to use it for simple purposes you can buy it but incase of memory, battery and heating up I'm not supporting this handset.

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best phone within budget and with good quality performance.

I bought this phone after looking so many phones from Google Nexus4 to Samsung galaxy core . And Micromax Canvas turbo to Xolo 800 X edition.n1)The first best thing about this phone is its display , its crisp and crystal clear so that you love to use the phone.thanks to 329ppi and HD IPS display.n2)the camera is very good and you can record and play full hd videos . We cant get this 2 features in so called big brands like Samsung ,sony and lg (nexus 4) even for 20,000 rs.nWe get in Micromax and XOLO but they are good only in specs not in quality. If u don't believe plz go and check camera quality of canvas turbo(13MP) and screen clarity of so called reputed brands like Samsung, sony with Panasonic T21.n3)Dual core processor along with dual video cores will not allow any lag in gaming and other processing.n4)Inernal memory of 4GB and 1GB ram I cant say best , but its almost sufficient for most of the users.n5)Design is good .n6)PricenSo if u r looking for the above , this phone is the best deal.

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My very first experience with flipkart..

Panasonic T21 is rarely purchased and I ordered using my axis bank card to avail the 10% cash back offer that Flipkart offered. Amount was debited in no seconds and after two days I received an email that the item has been packed. After that, no updates and whenever I called or emailed, the reps were giving a readymade reply to wait for 24-48 hours. Finally a day before the estimated delivery date, I spoke with a supervisor and I advised him to call up the seller and provide me with an update. The supervisor also promised to call me back with an update. I received no call, but an email from a rep stating that my order was cancelled. Received another email that the refund will be credited after 15 days. Don't know how they can pack the item when no stock was available...! I ordered a scratchgard too and I received it on time, but the pack shows altogether a different model (similar to a blackberry phone with QWERTY keypad) on the pic with a sticker pasted for panasonic T21...!!nnWith repeated emails, especially after I sent through the flipkart website (24x7 Customer Care section), the response is really good and Flipkart seems to care about customer satisfaction. Its just that Flipkart has to be strict with sellers and some of its customer care reps who is not willing to help the customers. nnWant to continue shopping with Flipkart, but a little afraid of the sellers.

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Simply excellent!!!

At this price range, this is a must buy..nVideos playback is excellent, full hd 1080p appear awesome on IPS display (better than turbo.) this is the biggest pro...nntouch is very smoothh...nnA great surprise that it is having OTG support, If you have movie/series collection and tired of copying files to you phone just plug in the usb pen drive ON THE GO and you are done.nnCamera is decent enough.nnOnly con that I have found is it supports OMTP earphones which is outdated (still used by iball micromax lenovo Karbon etc etc) whereas branded companies like HTC, NOKIA, SONY samsung uses CTIA earphones (Google it!), these two sets are incompatible with one another. Though I am happy with sound when I connect my sony earphones without mic to this phone :-)nnBattery is ok ok.. nnOverall an awesome phone @ awesome price range.

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