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Samsung Galaxy Music Duos
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Samsung Galaxy Music Duos
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A good phone...

overall a value 4 money phone..nn1. phone doesnt hangs, but some time lags(common in this range)n2. price is really good as far competitors are concern cheapest in all (sony tipo , htc desire c)n3 . It had Gps with Glonass ( no company one has given in this range phones)n4. camera is good has touch focusn5. best thing abt this phone is its dual stand by but when acts as active like if u r on sim one and u got a call on 2nd it wont tell the caller than its out of reach instead it will tranfer/divert to active one..n6. Sound is really good and clear.n7 Sar value is very less .79 w/kg as competitors have more than 1w/kgn8 it does not have ambient light sensor and gyroscope(tilting wont work).n9. keyboard cannont be turned in landscape mode. only potrait..

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nice mobile

This is a very nice mobile and this is a perfect mobile for me as a music lover , nwhite color mobile gives a nice rich look than blue or orange coloured mobile , nwifi ,3g and gprs has a nice speed in surfing or downloading , nNo other samsung mobile gives nice audio experience than this mobile as it contains SRS Surround Sound, SoundAlive Solution , ncamera is very nice , audio through speaker is loud with clarity ,nbattery backup is nice and better than y duos in this price range ,nTouch is very nice and it supports temple run game ,nThe only negative is its screen it is 3.0 inches and 320*240 pixels .

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12 users found this review helpful helpful?

- As other buyers stated MUSIC BUTTON IS ANNOYING nn *the button works even when phone is locked,accidental presses when you take from your pocket will result in resuming playback of last played file.nnn_________________________________________________________nnDISABLE MUSIC BUTTON n__________________________________________________________nnnnREAD BELOW ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO THE STEPS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS TO YOUR PHONE.nnnnTHIS IS NOT REAL DISABLING,INSTEAD MUSIC BUTTON WILL LAUNCH MUSIC PLAYER,THIS FIX REMOVES ALL FILES FROM MUSIC PLAYER (DEFAULT PLAYER WHICH IS OPENED BY MUSIC BUTTON), HENCE PRESSING OF BUTTON WONT RESULT IN PLAYBACK.nnnAPPLICATION NEEDEDn____________________nn1. OI FILE MANAGER (its free, You can use file manager of your choice if it supports renaming a file including extension) nneg:- say you have 1.txt file , if you use file manager that comes with your phone , it will only rename filename, you cant change TXT extension to your wish.nnnSTEPS n____________nnn(READ THE WHOLE STEPS COMPLETELY BEFORE DOING ON PHONE ,DO THE STEPS IN YOUR PHONE IN THE SECOND READING)nn1. Create a txt file in your computer(name doesnt matter) copy it to the folder where your songs are storedn n2. Now open OI file manager, navigate to the songs folder, select the txt file we copied , rename it to .nomedia nn(Remember,There is a dot before nomedia)nn3.Exit OI file managernn(nBEFORE YOU DO STEP 4,I HAVE TO SAY AFTER STEP 4, YOUR PHONES RINGTONE AND NOTIFICATION WOULD BE SILENT AUTOMATICALLY,IF YOU TRY TO CHANGE RINGTONE YOU WOULD SEE A LIST ,WHICH ONLY HAVE ONE OPTION (SILENT) nDONT PANIC,PROCEED TO STEP 5 )nn4.Go to settings->Application Manager->All->Media Storage->Clear Data.nnn5.Shutdown phone,then turn on again.(WAIT SOME MINUTES [IF YOU HAVE LARGE SD CARD WITH LOT OF FILES ,YOU HAVE TO WAIT MORE MINUTES] AFTER REACHING HOME SCREEN AS MEDIA STORAGE HAVE TO LOAD FILENAMES INTO RINGTONES LIST , THEN GO TO SOUNDS TO SET RINGTONE AND NOTIFICATION , DONT FORGET ) nnn6. Whenever you add new file to the music folder with .nomedia, the newly added file (ONLY) is loaded into mediastorage ,hence the mp3 player will load the lastly added file or files automatically.In that case you have to do step 4 and step 5.nn______________________________________________________________nnWHY WE CREATED .nomedia FILE?n_______________________________________________________________nnif you put .nomedia file inside a folder,mediastorage will ignore the folder contents that have .nomedia file inside it.nnmp3 player that works by music button uses mediastorage for files,if media storage ignores your mp3 folder, media storage wont have mp3filenames hence music player wont automatically load mp3 to playlist.nn____________________________________________________________nnWHY DATA DELETION FROM MEDIASTORAGE SETTINGS?n_____________________________________________________________nnWe have to wipe out all the filenames read from mp3 folder which was read automatically before .nomedia file in folder.nnThis will not result in deletion of actual files but just file names stored in media storagennAfter rebooting , media storage will scan again through all folder building index of all medias (videos , ringtones,...) excluding any folder that have .nomedia.nn______________________________________________________nnISSUE SOLVED , HOW CAN I LISTEN TO MY MUSIC FOLDERnn_______________________________________________________nnnBy installing any mp3 player that have folder support.nnnBeam player is a SIMPLE player with folder support that is FREE from play store.nnPowerAmp also supports folders PAID APP with TRIAL option.

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not worth the price.

i bought this mobile after much waiting. it was announced in the first week of october. but the news of such a phone arriving the market came even before that. but it became available in india only in the first week of december. i was happy when it arrived the market at last, but only to be disappointed on purchasing it. the video support is very very poor. let me tell why i am unhappy.n1.the music breaks while playing. there are small pauses occuring two or more times in a single song itself. i tried different memory cards and different songs to make sure that it is not the problem of the memory card or song.took it to service centre. they opened the phone and gave back asking me to come again later. well, each time it is a waste of four or five hours. n2.the earphone audio quality is okay. but when the button available in the earphone mic is pressed while the phone is ringing for incoming calls, the call does not get connected. again the problem is not with the earphone. i tried different earphones at the service centre but no use. the service centre technician did something on the earphone socket and then it was okay. but only for a day.n3.worst of all, it does not play stereo at times. all songs are played in the mono mode or they reproduced through the earphone in that way. most annoying. all the music settings like equalizer etc becomes a mockery when the music is played mono. nnMY HUMBLE OPINION IS THAT THIS PHONE IS NOT WORTH THIS PRICE. BECAUSE WE DO NOT TOLERATE SUCH TROUBLES IN A PHONE PRICED EVEN TEN PERCENT OF ITS PRICE.

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just a OK phone. Not for music or dual SIM

This phone is just a hype. Main difference is with respect to Music and Dual SIM feature both are sub standard.nn1) This phone is not actually Dual SIM active. Dual SIM standby/active should handle call in a SIM when the other SIM is on a call which is not happening in this model, same for samsung Y-duos-lite 5302. You have to enable call forwarding which is operator dependent and comes with a price. nn2) Even though its a music phone, the package sans a good in-ear earphone rather it is shipped with a normal earphone which is quite average. Even when I plugged a in-ear earphone, the output was average. nn3) Also songs played from sd card drops intermittently, i checked with other SD cards and also with software update. This phone even though touted as 'music duos' is actually bad in both parameters. Looks like a manfacturing defect.nn4) Packing doesn't have user manual, one needs to download it from net, which should be avoided. nnOverall its a OK phone. Good for 1st time Android users, you will get android 4 for this price. if you are used to SONY / Nokia sound quality, don't buy this phone. other than android OS, this phone is a dumb. Not worth the price.

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