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Sony Xperia S
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Sony Xperia S
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GREAT PHONE , GREAT SPECS !nI HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR A PHONE THAT CAN KILL ANYONE WITH LOOKS .nUnfortunately phone in the market could do that ...but but but after seeing this phone i can assure you even if you are not willing to buy this phone , go and have a look !nthis phone is out of world ..its a piece of art ..nnmany PRO'S lesser CON'snnPRO'S n* SUPER LCD SCREEN 342 PPI !! ( NO OTHER PHNE MANUFACTURER HAVE REACHED NEAR IT )n* VERY FAST PROCESSOR 1500 MHZ !n* LOTS OF ram 1024 MB !( MORE THAN THIS IS NOT AT ALL REQUIRED )n* 12 MEGAPIXEL CAMREA ! ( NO OTHER SMARTPHONE HAS IT )n* SCREEN SIZE IS PREETY GOOD ( NOT BULKY LIKE SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE ) n* BATTERY IS OF lithium-polymer technology WHICH CHARGES THE PHONE IN HALF THE TIME THAT OF ANY OTHER PHONE ( WWOOWW ) AND 1750 MAH IS NT THAT BAD AFTERALL .nnCON'snn* NO MEMORY EXPANSION SLOT . ( AFTER GETTING 32 GB OF INTERNAL MEMORY , DO U REALLY NEED ANY MEMORY EXPLANSION SLOT ?? )n* CAPACITIVE BUTTONS ARE HARD TO FIND ( DONT WORRY , AFTER IT GETS UPDATED YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED .)n* ITS GINGERBREAD !! ( "ICS" IS ON THE WAY )nnTHATS ALL ...if there are any other pro's or con's do reply .nwe will love to know .

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Hello everyone,nnI bought this phone on 10th April. So it has been more than a week I have been using it. Following is my review (completely non-bias)nnBattery : The major concern for many XPS users is the insufficient battery backup. I faced the same till my phone was on firmware 6.0.A.3.62. I updated my phone to 6.0.A.3.73 and there is a huge improvement. Infact, I would say, battery backup is near to perfect. My Xperia Arc used to back me up for 1.5 days with 3G/WiFi and 2.5 days without 3G/WiFi. My updated Xperia S now performs almost the same. 1.5 days with 3G/WiFi and 2 days without 3G/WiFi. So, all the users out there, pls wait for the 73 firmware to be available in your country. Keep your screen brightness less than 50%. I use it with 40% brightness, still its more than enough for office/home usage. Charge your battery from 0 to 100 for the first five charges. You will see the difference. Also, ICS may improve things even more.nnBuilt Quality : The plastic used in this phone is premium. Handling the phone makes you feel as if you have an expensive device in your palms. Although the aluminum body on the upcoming Xperia P would be a better choice, but this is no less. Excellent built quality with an “out–of–the–box” design. The capacitive buttons will take a few hours (not days) to get used to. I don’t miss ANY hit now. It is definitely responsive. nnDisplay : Amazing. Crisp, sharp, nice punchy colors, not oversaturated like AmoLED. I use this display with less than 50% brightness and still the screen is very punchy but pleasing. Regarding the YELLOW tinge issue, I was lucky enough to receive a perfect product. I played games for a long time, deliberately, to overheat the phone. No yellow stuff. I am happy and hope for the same for all users.nnAudio : Sony can’t go wrong here. I heard a review saying that the earphones provided are crappy. NOT TRUE. The earphones are good quality and provide very nice bass n higher frequencies as well. With the custom equalizer settings, you can have punchy deep bass music or pleasant low bass music as per your preference. Loud speaker is also crisp and decently loud. Call quality is pin sharp. No issues in Audio department.nnCamera : In par with Nokia N-8 and Sony Ericsson Satio. Images have huge amount of detail. Colors produced are decently saturated. Only thing I find missing is XENON flash, but I guess its too much to ask for. nnVideo : Can’t say much in this dept. Captured only 1 video as of now. Seemed pretty sharp but while capturing, I somehow couldn’t keep my hand steady. So can’t comment much here.nnStorage : 32 GB inbuilt is more than you need. I can say that bcoz I am myself a geek. I store lot of images and movies in my tablet and phone. Expandable memory card could have been a plus point but onboard 32GB is not less. I have five 720p HD movies and a lot of Trance music (Trance songs usually weigh more than 10MB) and my recent craze for photography in my phone right now. Still have around 3GB remaining. Internal memory for apps is almost 2GB, which is LOT more than needed. As I said, I myself am a geek and have many many apps installed.nnThis is ONE GOOD product and I am ONE HAPPY customer.nnThanks a lot Sony.

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This phone is definetly going to make you speechless the first time you take it in your hands.. I was a Sony fan but my last phone, a xperia x10 mini pro was almost useless. So bought this with a bit of hesitation on April 12 from Sony store.. A week long usage has proved to me that this is an excellent phone and truly one of the best from the Sony's camp after a long time.. nnPros:n*Superb and unique design..n*The highest pixel density screen in market(Beats the iphone and the new ipad)..n*Also this is better than the AMOLED screens in some aspects. Mobile BRAVIA engine makes video viewing a pleasure..n*Great cam.. Ability to take a snap within 1.5secs is very handy..(Other phones should follow this too)n*32Gb storage space is more than enough for most users(technically around 26gb is only available)n*Processor and chipset supports almost all the games in the current market. Until energy efficient quad core processor based phones are available, going for dual core ones should be a wise decision..n*I am not a big fan of customised android ui. Although this version of timescape UX is clean..n*Sound quality is great with the accompanying headsets. Sony has added a lot of customization options to the Music player which is great..n*I havent got the firmware update yet, still battery is sufficient for me. Comes to around 45% after 15 hours of normal usage..n*Supports GPS and GLONASS. Acquires a quick GPS lock when compared to my previous phone..nnCons:n*Read a lot of reviews that say that the capacitive buttons take time to get used to. Still battling with them each day.(Probably have to wait and see)n*Little worried that the distinctive glass part might crack on fall..(Still havent found a good hard shell in the market for this phone)n*No way to switch between playing songs without waking up the touch screen..n*Although call reception is good (bcos antennae in glass part), the wifi reception is not exceptional..n*When all the current phones come loaded with ICS, Xperia S owners(me included) have to wait for the update. And I have to say as a x10 mini pro user, I havent had a previous good experience in this aspect..n*Moving out from the SD cards is a drastic step which might not please many. Although a good news is people can connect their external usb storage(thumb drives) and access their media via a cheap OTG connector(Havent tried this yet)..n*Although marketed as playstation certified in some parts of the world, playstation store is not yet available for India..

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Only one word can describe this phone "AWESOME"

Only one word can describe this phone "AWESOME"nnI bought this yesterday.. Superb display ... nnAdvantages ..nnMusic n its interfacenBest Screen Till datenFuturistic DesignnQualitynTV LaunchernResolution with High PPI(342)nCameranNFCnFast Speedn50 gb cloud storage(life time)nAnti Stain CoatingnFast Charging capabilitynGives Premium FeelnnDisadvantages ....nn-No personal(in built) file manager(Astro file manager is there)n-Micro SIMn-Dosnt supports divx Formats(Runs limited video formats)n-Automatic Ambient light sensor controln-Battery Life(Same story for all android phones)n-Photo compressionn-No Card slotn-Poor viewing angel but better than old SE phonesn-Old Bluetooth(2.1)(even nokia 4k phones have 2.1 version)n-U cannot transfer more than 4gb in drive bcoz it FAT32n(u can check regarding this in xda developers forum)n-U cannot take out Battery(If it gets prob u have to give phone instead of battery which is not a good sign)

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The bomb

Well this is a phone everyone should be looking forward to. nThe specs are something that all knows, the thing that matters is the bonding between the software and hardware. nnThe sony xperia S has an awesome timescape UI, the experience is out of the world, the integration of the social networks with the user contacts is presented in a very detail way.nnThe battery life of the phone isnt that great. Most people are paranoid as the battery cannot is not detachable, but yeah if one wants to change it, he can easily do it as it is just fixed with 4 screws.nnThe looks of both phone colours are awesome. The cover is made out of a genuine secret technology rubber which also has a polygon coating. . to prevent marks and aging. Due to this the white color xperia s doesnt get the finger print marks like the arc s.nnYeah sony has a very fast loading camera, its a BADASs. nnThe translucent strip gives a very trendy look to the phone. Although, it doesnt change color according to the background like the xperia U. Maybe sony didnt include this feature coz it already has a low battery back up.nnI have the onex and the xperia s, frankly speaking go for the xperia s, coz there is not much that u can do better with a quad core in the present app market and the user xperience is almost the same with xperia having a better screen.nnLastly the HDMI port, well the bravia engine renders perfectly renders into a 42 inch screen. nnNot to forget, it is also a play station certified mobile not tested that yet but should be good :)

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19 users found this review helpful helpful?