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Samsung E1232B
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Samsung does not use common sense for basic features.

I am Samsung mobile user since 2 years and overall I am not satisfied with it. Two years back I bought Samsung mobile worth 12000/- and I felt it was just waste of money. Anyways that was past and I will not talk about it. But yesterday I bought 'Samsung Hero Music E1232B (Titanium Silver)'. The features it is offering with the given price is really good. But only one point I want make is, Samsung does not use common sense for basic features.nnWhy anyone will go for such basic phone is because he/she is mainly interested in:n1) incoming/ outgoing callsn2) text smsnMost of the time phone will be used for calls, messages and to see the time. So before designing any fancy and advanced feature more focus should be given to this.nnI think designer of this phone wanted to give more and more and were totally ignored the basic things.nFor example,n1) To make a call, I will go to contacts and directly type in keys, for example 'ra' to find all my contacts starting with 'Ra...'n Nokia exactly does this and naturally this is very intuitive as well.n But here in Samsung, if you go to contacts, you need to press various 3 keys to reach out to search bar and then you will start typing. And top of this these 3 keys are not near-by keys.n This is really annoying. This is the MOST BASIC thing anyone can expect.nn2) Many times when we are driving or we are on some conference call and we want to check the current-time quickly, Then mobile is most convinient medium to check time. (Personally n speaking I don't use watch.) With this model, if phone is locked and if you press any key, expected behavior is key-press will not take any effect and wall-paper will be shown on which time is shown. But here you press any key, it will show message 'press * to unlock' This message will occupies half of your screen and you cannot see the time unless you unlock it or wait for some time. In summary, on this phone if you want to check time it needs at-least 20-30 seconds. This is absolute ----.n Imagine you are driving and you want to check time, 30 second ignorance can cause what not...nPlease check any Nokia model for the expected behavior.nnThis is also one possibility that I am not using phone correctly, please suggest me the right way to use it.nnSamsung guys, please think or do some market research before you design anything. I am also from engineering background, while designing we need to keep one thing in mind, do not unnecessary complicate the things....

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contact searching option

This is a good basic mobile with useful features at this price...For those people who feel that there is no conventional searching option for contacts by name... There is a smart search feature in this phone i.e In idle screen...if you type upto 3 numbers it'll display the contacts containing those number combination below so that you can choose one to call! In addition to that, THERE IS AN ALPHABET SEARCH,PRESS THE REQUIRED BUTTONS CONTAINING ALPHABETS ONCE (NO MULTI TAPPING) FOR EACH ALPHABET..GIVE ATLEAST FOUR ALPHABETS OF THE CONTACT NAME AND PRESS THE CENTRE BUTTON AND YOU'RE DONE!!!! It'll display all the contacts with this word combination... For example...If you want to search all the contacts with the name 'RAHUL'...with idle screen... you've to simply press the keys '7','2','4','8','5' and then press the centre button...It'll display all the contacts containing the word "Rahul"...It's even simpler than the convetional word search...There is no need to goto options and then search everytime..nHope it Helps!

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Best dual sim phone at a low price....

Yesterday, I received this excellent mobile phone just 2 day after ordering it. it is absolutely best phone in its class. I recommend it to buy Samsung E1232B mobile phone for the person who does not need any high-end features and can serve for dual SIM and cheaper also. nnPros :-n1) dual simn2) user friendlyn3) battery talktime 12 hoursn4) Phone Memory - 1000n5) SMS Memory - 1000n6) Internal Memory - 3 MB & Supported Memory Card upto 4 GBn7) You can use Torch even when phone is locked.n8) Regional Language Supportn9) 3.5 MM Audio Jack n10) Look of phone is good as compared to Nokia 101.nnCons :-n1) 3.5 MM Audio Headset not provided in the Boxn2) Music player is not playing in backgroundn3) Not Dual-Active : while talking on one sim,other sim is out of coverage..nnotherwise it is a nice phone :)

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For all those ppl.... If you want more features.. Pay fot it!

The review is based on usage and only that. I purchased this handset a few days ago and to tell the truth, it does what it's priced at (Though, got it cheaper than what FLIPKART is offering). It handles all the basic features. Making calls, messages, plays music, has a 3.5 mm jack (handy) & heck even has bluetooth (+ point). Dual sim can be of use. Offers a torch as well. Buy this, only if you need a phone to handle the basics.nnPeople are crying over, it doesn't play in background, it doesn't have gprs etc etc. Well, if want more features then pay for it. Stop wasting others time by writing stupid reviews.

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it's not a good phone at all. I have been using the hero E1232B for the past two months and its pretty decent for the basic needs. Even serve's with a good battery life except for the key-pad's a bit hard to type on, which i have got used to now.nIn SIMPLE words its the best of its kind as it can only support one sim at a time with a good and simple call divert function which is easy to set-up.

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