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Sony Xperia E1
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Rs 6,167
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Sony Xperia E1
Out of Stock
₹ 6,167
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GOOD but definitely NOT GREAT

I purchased the Sony Xperia E1 from an authorized Sony dealer and got it for Rs. 8100 along with a FREE headset (Sony MDR-ZX110A) worth Rs. 1390 (that's the MRP).nnI own a black colored one though my first choice was a white one but it looked really cheap. The salesman also said that I was the first one to purchase the single sim version of it from their showroom!nnSo, after 5 days of usage this is what I have to say:-nn1. Looks:- White colored version looked horrible but the black one is pretty decent. It has a polycarbonated body very light to hold on to and the grip is quite good.n8/10nn2. Display:- The display is brilliant, that's the best thing about this phone, It's a 4 inch LCD display. Sunlight Readability is simply excellent. Though in terms of viewing angles its average. n8/10nn3. Battery:- Sony states that the phone comes with a 1700 mAh battery but it doesn't seem so, the phone's battery doesn't last one full day and it takes almost 3-3.5 hours to charge. I am keeping the phone on Stamina Mode and I have kept auto-sync off, the display brightness has also been set pretty low and thereby I am being able to manage a 24 hours performance with 1-2 hours of gaming, 1-2 hours of music and 1-2 hours of Misc. work.n5.5/10nn4. Camera:- It should be better to not to rate the Camera, because it is very basic, the 3MP camera looks as if it is a VGA one, very poor in terms of low light imaging, all the images get smudged and are not clear at all.n4/10nn5. Music:- Now that is something good about this phone, It has got many features with regards to the music player. Clear Audio+, Clear Bass, Clear Phase and Clear Stereo, TrackID Music Recognition, xLoud Experience - Audio Filter Technology from Sony. A dedicated Walkman Key, the speakers are loud and clear, though the headphones should have been better.n8/10nn6. Performance:- Not Good. Not impressive. Multitasking is not possible. The Camera crashes a lot many times, so does the Music Player, I was playing Candy Crush for the first time on this phone and it crashed and took almost 10 mins to get back to normal.nI somehow don't feel that the 1.2 ghz dual core processor is upto the mark neither is the 512 MB RAM.n6/10nnI have been previously using the Lumia 520, and folks please believe me Android is nothing infront of Windows, Android comes with 1.3 million apps and 70-80% of them are useless while 90% of the 3 lakh apps that Windows provides are of utility. Windows is liquid smooth but Android lags a lot (Xperia E1 comes with Android 4.3 and its not good).nI have also used a Samsung Galaxy for a long period of time, it had android 2.3 and that was better than this 4.3 Jellybean.nnIf this going to be your first smartphone then its okay but otherwise this isn't a very smart choice if you have already used a smartphone especially a Windows.nnTo summarize :- nPros:-n1. Display(little better than Lumia 520)n2. Music.n3. The black one looks good.nnCons:-nApart from the above mentioned points (1-3) - EVERYTHING.nWith a price tag of Rs. 8000-8500, Lumia 520 should be a better investment

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i bought this phone from FLIPKART. after 1 week i found that the phone has a manufacturing defect. its not allowing me to plug headset. when i request them to change my product they are saying that you crossed your timeline for 1 day so we cnt change your product, though its their fault only. Guys dont trust FLIPKART, go to your nearest shop and buy this phone, though the phone is very good.nnDONT TRUST FLIPKART....

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Awsome product backed by great delivery service

I will keep it shortnPROS-ngreat displaynfast interactionnfrequent system updatesngood battery for 1700 mAhnSound is the bestnaverage grafic games run greatnhigh end games run great if ram is clearednit has adreno 302 graficsnit will get kitkat update on julynCONSnsometimes ram feels a bit lownwell on average ONE OF THE BEST BUY nDont go for anything else

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Feels like cheated

I got parcel and just shocked by looking the size of it. nsony provides free headphones (FREE SONY ZX110). but i just got mobile , nothing else with it. so i haven't open mobile yet. nni have purchased heavy mobiles from flipcart like (xperia z1, xperia M, lumia 520). i was totally happy with that as it works fine and even i was given all the accessories which are given by sony itself.nnbut this time,i am totally unsatisfied.if you can't give advance freebies,its fine but you have no rights to deduct freebies given by sony itself.(IN SHORT, YOU CAN'T SELL THAT SEPARATELY) even if the box itself having tag which says (FREE HEADPHONES WORTH 1390/- rs) then also it was not provided. nnNOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR PROVIDE ME MY HEADPHONE.

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Not so great phone.

Phone's performance is not good at all. There is a considerable amount of delay in just opening the messages itself and lots of pre-installed apps from Sony which you cannot uninstall anyway takes away lots of valuable memory of the phone which is scarce anyway in this phone.nnThere are other better performance phones with other brands available at the same price range and any buyer should look for those options instead of this one.

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