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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I
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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I
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Galaxy Ace Loving it!

What I liken-- Crisp 3.5in screenn-- Androidn-- Very sharp touch responsen-- Good preloaded widgets like News and weather, Clocks, Finance, Power control etc.n-- Task Manager, helps to clear up background apps and RAM.n-- Overall built quality, seems worth a lot more!! ;)n-- Its pretty slim!n-- Pack contains 2 back panels - black and whiten-- Price, sheer VFM :)nnWhat I don't liken-- 278 MB RAM, probably the weakest link of the chain heren-- Low internal memory, 180MBn-- Camera: No zoom if you are shooting at full res(5 MP)n-- No flash supportn-- Flimsy bundled earphonesn-- No notification LEDs to inform you of missed calls/messages.n-- No Front facing camerannAll in all, I would say a very balanced handset at a very decent price. If you have been waiting for that elusive Android device that ticks most of the boxes and still doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, I would say, this 'could' be it!

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Useless Crap

Please do not buy this phone,its crap ,internal memory 180 mb only ,even if u use titanium backup n move every application to sd card or rom still library files will be stored in internal memory so it will make it full after installing so many softwares.ram is also very low as 120 mb will be used by system itself whihc wont allow u to play high dynamic games.if u put alot of widgets they will consume a lot of ram ,android requires atleast 512 mb minimm ram not below.battery is totally poor ,stand by also sucks ,even if u dnt touch this phone or the screen is off totally no sms no call the battery will be finished within 48 hours .talking time is 3 hours.please dont waste ur money on this crap.wait for galaxy ace plus wich is coming or buy s2 or galax ur wish .i have udes this phone tried custom frimwares also but this phone is only 800 megahertz whihc makes it performacne short a dabba fone total ur wish buy ot not

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Are you kidding me?

Seems like a budget phone but once you will buy it you will realize you made a big mistake. I bought this phone for my girl friend as she needed a budget smartphone, I did not notice that it has only 158 MB RAM, that means 1-2 large software and you are done and it will be like a hell in hell when you will realize that you do need those software and some additional software but you are not able to move them to SD card...I will say a worst product by Samsung...feel like cheated. :(

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D galaxy I aced

The Australian open on 29/1/12 had a handful of aces exchanged. But my ace (pun intended) happened on 28/1/12(Saturday). Having ordered on a Saturday, i was pleasantly surprised to see a courier guy with a Flipkart logo knocking my door on Tuesday, ie, 31/1/12. The package was hassle free. nnMy thoughts on the phoneâ?¦.nnThe phone looks classy, costly and stylish. It comes with an additional 'white-colored' back panel which gives it a look not-all-too different from the iphone. What more! it has the same form factor of iphone 4.nnThe touch screen is as good as you get for Rs.13,000. This, I feel, is mainly because of the 800MHz processer within. The clicks feel good, the screen looks pleasing and, ultimately, the navigation becomes a joy.nnThe screen is a TFT one. Although it is sufficiently good enough for day-to-day usage, a bright sunlit environment would require screen brightness levels to be at their maximum for clear viewing. But this is the case with any non-AMOLED/non-SuperAMOLED/non SUPERLCD phones. nnThe battery is not as bad as you think. YES, it is only 1350mAh, YES, with 3.5inch screen it should have been 1500mAH. But, but, au contraire, the battery is good ENOUGH! And, this smaller battery also provides an incredible feeling of "light-weightiness", hitherto found in 3.5inch-less-than-15000 phone. And, if you are an user like me ,i.e., a few calls during the day, a few hours of messaging, an hour or so of gaming/music, an hour or two of browsing, the phone should last a day or (sometimes) two. And, do follow the common practices of battery-saving. In my opinion, battery is definitely a thing to ponder over, but having made up your mind, nothing, and nothing at all, to regret!!nnThe other debate is about the internal storage. Ace has an internal storage capacity of 158mb. This could be a critical issue. BUT, SURPRISE! It is not. With 158mb, one could have several, almost around, 50 applications installed. This is more than what an average user would actually require. If, by any chance, you require more than 50 apps, there are several ways to move your apps to microSD card. These procedures require some android literacy, but, they are not really that difficult. Try googling "How to move apps from internal memory to microSD card in android". Ideally, one should try doing this only after his internal memory is completely stuffed with apps.nnDear Readers, please take it as granted that every other unmentioned feature about the phone is unmentioned precisely because it fits the bill of an ideal 13-15000 smart phone and there is nothing literally to praise or criticize upon.nnGood Luck in your hunting spree!

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Good but not enough

i got this phone within 2 days of order,hence hats off to flipkart. even though the phone is smooth while scrolling and has free office app, it has the following drawbacks:n1. it just has a RAM of 278 MB which is quite less and hence even when 3 apps are simultaneously opened the phone slows down.n2. i had read reviews about galaxy ace not able to handle heavy taxing games like raging thunder but was shocked to find out it could not even handle angry birds!!! at some of its levels the game simply gets stuck for seconds and there was noticeable slowing of the game..... But other games that i had tried worked fine(Ufff!!!) n3. The battery drains pretty fast even if the GPS, Wi-Fi is never on. it ca last for a day if the mobile is used for ordinary purposes like making calls, msging, music and surfing for 30 mins... but even 15 mins of game can eat into the battery.nnall in all pretty ok phone if you are not a gamer, as the rest of the phone features are pretty marvelous and apt for a 14k phone.....n3.

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