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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211 8GB
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211 8GB
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Here is the story how samsung annoying to customers if u buy Samsung tab 3.

Never Opt for Samsung galaxy tab 3, its fucking worst product in market. I brought and facing the worst experience with SAMSUNG and its worst service.nnHere is the story how u get banged up: if u buy Samsung tab 3.nnIt come with 3 free gifts for u as, known issues (this is stated by SAMSUNG service centre agent to me, her name: Pa )n1. Tab 3 will not catch network: Network shows the symbol with full signal strength: but when I try to send message or call: error comes up as: “no net work registered”.nnn2. Mobile hangs in mid of operation: Mobile is incapable of handling simple PDF document, it take ages to load the files. To give an example: if I operate or use the touch keyboard too fast, typing go slow, laggy. nIf I run or use more than 3 applications system hangs, and it restart on its own.nOnce the tab is restarted, it consumes 10% of battery.nIt is incapable of processing: in built functions as Messaging utilities.nIf u play games: you can’t even imagine how it works.nn3. Screen become blank when I try to turn on from sleep mode, and screen get scratch kind of display (this issue is intermittent)nnLike to begin from here: I brought it on o5/o9/2013, from day 2 I am facing the problem. Called to Samsung care: I spoke to the guy, his English is far worse than the LKG student and his customer handling skills is far more worse than the people who grew up in jungle.e.nI told: I just want this faulty SAMSUNG product I want the money back, he inform sir u have to contact service. U can never speak half filled head people. I told him I do not have all the time in world to go to service centre.nnWith my friends keen interest: I installed NFS2: godddd here is the performance credibility of the fffff galaxy tab is supposed to played to run the cars: in the tab 3 they were literally pushed by idiots of galaxy tab developers.nI decided, this game is 1.2 gb may be the reason why it is not playing!!!nI deleted the Game and for general purpose added facebook, outlook, wahtsup and viber. Here is the piece of junk: if u open 3 applications at one single time, SAMSUNG FAULTY FFFF TABLET restarts on its own and consume 10% of the battery.nSomehow I managed to go with worst Product I have purchased, I did had much time to spend with head less morons of useless cheap support team who do not address your concern or resolved the problem: they Just give you the service centre address. nIf Samsung care is designed to just provide physical address of service centre, why the hell can’t you give contract to JUST DIAL they give better service by sending message to our mobile in sec of time if u need info, than Samsung guys who collect all the info like: mail id, contact number, alternative contact number.nFinally I make some free time to go to service centre, after having worthless conversations with manager in call centre. (Let me tell u this: if u want to speak to manager of just supervisor in SAMSUNG call centre, you have wait minimum 1 hour on hold. As if they are president of INDIA and end of conversation doing nothing else than giving you service centre address.) nnHere comes up the story at WORST SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER EXPERIENCE AT MARATHAHALLI BANGALORE.nIts 6:30 PM, security told office is closed: I came out saw the board it state: 7pm is the closing timing; even security guard has been trained to lie in Samsung.nI went on the manager: shouted on his face, he told that this and all this: his English is as similar as last sentence: finally he gave the counter ticket.nJust in 45 min I spent in service centre, there were 3 people with Samsung tab 3 with same issue: and u need to know another faultyyyy thing with tab 3 is, if u wants to connect to 3G, you may have to spend days talking to ISP or Call Samsung call centre and get the address of service centre address. nFinally my turn came: when I went lady: she asked what is the problem? (as if she and me have the personal problems) I explained her few points, she stopped in mid: she starts like this: “it is the known issue with the tablet: the reason it has released one month behind: there are no updates which came in to fix the problem”nLook at this WORST SELIING AND FFFF CONCEPT OF SAMSUNG TAB 3nThey sell the product with known issue also: lol....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nI asked her: return my MONEY back, she told it can be arranged only if u bring the tablet to service centre within 7 days: I asked the simple question: If the product having known issue why Samsung selling it and one they sold it they should be having capability to resolve it. nShe inform: it is the issue with software: what is the hell matter to me either it is software issue or hardware issue: did i corrupt the OS??? Noo!!! Samsung manufactured faulty products, then why should customer go through all this hell.nThere was rubbish behaviour from her: she stated: leave the mobile here, we observe it, and we will update what it available from us.

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Samsung, i really can't figure out why u guys made this product so overpriced in India. In international market, its much less for $199 i.e nearby in Rs 12000 approx. The specifications and the hardware are almost same as Galaxy tab 2. Samsung killed my expectations to buy this product.

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Too much of cost...

Revised price of Rs. 16000 is ok, but expect it around 13-14 KnnFor a tablet which has only 1 GB of RAM & old 4.1 android for 17500?nToo costly. Needs more update from Samsung. nSamsung is doing other mistake of releasing many number of models and dumping them to customer a single model or selected models leaving out which is VFM ( Value For Money)nnIt is not having any advance connectivity like BT4, no NFC. It is just tab 2 at higher price

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Great Tab within 18K

I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 t211 tablet at RS 13199 during Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) from FlipKart.nnAbout Seller: Make sure you review Seller information while placing order. WS retail gives 30 days replacement Warrantee; other sellers give only 10 days replacement warrantee. So if we have to replace the tab after 10 days, other sellers will not accept.nnAbout FlipKart: I opted for Guarantee One Day Delivery. Item was delivered within time. Packaging was very impressive. Earlier I brought Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from FlipKart, it was a faulty product, so FlipKart returned my money within 5 working days. I really appreciate FlipKart’s service.nnAbout Galaxy Tab 3 t211Tab: nPros:n1. Midnight Black colour looks great.n2. I did not face “Hanging Problem” yet.n3. You can insert Sim card, Google Nexus 7 2012/2013 (WiFi Version) only supports Wifi. Google Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi +LTE) will cost you RS 27999. If you can effort , Nexus 7 2013(WiFi+LTE) is the best Tab to buy.n4. If your budget is less than 20K, you can go for this tablet. Otherwise you can look for Google Nexus 7 (2013) .n5. You can insert 32GB MicoSD card into Galaxy Tab, you will not be able to expand your memory in Google Nexus. Asus FonePad often failed to mount MicroSD card.n6. If battery is dead, you can remove battery of Galaxy tab , Nexus 7 has non removable battery. n7. Received free Bluetooth headset.n8. Great experience with Samsung TouchWiz.nnCons: n1. Plastic back cover makes you feel Plastic. Asus FonePad looks great with Aluminium back cover.n2. It supports only MicroSim Card. You can cut your regular Sim card and turn into a MicroSim card.n3. It does not support mkv, avi, 3gp, flv, vp8, asf video Formatn4. Does not support OTG.

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One HUGE Minus Point

No front Cam. Not worthy for Video Calling which actually is the true essence of Tablets.. :/nIts like having a cycle without brakes or pedals.nThe pricing at which it comes,there should have been at least(To the utmost,out of sheer humility) a 1mp cam for the sake of video calling. though the MI tabs quality is worse....but at least its got a decent front camera.

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