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Yu Yunique 2
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Yu Yunique 2
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awesome camera (9)
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poor camera (7)
poor phone (22)
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awesome phone (85)
value for money (3)
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hanging issue (16)
poor performance (4)
heating issue (23)
awesome performance (5)
fast charging (1)
service center (1)
build quality (4)
flash (2)
screen protection (1)
features (15)
gaming (9)
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not happy

Camera not good battery backup not ok and play game phone very heating

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Bad phone

Nothing unique about Yu Yunique 2. Camera quality is pathetic both front and rear. Stupid notifications pop up everyday specially the recharge notification which is really annoying and cannot be easily dismissed. The default launcher is ugly and keeps running in the background even after changing to another launcher. Sound quality is poor too. Cannot hear incoming calls even from the next room. And yeah, the heating issue. Will work as a portable heater in winter I guess.

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Waste of money!

This phone is the greatest phone ever invented in mankind. Once when I was in my village and I was travelling through this country side road, all alone and a bit spooky. Suddenly I encountered an UFO I thought of taking pictures of it and sending it to the government and the conspiracy theorist but instead of taking pictures it suddenly contacted the alien species in the UFO. Later I don't know what happened a sudden beam of light came and I guess I was abducted. But when I came back to my senses, I saw the phone beside me with full charge and my right kidney stolen. But anyways I found this phone very useful as this phone saved me from the hardest realities of this world and got me into an alien life. Thank you for such a unique phone.

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Bad quality

The camera quality was too low.. Otherwise all OK...

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Battery back up is is very less

I don't like this mobile

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