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Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
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A great productivity tool from SE

Well, after me awaiting for like seven months,.. the device finally reached the shelves in mumbai. flipkart was a little late (a bit too late really), and out of impatience, i bought it from elsewhere. Its been almost a month, so the review below comes out of a neat experience.nnfirst and foremost, the device - its is totally charming. the screen looks absolutely brilliant. reading text (which was my primary requirement) is really really crisp even in low brightness. the screen is vividly visible and readable in bright sunlight. n I guess I need not comment on the video and pictures. I didn't bother to turn off the BRAVIA stuff these folks keep yammering about, so can't tell the difference. But it sure looks bright and vivid than anything else in this range.nnthe accessories:nthe best part - the earplugs are just superb. I still have the ones i got in pack with SE's cedar, and these look pretty much the same except that the pin is angled. which i like somehow since it doesn't bend in my pocket when i'm on a run.nthe usb charger is weird. it had (i say had) three pins with one plastic pin for earthing which i chopped off to make it into a two pin portable usb charger. :Dnmy box came with a scratch guard.nit doesn't come with a dedicated charger. i didn't care really.nnBattery life surprised me although not more than a bit. it works upto ONE WHOLE DAY to a day and a half. now for an android device under a heavy usage, that much is worthy of appreciation. Oh, n that goes with full time 2g/wifi running.nnI've been a SE user for about five years now, and have been totally addicted to their T9 and text recognition functionality. And mark my words, the text correction on these xperia devices is the best i've ever seen on any android. the extra qwerty keyboard now seems to be a liability since i don't use it much and it just adds to the weight. The text and SE's own version of swype are really mind blowing and they also auto save new words. So I can save all my hindi/hinglish/marathi dictionary with all their swear words. That's seriously awesome. The dictionary pics up words from the contacts too. trivial, but a sweet feature.nnThe camera is another sweet dish. Snaps are stunning. The button sucks, but once you get used to it, you can seriously get good pics out of it at any resolution! The panorama is a bit buggy, but works with steady hands and of course steady environment. I prefer normal modes, so can't comment much on them. But if you know instagram from iphone, you'll love lightbox here on android. 720p recording is fun. You need to 'know' how to shoot if you expect really good videos.nnThe default browser is not so impressive. Opera mobile fills up the gap. Firefox sucks. The included office pro is a blessing since i can open the crappy docx files sent by others right here, which i can't do neatly anywhere else (i'm a faithful linux user). I've found some of the preinstalled widgets and especially SE's addon layer really impressive. The timescape is something i've found,.. pointless. Its only an eyecandy addon which is 0% productive. So is the scrollable media viewer. And No task manager. i immediately downloaded the one i used on my old android - 'task manager' from rhythmsoft. its a really really good software, and the only one i've donated to. :) The mail client is good too. Though the paneled look wasn't a turn on at first, in landscape, it does go well. The device auto registers very quickly with the network in case of coverage drop. That's cool. nnSlideout qwerty has got backlight which is great in dark. Device's built quality is fair. It didn't restart after a drop or two (i wasn't testing, it just happens). The buttons are really really cheap and i fear they might just fall off. duh!nnThe music app is good. But i prefer my sweet old mixzing player. Again, the awesome earplugs rocks the experience. I've stopped pairing my device with my creative earplugs. Music runtime, along with scrobbling on 100% battery takes it down to 50% after six hours. Watching videos from khanacademy has been one of the best things i could do on this phone. Videos can run for about three hours leaving 40%. Full length movies can be a bit of stress.nnSo to conclude, I'd say this is another beautiful addendum onto the 2011 class xperia series. I can see the price tending towards that of a premium device, but its better than anything below this price tag. The features are astounding. Battery life is acceptable. Music and video is total fun. If you think you want a device with dedicated qwerty, make sure you really really do. The virtual keyboard in portrait mode is totally amazing. If you don't think you do, go for xperia neo or get a bigger charm - the arc or arc s (that's another 6 months! lol!). On comparison with galaxy S both LCD/AMOLED and the features and image quality of these devices is nowhere close to that of xperia pro. The cam is way ahead.nnp.s there is no such thing as an iphone killer.

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Best option if you need physical keyboard with android

I have been using this for last 2 weeks and I must say I am impressed. I researched a lot before buying this phone. As I am a avid internet user and also use SMS a lot, typing comfortably is my most important aspect for choosing a phone. I had a Samsung Wave 533 earlier, which had a nice slide-out keyboard. I love that feature and when I started researching, this XPeria Pro caught my attention.nnPros:n----------------------------n1. Good social networking integration.n2. Gingerbread OS - tons of apps in market.n3. GPS works well.n4. Sound is LOUD and sweet.n5. 8mp camera with sweep panorama feature.n6. Powerful hardware (1ghz processor, 512mb ram) to complement the features.n7. Excellent screen resolution and clarity (due to bravia engine).nnCons:n----------------------------n1. A bit bulky, but feels sturdy.n2. Screen consumes a lot of battery. I minimize screen brightness to lower most level.n3. Back cover is shiny, hence can catch scratches easily (i prefer matted/rubberized covers, like that of xperia mini pro).n4. Heavy usage reduces battery life drastically. Could run 1 complete day though with lots of surfing, calling and some gaming.n5. Just after buying, phone was heating up if I was browsing internet for more than 30mins! Firmware upgrade solved the issue.n6. Photos taken in low light isn't that great.nnOverall, I would say I am satisfied with this phone. Battery life improved after I installed Battery Saver application from market. This is a great value for money phone if you are an avid internet user, wants to stay updated with emails/facebook all the time, wants to play graphics intensive games and listen to great music all the time.

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Full value for money

I did a lot of research before buying. Considered brands Samsung, iphone, Nokia. iphone was considered even though it has proprietary software, because i have a MacBookPro. Hence iphone had an edge over the others during my entire thought process. Samsung was in because my earlier phone was a samsung and I had no issues with it. Nokia was in because of lumina advt that is bombarded every now and then on the TV.nnNokia lost out of the race first because of lack of Android platform. Samsung was out because I read, that samsung does not write software compatible with anything Apple ( my Mac laptop). iphone dropped out on the verge of my making a purchase, as mind told me to stop when my heart agreed to upgrade from Rs 20 K iphone3gs(dated) to iphone 4gs at Rs54K (insane).nnSony Ericsson cliched the deal because of top of the line features like 8.1 MP Camera and HD recording(Same as iphone) , Expandable memory ( who wants to pay a fortune for iphone's memory), slide out key QWERTY key pad ( I dont like ending my mails with "Sorry for spelling mistakes, sent from phone")nnNow after about 10 days of use, I am happy, had no problems setting up my mail. use it for four different mails. It has synchronized my picassa albums, I am able to use dropbox to share my calendar with colleagues, all with ease. What more there is a software to syc it with my mac for itunes, address book and .... Got all I wanted in my phone.

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S.E.X. Pro Awesome phone!!

Awesome phone !! I have been using it for almost a week now. My only grudge is the battery life which lasts a whole day. The screen is superb. I have compared it with Xperia Neo, the screen on the pro is much brighter. Also the camera is quite good. the keyboard is awesome with raised keys which are quite spacious. I really liked the HDMI cable which they packed along with the phone. I can just copy-paste videos onto my phone without converting them which can be played on my phone as well as my TV. A little pricey at Rs. 23,990, but better than what is available at this price from other mobile companies.nThe processor is snappy and I noticed no lags in the performance so far.nnPros- Awesome screen, good speaker and a great camera with flashlight. Also the keyboard which is good for social networking and browsing.nAlso Sony Ericcson has promised the ICS update next year, which makes this device even more appealing!nnCons- Not-so-great battery life. Screen gets covered with fingerprints.nnOverall a killer phone !!

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Good Mobile but pricely

SE has included all its technologies from other businesses. It is a complete business phone, which is fully loaded for entertainment. nnHowever, when I compare it with its sibling Xpreia Neo, the only difference is slide out qwerty keyboard and 8.1MP camera. About pricing, I feel that SE has overly priced this phone at 24000 whereas Xperia Neo is available at 17500. I don't think it is wise to pay 6500 extra for these two things. Rest all the features are same in both phone. So, unless SE brings down its price, I don't feel there will be many takers.

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