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worst company i have ever seen in my life....

never ever buy any product from xolo. if you do so and need service from them, your worst nightmare will start. nni was a xolo x900 user, they gave some update for phone os. and when i update my phone, the phone got dead. i gave it to there so called "collection point". now it is all most four months, i did not get my phone back. i call theme, mail theme, visit there collection point. but nothing worked. there executive don't take my call, some of theme divert or blacklist my number.nnit was a month back when asked theme for refund, every time they people gave same answer ( in case they pick up my phone, not from my but from some another number) "sir, wait for another some days.nnlet me tell you best thing about this company..." once i call there "service cum call center" and asked for where is the company's head office located? the guy on the other hand told me " sorry sir! we don't have any head office but only a service center somewhere in noida." mark my word "only".nni also warned them that i will go to consumer court, but there is no such thing on earth that can affect these peoples.....actually i don't have this much time, else i would go to consumer court for sure.nnnso please...... friends if you know the value of your hard earned money, never go with "xolo". otherwise you will be cursed at the very moment when you buy any product from them.

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Buy Xolo Regret Everyday

The XOLO Q1000S technical specifications and slim looking metallic body is all very attractive. But, buying this phone is like gambling where you are sure to lose and cry.nnI fell prey to this so-called mid-range phone but I realized my mistake of not doing a thorough review beforehand. I thought it was my bad luck until I read a review by a popular phone reviewing portal. According to them, the power button came off soon after unboxing. Can you imagine that ? They had to use their finger nail to switch on-off the mobile. Secondly, removing the sim is like fighting with Goliath. Putting it in is easy. nnAnyway, I emailed the customer support team of Xolo for enquiry regarding my problem. (Their email is provided in their website). I also contacted their PR representative for clarification. Surprisingly, there was no reply from both sides. So, you can imagine their after sales service. They sell you any cheap thing and charge you high. Whats more they dont have proper service centers.nnIf you want more negatives about this phone, then read this:nnThe Xolo Q1000S comes with NON-removable battery. This means the phone is practically disposable after the battery life has ended. Secondly, there is no option to add MicroSD Card. You have to be satisfied with internal memory. Both the aspects are not highlighted in the technical specifications. You will only find out about this if you read online reviews and compare phones. nnI wish Flipkart would remove such cheap, worthless phones from their website to avoid bad reputation.nnGuys, make no mistake !!! There are hundreds of phones out there which are of good quality. Unfortunately this is one bad egg in the basket.nnPlease do a thorough review regarding this phone if you are adamant. Spending Rs. 16000 is not a joke.

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I have purchased this handset on Friday 30th August 2013, earlier I had Xolo Q800, which I sold off about 3 Months back as I wanted to go for a MTK 6589T powered phone. after waiting a lot and doing a lot of search, I shortlisted Iocean X7 elite / Zopo ZP980 Ultimate / Zopo ZP990. but finding these devices was a big issue, buying from ebay was a risk as there won't be service suppport, was just getting confused, I was aware that Q1000S will launch in near future, but was not sure of the processor, the moment it was confirmed that this will be powered by MTK6589T I made up my mind to freeze on this because:nn1-1080P vs 720P Display: No much of difference to human eyes so this part was OK!nn2-2500Mah Battery was the best availablein this class, nearest competitor in this segment was Gionee E5, which has 2000Mah Battery.nn3.-13 MP back Camera with BSI 2 sensor which was supposed to be good as I checked BSI2 details from the Omnivision site, front Camera 5 MP with BSI sensor is not heard of till now this is again a distinguishing feature.nn4.-I already have used Xolo products and was more than convinced about their build quality and overall product, as compared to other Indian Manufacturers they have better build quality.nn5.- 6.98mm thickness was not heard of from any Indian manufacturers (People may also may also call them Rebranders, but how does it matter as we will never go to china to source our handset from there, and we are also not sure of the Quality, which in rebranding we are sure of ).nnThese were the factors for making the decision for purchasing Q1000S, Now the experience:nn1.- Looks and build quality are Superb!!!!! so 10/10.nn2.- Camera Picture quality also is as expected So in this aspect also 10/10n n3.- Touch screen is very responsive and its stock android with some additional apps like Xolo secure and Xolo battery app. inthis aspect 10 /10nn4.- Antutu Benchmark was: 15274 / Nenamark 2 was 51.7 FPS. 9/10nn5.- This can play Full HD video with ease. 10/10nn6.- I am not so interested in the games but my son is, he has palyed real Steel / Subway surfers / Gunstrike 3D / Fight Liberal / Alaskan Hunt, and he says it runs smooth, he is exposed to many mobiles in my family and says that this is better. so again from him its 10/10.nn7.- Internal Memory is 1.97 GB / Phine storage is 11.4GB / RAM 1 GB 563 MB free ( this lacks SD Card may be for any reason. so 7/10nn8.- Sound from the speaker is not at all impresive, ring tone is merely audible so just 5/10 here.nnTotal score 71/80.nnBattery Back up is 24 hrs. with 9-10 calls of average 5 minute duration, 10 hrs on WiFi, 1 hr of gaming and 1 hr of internet surfing, with whatsapp chatting ocassionally. with out Gaming and ocassional surfing it is 36 hrs.

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its a non reliable company

I had purchased a XOLO X900 for Rs 17500 in the month of November 2012, with a one year guarantee, suddenly in the month of May I started facing network issues, against which I tried contacting the customer care, I had to call for more than 50 time just to get my Cell phone picked up for repair, Finally After 20 days of continuous call ans series of mails the handset got picked up from my address, and was sent to Delhi Service centre. As per there company policy i was suppose to get my hand set back after 5 working days, but i waited for 20 long days, I got my ph. Back, when I received it, I discovered that the problem was not resolved and they had sent it back to me in the same condition, I decided to keep quite for a month, I decided to came down to Bangalore, thought i would personally go get it repaired, and so i did, i made a ph. Call to the customer care took another complain no. and dropped my handset in the service centre myself as on 12/9/2013 , after a month they say that we cannot do anything about it, as the company has stopped manufacturing the network censors. So the offered me for a refund of Rs. 10000 or other handset worth 11300. IS it the costomers fault or the companies fault, why do I have to bare the loss for company, now the company is doing nothing but cheating people, if they knew there is some defect with the handset then why did they choose to sell it in the stores??? Its been more than 6 months that i have been facing the trouble.

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Awesome phone, absolutely stunning, best performance

i ordered this on sunday at 12.20pm (15 sep) got the next day 16 sep at 10.20 amnnabsolutely fast and awesome delivery by flipkartnncoming to phonenni used it a whole day including downloading, surfing, video, camera etc basically utilized the phone and its processor to its fullest and i must say it is the best phone till date i have used and that too around 16k budget.nphone has a premier built and very decent and killing looks, beleive me it may not seem in the photos but it very think just 6.9mmnnthe best part is u take it out of ur pocket and everyone staring at the phone like WOW!nncamera click very good pics, the HDR function of cam is pretty nice, display seems rich in color and texture, brightness is also good.nit is not mentioned in description but xolo has a few preinstalled apps such as xolo customer care and xolo anti theft where u can provide with alternative numbers on which sms can be sent for tracking and locating features in case the phone is lostn'nthe phone is fast highly responsive, touch feels like heavennit easily handles multitasking, even with 5 simultaneous downloads, 2 games subway, temple run running, avast anti virus scanning, camera clicing etc there was no lag or slowing of phone at all while using others apps or switching from one to anothernnif u plan to buy a smartphone with around 15k budget go for this one without a second thought the phone is premium.

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