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Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 3G T231
Out of Stock
Rs 18,156
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User Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 3G T231

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Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 3G T231
Out of Stock
₹ 18,156
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Worst customer service and service center ever !!!!

Hi All,nn I have brought a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 T211 on October 2013. Performance of tab is very poor. Frequently hanged or switched off. nn Currently tab is in warranty period . 2 week Before suddenly tab got shutdown .nn I submitted the tab to service center . They replied that they will repaired the tab writhen 1 or 3-4 hrs and will inform me.nn After 2 days they called me and informed me that it has liquid damaged and I have to pay 5000k for that with very rude behavior . nn I called customer service but they have the same tone , that you have to pay 5000k.I am trying to convinced them that it is not my fault and they are not opening the tab in front of me. How can I be so sure that it is water damaged not there fault for earning money .nn After 4 days they replied that I have to pay for the motherboard damaged.nn I am so much disappointed with there behavior .nn I am not goanna buy any product of Samsung.nn Average product quality with Worst customer service .

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Awesome looks Disaster Battery Life

I had Tab 2, then I got Tab 3 for My Dad, and now Tab 4 for My Mom. Overall, We are Tab-Family ;) So I feel I can best comments after compare these Generations. nnWow about Tab 4 :n1) Awesome looks: Very trendyn2) Amazingly light weight;n3) Too good touch screens and Interface;n4) Offcorse, Android 4 Kit-KatnnBad about Tab 4:n1) Battery Life is total disaster. You may have to charge at least twice a day even if You are a optimal user;n2) NO Earplugs ? DammnnTotal Rating :2/5

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Very BAd with basic minimum use

Pros :nGr8 looknpremium finishnnCons are manynmajor is it lags a lot on my first day it hanged twice.nNo light censor.nNo OTG support.nVery basic TABndont buy itngo for Ausus

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Low quality processor used. We expect Quallcom nnMarvell PXA1088 cortex A7 quad core processornnVivante GC1000 GPUnnHANGS ON HIGH END GAMES

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I've been using Tab 4 T231 for the past week and all features are good.nnHigh end gaming might be an issue but I've not tried those. Regular time pass games like subway surfer or bubble bird rescue work seamlessly. Youtube streaming is nice. Also tried installing Asphalt 8 and it's working seamlessly.nnAlmost all formats of video are supported.nnCamera lacks auto focus, but I'm not bothered much about the camera.nnDocument viewer is very good. The tab is fast enough for everyday functions such as chat and mailing.nnBattery life is very good, lasted two days for me with both Wifi and Mobile Data on.nnCons:nnThe only issue is they have replaced dual speakers in Tab 3 with just one and that's at the back, so the volume is very low, but can be made better with a codec. The headphones output is very good and the equalizers are very good to use when the headphones are connected.nnI would recommend it tab to all.

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