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Samsung S5620 Monte
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Samsung S5620 Monte
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Worst Phone... Dont buy it at all...!!

hey guys it not worth 7200 . it is the worst phone i have ever met. This is not romantic pink it is hell pink.. screen touch sensitivity is worst then anything ...plz call customer care and get it replaced...if you have to buy something then it must be surely "Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos" it is a must buy phone in 10k..thanks hope it works....

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Amazing Value For Money! D

Bought it well over a year ago for about 9k.nNever had service problems. never dropped a call.nwell the main reason i bought this phone was for the Wi-Fi(its pretty decent)nPros:-n1. Pretty good camera(for stills only)n2. Call Qualityn3. Because its a really popular phone loads of people have it and there are forums and communities where people share content and give great tipsn4. touchscreen being capacitive is very smoothn5. 3g works well for browsing(never tried vedio calls though)n6. also it just looks good B)n7. this is for the techies: firmware can be easily upgraded and modded, you can install new firmware at home no need to go to the service center(unless you mess up), there is no qwerty by default but there is this turkish firmware that has qwerty same case with handwriting recognition.n8. most importantly battery life is pretty good(what good is a phone that has to be charged every 2-3hrs?)nnCons:-n1. Accelerometer does not work in java(no possible way not even firmware mods)n2. you have these soft keys even if the java app is touch enabled(can be removed by modifying the manifest)n3. default browser is pretty much useless.n4. Cannot install widgets directly but can be accessed by browser via html(good enough for me.)n5. has no themes(they are there but have to modify some system files which is a pain)n6. has to be modded for most of the perks like task manager(proper multitasking), enabling skins, patches,etc.nnnover all its a good phone for someone like me or even my dad.ntext messaging is a breeze, calls rarely drop(depends on carrier too),the contacts are easy to maintain they can be "synced" using active sync, internet performance is good(at least for what you pay),internet settings are already pre-installed for most of the major carriers,and you get video call(even most of the 15k phones don't offer it.nnthe cons might look overwhelming but really you really wouldn't notice it.nnits a really good piece of hardware this phone. if you were considering this phone you should buy it.(because most of the android phones in this price point have bad battery life).

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Amazing phone @ such price.

Cool phone.


Cool display, wonderful features, nice touchpad, value for money for sure :-)8


Slippery, hard to locate how to grab in dark, task manager unavailable in some Monte modele.

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v gud phone

on rcving the phone as a gr8 service from flipkart as always on time and genuine. phone got restarted many times i talked to customer care they said to upgrade firm ware from nearest samsung centre. as this model doesnt allow you to upgrade it online. i upgraded it from myself only!!!!! regarding its a very gud phone viz look wise,wifi,gps etc cons; no flash ,no android version,qwerty.etc b battery backup is also gud.

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Good Quality........

This Handset is very good but call recording is not possible... whatever all features is better than nokia 5233,5230.... so, this Handset feature should be update.....

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