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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 16GB and WiFi
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Rs 8,999
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User Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 16GB and WiFi

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 16GB and WiFi
Out of Stock
₹ 8,999
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A very nice tablet...worth buying

I just recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (P3110, Wi-Fi, 16 GB).Though I didn't bought it from Flipkart, I'm still writing the review of it as the tablet really impressed me.nnFirst of all let me clear one thing this tablet has NO CALLING FEATURE, there is NO SLOT FOR SIM CARD.You can only use internet Via Wi-Fi or a dongle.So people don't get confused with P3110 & P3100 (Which has a call facility, & the price is 5k more!)nnSo here is the Pros & Cons of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2...nnPros -nn1) Stunning looks.Its really crafted very nicely.n2) Awesome screen, I don't know why some people in various websites are saying that the screen is not good.I mean you can't compare a 14k tablet's display to iPad's Retina display.n3) Touch is very smooth, with 1 GB DDR3 RAM & Dual Core 1 GHz processor all apps are running very smoothly.n4) You can update to Jelly Bean.n5) Camera can record 720p videos.n6) Have Bluetooth.nnCons -n1) No USB charging.n2) The default video player can't play the HD audio which are encoded in DTS.It only plays the video so you gets NO SOUND.Don't know why it happens, even the Micromax Funbook's Super HD player plays all these DTS encoded full HD flies smoothly! For these types of file you have to convert it or use other players like BS Player.n3) Speakers are positioned wrongly, it should have place at two end of the tab instead of one end.n4) The audio player is not giving the thumping output, the sound quality is mild.Even a good pair of headphones are not able to get good sound from it.Equalizer is very bad.

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a fully detailed review about this beauty

hi guysnni am going to write a fully detailed review about the samsung galaxy tab p3110nor better known in india as samsung galaxy tab p311nnspecificationsn7 inch screenn1024 x 600 pixelsn1GB of ramn4000 mAh batteryn16 gb internal memory(12-12.5 user available)nandroid 4.1.1jellybeannnNO CALLING FEATURES!nnow my reviewnonce you hold the tab,you realise that its a bit on the heavier side,with the tab weighing 344 grams,this is heavier than the ipad mini,which has a full aluminium body and a 0.9 inch larger screennso weight wise samsung could have done something better.nnheating-after using the tab for around half an gets pretty much heated samsung fares poorly in terms of heatingnnbattery life-not bad,could have been a bit betternnthe jellybean-one word-AMAZINGnits so smooth!nnthe internal memory-12.5 GB is available because of known reasonsnn1GB of ram is honestly more than enough,games like temple run work like a charmnnthe 1Ghz dual core processor-samsung could have improved the processor-1.2 would have been so goodnnthe 3.2 mp camera is utterly terrible,5mp should have been a must when samsung was making the tabnnResolution-beautiful,the brightness is more than enough when put bang in the middle in the brightness scale,brightness in lowest looks like a kindle...loln nfinal verdict-nthings like the camera makes this tab a bit,well..on the lower side,but i dont not into taking photosnnbut the rest of the features for 9k make this tablet seriously a strong contender for reputed companies like the huawei and lenovonnand the cheap tabletsnnfor calling features,buy the 19k tab p3100,but holding the monster for calling on your ear looks bizarrennhope this helpednncheers

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No Dongle Support for Internet

Just recently received my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 3110 from Flipkart..Look stunning..Performance is excellent..Graphics are cool..But only thing that hurt me that it doesn't have USB support for Net dongle..Anyway worth buying.

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Without 2g and 3g calling functionalities and gpu- PowerVr sgx540 which is not as good as mali-400 if you are a gamer,it should have been priced below Rs.10000. I am not complaining,I just mean to say that price is not justified.

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Extremely Nice Hardware at 14K....

It may not be the best around the market but at 14K this is the best deal in my opinion, Nice Response, Good Processing Speed, Good GPU, Excellent Screen, Large Storage, these will never make you feel bad...nnNow some of them claim that Mali400 GPU is more fast than SGX540, ya I agree but behind the scene there is one more thing that people ignore that is the Chipset that backs it, if you use All-winner Chip equipped with Mali400 then you will never try to use Mali400, here this dude is backed up with TI (Texas Instruments) OMAP4430 in which PowerVR SGX540 works extremely Great for High End games.nnThe screen is a PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) with 16M colors is the new version of IPS by Samsung so you will get a good color depth and also better viewing angle than IPS.nnNot going to other technicalities as it has a lot to talk about, I suggest you to use it by yourself and experience it, you will feel the difference.... Until then thanks for reading........

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