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Sony Xperia ZL
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Sony Xperia ZL
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Worst buy of my lifetime!

Please do not buy this phone and flush your money down a toilet. I bought this phone 2 months back and it has broken down 5 times already. First the earpiece speaker stopped working, secondly the phone went dead when trying to update the software, this happened in matter of 24 hours. Phone got fixed, but all my data was gone, a week later it went dead again. This time Sony replaced the unit for me. I felt relieved thinking maybe I had a bad unit and now it will be fine. Guess what, a week later the spearker on the phone has stopped working. This is the worst product I have ever owned when it comes to reliability and stability. All these occurances have cost me time, fuel and mental peace. For the price of this phone, I expected a lot, a lot more than this.nnBTW, I am very careful user. My last phone was a Samsung galaxy S that I used for 4 years before I went for this (unfortunate) upgrade.nnI wish I could just return it to flipkart and get a total refund, but now its too late, so I have to suffer through the many trips I will be making to Sony service center. nnIt's disappointing, I expected a lot more from Sony!!

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I got this phone today and i loved it

Guys this is the sexiest phone i have ever seen, feels so incredible in hand with it's rubber back.. This is currently the compact 5 inch screen full hd phone in the market..nnAbout the OS, i don't know much about jelly bean as i am pretty new to android.. but all i can say is it runs incredibly fast and smooth with the quad core processor and 2gb memory inside, i haven't tried any games yet but i am pretty sure they will run smooth as well with the powerfull adreno 320 gpu..nnAbout the display, it's very sharp and clear even low quality videos looks so good.nnCamera is also pretty good both rear and front end camera can shoot full hd video/picture.. what more do you want? :DnnThis is a pura paisa wasool phone .. just close ur eyes and buy it blindly.. trust me you'll love it.nnI'm so glad right now that i didn't go with lumia 920 and waited for this phone. (sabar ka fal meetha hota hai) :D

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As awesome as Xperia Z!!!! Just lacking the awesome back finish of It's big brother xperia Z!

I bought this today , N the second i saw this ... Gosh , My eyes flashed...n the moment it's display was turned on ! OMG .... I was in seventh heaven...seeing the display... i tried..seeing pixel n u could not differentiate any pixel . The display is exactly like what u see in the nature n surroundings with your own eyes!!! nnIt's a 5 incher but much smaller form factor then xperia z or other 5 inchers and i can hold it good it dosen't exceeds my hands n makes it look like a tablet . nnwith it's superb Finish.. when i was taking it outside.... all peopl'es eyes were on this! nit's flashy!ni have downloaded a couple of games...ndead trigger..plays so smooth..nn it's super sensitive compared to ...galaxy s3 .. n lumia 920 OMG it's touch is Supersonic sensitive...nnN's awesome looks...enhances mood...n got a much more .. intuitive UI..than touch wiz...d music obviously better than ....galaxy ...s3 i felt .. nnn when it's off it looks super deep black stone...makes it looks..charming...earning glances..from lovely ladies..out there..!nncamera is just takes the same detail my entry level cannon eos 1100d can take..!nnsO people go for this.......nn people with big fan of premium...phones..nthis is you'r first's best is that...being 5 incher its still quite comfortable...then any other out there !!

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Best Of Sony even better than Xperia Z

I bought this phone 5 days back & I'm loving the phone each moment I'm using it. Superb phone as i mentioned no.1 phone in the market now. At the initial stage i was totally confused between Z & ZL. And finally i decided to go for Xperia ZL. Even the shop owner also recommends to buy ZL only. And the worst thing, Sony is not at all giving any kind of advertisements for Xperia ZL.nn- When comparing to Z, ZL is more convenient phone to use, the only difference is its not waterproof & lots of extra features in ZL also like dedicated camera button, better ear speaker and loud speaker, IR remote, barometer sensor, attractive looks, less heating etc. No need of opening the flaps every time to connect headphones & charging pin. For waterproof Z is packed with flaps n all.nn- Xperia ZL is a Beautiful engineering as everyone get attracted, Black textured matte finish will give u more grip to hold in hands. The case which comes with this mobile is also too good, chrome finish will give u more class look & finish. As the phone using more than 75% of the front as screen its looking great, really that's a plus point for me to buy this phone.nn- As usual Sony showed again there Display clarity, Bravia Engine II does the job very well & 1080p 5" screen is awesome to use. I loves to watch videos & pics in this phone.nn- Headphone quality is also very good with deep bass & clarity.nn- About Camera, its good, but not that good as Nokia N8, Because i was a previous user of N8. Very poor detailing for the photos as its a 13 mp camera. Features are good like superior auto n all.nn- The only drawback which I'm feels is battery, Full usage of the phone will give u 10-12 hrs battery backup for heavy users. Of course u'll get one day for normal usage. But we cant give rest for such a cute phone. Standby mode is great, but when d display turns on its eating battery like anything. Maybe because of the 5" large screen & Android OS.nThe materials which used in ZL are of awesome qualitynnAll the above comments are only my personal opinion as per my usage.

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36K phone with a 5 hour battery life

I'm using this product for the past 15 days now.nnI would not like to mention the pros as its present everywhere and everybody tells about it. Whatever people claim about this is true, excellent screen, nice ui, fast processor, decent camera and much more.nnBut the battery dies in 5 HOURS MAX for moderate use. Below is a sample combination.nn1. 30 mins of phone callsn2. 30 mins of navigation on 3Gn3. 1 hour song playn4. 10 sms, 5 emails sent/rcvdn5. 5 websites visitedn6. 2 photos takenn7. 2 movie tickets booked using appn8. 10 mins of templerun2nnBANG - PHONE IS DEAD. nnThe battery drains out so quickly that I was able to play TempleRun2 for continuous 2 hours from 100% charge with 3G OFF and the phone died.nnWhenever possible I'm charging (home, office, everywhere) and even if I forget the phone, I will not forget its charger! This negative of the phone will restrict your day out to a max of only 5 hours, you will have to get back home within that to recharge again or find a charging point elsewhere.nnThere is good difference when you clear the memory off often. The 5 hours mentioned above is with clearing memory just after I finish using an application. But you know what, I will not be needing 2GB RAM if I'm clearing memory and restarting every app when I need it.

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