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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 16GB WiFi and 3G
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User Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 16GB WiFi and 3G

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 16GB WiFi and 3G
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Good Tablet apart from the "Price"

First of all THE TABLETnIt is a beast of a machine. Smooth. Powerful. Fast. A handy device for someone like me who travels a lot. I can comfortably hold it in one hand. The stylus works great and has better features when compared to the 10.1 Note. The screen is good but could have been better. Not too heavy. Camera is fairly good (but hey 5MP on a tablet is good enough). Battery life is as good as it gets (so far). Used this for 8 hours straight and I still have 20% left. Off topic but still – The packaging is environment friendly and you can surely throw the box away and it won’t hurt the environment (WARNIG : Be sure to take out the device first).nnNow THE PRICE ARGUMENTnnWhen I first saw this on the Samsung e-store I was shocked to see the price listed as 31k. 31k for a Wi-Fi model. Then I saw that this was a 3g model. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I have respected that here. Hope everyone does the same. So here goes – I feel the price is justified for this model and I know it is a lot and it’s not worth 30k and all. They could have at least sold it for 25-26k. But when you look at it the hardware, the stylus, back camera, quad core, and the promised Key lime pie update I somewhat thinks this is justified. And to those cribbing about this tablet being 335$ in US and in India it should have been 18k and blah blah, please note that the tablet is 335$ FOR A WI-FI ONLY MODEL. nnVerdictnIf you are always on the go and are looking for a good reading and time pass buddy presentation and drawing and stuff - GO FOR IT. But if you are buying a tablet for the sake of entertainment and general every day use I suggest (Again OPINIONS) you go for the Nexus 7 or the ASUS fonepad or one of the other Samsung tabs. Or Wait for the wi-fi only model which I think will be around 20-22k. Keeping the price aside for a minute I rate this 4 out of 5 (1 star against the plasticky feel, I mean COME ON SAMSUNG). But still overall a good tablet.nAnd as usual FLIPKART 5 out of 5nThank YounnnEDIT : The tablet doesn't charge when connected to USB..WHAT??!!

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The Best Tablet on the market right now

The Galaxy Note 510 is the perfect Android Tablet in most aspects.n nBefore writing more, let me tell you that unlike most reviewers here, I actually have the Tablet. nand it is a joy to use. For all those who say that it is just a minor upgrade from the Tab 2 are WRONG. They just see the 8 inch screen and start complaining. 8 inch size is perfect for all tasks. 7 inch sometimes seems too small. Before this tablets launch I was going to buy the note 10.1 , but that is too big to be used outside of the living room . The weight of the 510 is good enough to be held with one hand for a long time. The Screen is very good, nearly no pixels are visible and I think any more resolution in this size would be an overkill.nnThe camera isn't much use in a Tablet but it is decent nevertheless. nnThere is no other tablet on the, market right that beats this beast in terms of specs or even general speed. nThe S-pen is not just a gimmick but very useful and people should see that before comparing it to Tab 2. The handwriting recognition has come a long way since the last attempts at it by all others with the resistive screen. You can write almost as fast as on a paper and if you can read it, so can the tablet. Pdf's can be annotated very easily as well.nnMulti-Windows feature is useful at many occasions. Air view is very intuitivenThis thing is much more modern than the archaic dual core processor on the Tab 2.nnAlso coming to the price, it isn't overpriced here. The US model that everybody is talking about is Wi-Fi only and costs 400 USD. This model here also has 3G. Consider this. The ipad Mini 3G also starts at 29,900. The Note 510 is as fast as any ipad, has better processor, screen, and an S-pen over the ipad and it still costs only as much as the ipad.nnI don't really require the 3G on this, I would have liked it if Samsung had released a wifi only variant in India as well.nnP. S. -Every body reading this, don't post bad reviews for a device that you don't own and have not used. While everybody on Flip kart is complaining, all the big international technology websites have rated it as the best Android Tablet.

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This tablet is not at all pricey

firstly this is my first review in flipkart. that doesnt mean i m noob its just i m not interested to write for free for this website..ntoo many false/negative review made me write this review nnFirstly nall r comparing this with budget friendly nexus 7 and ipad mini nlets compare from my point of view nn1.Price of nexus 7 is Rs.22000 which is 32 GB 3G and non expandable so all those who r comparing with 16000 model 16 GB and wifi version please go and watch pogo we got price difference of 8000 for 16 GB 3G lets make this difference worth n3.i have seen all the benchmarks clearly note 8 outperform in CPU performance for this difference i say 1000 extra for note 8 is justifiable got expansion slot upto 64GB thats big take (people say internal memory is much faster than expansion thats y company give built in costly storage ) i would rather say even class 4 card can play HD video without hiccups so wat else u gonna do with faster speed which cost around 3000-4000 for 16 GB. transfer of huge files mmight taketime in sd card but see the thing u can atleast transfer nexus dont have space for huge files and all 64 gb cards r ultra cards plus u can use micro USB to usb cable to use pendrive or even hardisk with exfat or fat32 format (not ntfs) so for this thing i say 2000 is justifiable n5. it got 2 GB ram plus multi tasking on screen got bigger screen plus capacitive buttons outside screen rather than inside which make screen more space Rs.1000 n7.the screen got ebook reading mode very good for eyes and Ereader Rs.500 n8.this got a camera 5MP full hd recording this is worth 2000 but i add 1000 only because many dont use camera with tablet even if they do then also 5MP is very less 8MP would have worked well n9.IR blaster--- logitech universal IR remote costs around 200 USD =Rs.12000 in some website but i rather say its kind of cool feature but very little use so no points on this n10.S pen with very good pen integration this makes it worthy and separate from all other tablet in market this feature if u go and buy dedicate writer and drawing equipment will cost like 10000.... U once try to use S pen u will notice the difference and features it allow but as this feature is not fully usable by all (except college students and professionals)even though u dont use it for writing or drawing but then also it provide wide variety useful features. try once u will understand what i want to say .... 3000 for this S pen integration although it deserve more but let it be 3000 only nnlets ADD total 1000+2000+1000+1000+500+3000= 8500ni would say its 500 cheaper nwhen nexus launched people bought 16 GB nexus wifi version @30000 from Ebay because it was not available in india. i m glad atleast samsung keep india updated from hardware point of view and launch same products all over worlds at same time not like google or dell or HP or toshiba when products get outdated they launch them in india nnif u compare with ipad mini its also 30000 for 16GB 3G model with very little ram and lower pixel it stand no chance of competition infront this tablet spec wise not performance wise...

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Samsung thinks its Apple !

Even though I generally dislike Samsung products because of their plasticky design, i was impressed a lot for the Note 510 when it was launched. It was launched for 330 dollars which translates to about 18K in Indian price and that would be an awesome package for that price. But now.. Samsung thinks its the elder brother of Apple.Whatever price we put, you pay through your nose is their assumption. Sorry Samsung. You can go to hell.. for 30K i would rather buy a musical toilet from Japan than buy this tablet. nUntil Samsung decides to price this tablet reasonably, its not going to sell even if it has the best config in the market.nThanks to Flipkart you get one star. If only Flipkart gave the possibility of negative stars.. !

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Nice Tablet but hugely overpriced !

I have been eying this tablet since launch. But was hugely disappointed to see the price. Its hugely overpriced ! Lower price + Cover would be a sweet spot.nnNow looking for other tablets with a reasonable price. nnPS: To people who are comparing the USA price in dollars to Indian price. The USA model is Wifi only while the Indians model is 3G + Wifi. Can't compare.

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