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Samsung Wave 3
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Samsung Wave 3
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A Bada Flagship

Android is now the king of all mobile operating systems. iOS is not too far behind. Windows phone is gearing up for an attack, bolstered by the new player in its arena. Symbian is dwindling away after a glorious decade or so. Meego is beautiful and yet dead. Did anyone ever notice Bada in the midst of all this??nnAnd yet, 4 inch of SuperAMOLED, fairly slim profile and generous use of metal, all at a nominal price makes Samsung wave III S8600 a tempting package indeed.nnPros:n1. Gorgeous 4” SuperAMOLED screen. SuperAMOLED along with Nokia’s CBD are the best mobile displays in the market today (which obviously includes the retina display).n2. Very appreciable build quality. n3. Excellent battery backup. With moderate usage, 2-3 days may be expected.n4. A wonderful video player. The stock video player plays everything you throw at it, and it supports subtitles too.n5. Good 5MP camera.n6. Bada OS is modeled a lot like Android and hence behaves similarly, which given the current market trend is not a bad thing at all.nnCons:n1. Audio quality is the upper mid range is something that is taken for granted. Samsung wave III however fails to deliver.n2. Video recording isn’t really impressive.n3. Limited 3rd party apps (I am actually being polite in saying only ‘limited’).n4. No GPU. Most mobiles at this price bracket and even those that are cheaper have it.nnCompetition:nThe cons are hardly potential deal-breakers but it all boils down to buying a OS which has only a handful of phones, very limited apps and has been updated only twice in the last 2 years. But then, very unlikely would one disagree that you are getting good value for your money.nSony Ericsson Ray offers a very capable 8 mp camera with latest android (planned upgrade to ICS). The Sony Bravia display is among the best in LCDs, resolutions Is high as well, although screen estate is small (3.3”). Sony Ericsson Neo V offers a similar package with a downgraded 5 mp camera but a 3.7 inch screen. nSamsung galaxy R I9103 has seen a massive price reduction in the last few months, and is now available at a similar price. It brings a bigger screen and a dual-core cpu (and gpu) to the table. LG Optimus Black and HTC desire are amongst the other once high end phones now available at a similar price.nSamsung Onmia W I8350 offers Windows Phone at a cheaper price, although a smaller 3.7 inch screen, everything else almost remaining same as wave III. Nokia Lumia 710 has been grabbing headlines of late, it might well be worth the look.nLast but not least, lets not forget our good OLD Symbian phones. Nokia 701 might be a tempting package if you are thinking out of android.

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@Smruti ...No GPU

Wave 3 has a Qualcomm Scorpion SOC...Clocked at 1.4 GHZ and it features a ADRENO 205 GPU . so i would like to correct info in one of the reviews made earlier by a buyer..nBada has limited Apps but samsung will merge Bada OS with Tizen and then the its would be backed by Intel and then one can expect some good apps..nI have a Wave II and its a really good phone and having used bada 2.0 , i must admit it has very much improved from the previous iterations

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Doubtful OS

The wave III comes with good hardware with its 4 inch super amoled screen and 1.4 processor. But the Bada OS is a deal breaker. There are few useful apps in Bada and Samsung is not interested develping this OS either. There are no updates for the previous Bada Phones. A smartphone without promising OS is useless. When you buy a smartphone you expect to do many things. The fact is even Samsung is not assuring about any software updation for BADA OS in future. So it is better to go for Android,Windows or Iphone OS, instead of risking your money with absolate BADA.

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I had Samsung Wave 2 S8530nThough Good hardware section.nBut BADA 1.2 Sucks nYou cannot find a simple applications for it.n-No WhatsApp n-No Nimbuzz n-Limited themesn-No Fringn-No SkypennNo nothing total waste.nnSo Dont go for this phone.

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BADA sucks!!! instead go for Android phones

I've been using the Samsung Wave S8500 since Aug 2010, and i tell you, the phone has an excellent hardware. The OS simply sucks...there have been hardly 2-3 updates since i purchased the phone and the latest update (2-3 months back) is causing me a serious head-ache.. once in 5 times after a call, the phone gets stuck and restarts automatically.n Secondly, there are only limited apps on BADA and i doubt if at all they are going to develop any applications. You will hardly find any useful applications on this platform.n Samsung wave S8500 is still ranked 2 in current rankings and this is only due to:n1. The design of the phonen2. SUPER AMOLED screen (second to none).n3. A great camera which takes brilliant pictures.n4. A very good processor and it's fast too.nnSo people if you just want a phone only for the looks go for SAMSUNG WAVE 3. If you want performance and great apps, go for is the king of OS's.nnSAMSUNG WAVE S8500 ( my ratings)nnHardware, camera and screen clarity ( 5/5)nBADA OS (1/5)nnSo people, choose your phone wisely

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