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Zync Z1000
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Zync Z1000
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A revolution for its price

I got this tablet and these are the things i can highlight about it. The display is really very great the resolution , and the aspect ration makes it a winner in this segment. much better than what i have seen the competition offer so far. For all the people asking about the sim - YES A SIM CARD CAN BE INSERTED and you can make both 2G calls and 3G surfing is possible. The tablet is also coming with a good lycra pouch and screen guard inside the box making it a steal deal to be true. The battery life is something it easily lasts a couple of days for me working on it 3-4 hours daily with WIFI on over it. There is absolutely no lag while playing any HD movie, the finish of the over all product is very good. The touch response is also very good, and one thing that i do miss is a Ipad style cover or a keyboard like zync has for its smaller 7 inch tablets, would make it carrying easier and watching movies etc without holding the tablet in hand. ZYNC are you listening ?? the camera quality is decent , the back camera is good but in low light would not do justice. the front camera is also good in good light to do video chat.

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Not Recommended!

Hello,nnI bought this Tablet from a rival store to Flipkart for INR9990, but none the less wanted to give you guys a truthful and helpful feedback. Most of the feedback on this site is not helpful and pro the device - which i fell a victim to!nnI have had a bad experience with this Tab. Now, the question to ask really is if i have received a bad piece or if the generic tab is itself badly designed.nnLet me start with the Pros:n1. Well Designed, solid feel to the buttons to hold good to look atn2. I received a tab with a bunch of pixels on the screen acting differently, I have reached out to the customer care and management. They have responded positively and courteously. I am hoping i can get a replacement for the tab soon - and praying that the piece i have is bad and that the new one i get is going to be much better. nnRegretting not buying it from FLIPKART Now :(nthe positives end therennCons:(Note - these cons are for my tab only - not sure if all the zyncZ100's act this way!n1. The screen resolution leaves much to be desired, its not great at all, the pictures are grainy to look at.I wish the resolution was a bit more sharp. Text is hazy especially from FB and Twitter feeds. Pictures are grainy, and pretty bad to look at.n2. IT IS REALLY SLOW - there is a lot of LAG when it comes to running apps, from the time you click on an Icon to the time the application opens up it is a good 10 seconds. i cant understand how it can be so slow with no apps running in the background, with a 1.5 ghz processor and 1gb DDR 3 RAM. the Ipad comes with 512 MB Ram and a slower processor and it feels much much faster to work with. I keep getting this error pop up (which by the way is the first time i have seen on any android tablet) saying " the "XYZ" app is not working, do you want to wait, report or close it" and this is almost every time i open an app.n3. The screen claims to be multitouch, and it is - the sad part however is that - one has no control on panning and zooming, what i mean here is that you can try to do the 2 finger zoom, but the tab acts on its own, it decides if it wants to and how much, till date i have never been able to zoom to how much i want, either it is too much or does not happen.n4. scrolling is a nightmare - i use it for mail and FB mostly, and its just pure luck when it wants to scroll down or up.n5. more than 3 apps open at the same time and everything just stops responding! Period.n6. The USB Does not work, it just refuses to sync with my laptop or desktopn7. The cameras (both front and back) are "Below Average" under proper sunlight, you might click a great photo, but inside under the tubelight its atrocious.n8. I have a 16 Gig card in there - and the data does not get copied into it - only the tablet memory is used at all times. I am not able to transfer files into the card either.n9. Browser is very very slow - i cant zoom into the opened web pages, i cant click on the links - if the tab feels like it, i can open the link which i want. most times its very very frustrating to use the browser. I keep getting the error message that the browser is not working and the system wants me to close it. Multiple Tabs open is a joke. n10. Does not charge from USB - there is a separate charger pin - which makes it very painful since u need to keep the charger with you at all times. in case the tab goes out of charge which is around 4-6 hours based on usage then you CAN NOT charge from any universal Micro USB Charger - you NEED To have the special system charger!nnThe list goes on - but these are the major issues.nnI will not recommend this Tab to anyone as of now. Maybe to your worst enemy.

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The first look

The moment you open and take it out of the book, you realize, the look has been somewhat stolen from ipad. Giving it a more 'squarish' size ratio with the black borders and the screen glare, it pretty much resembles the old ipad. However, it jus weighs twice as much as it :P . Anyways, Here is what I found.nPros : nDisplay : Bright, with decent resolution. Not the retina display kinda look, but works well for most apps.nProcessor : The 1.5 GHz does a fair work with most mid-size games. nApps : Fully Functional Android App store. What more do you want.nFeel : Heavy. Not the kind of thing you would like to carry around al times.nSummary. : For a price of 11k , Guess, no tablet can beat the features of this one. However,Expect no miracles out of the box. Just another budget tablet with a bigger screen and a SIM card slot.

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Not recommended

I bought this tablet from flipkart. After 45 days of it being used the touch stopped responding altogether. After sending a mail to zync (cause the customer care no. on the website does not respond) they gave me a service centre no in kolkata. After 1 week the person said that the touch panel cannot be repaired here and has to be sent to delhi and they will not take the responsibility for the courier. Whereas these people are promising at your door service. If this is the service they are providing in a metro city like kolkata i don't know what will be the position of other small cities. While the product ran it was decent. My recommendation is to invest in the product of a company who provides better service. Dont just go for the specs. I am still awaiting the solution to my problem from zync and after 2 weeks of trouble and emails i am yet to find a solution.

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Bad exp.

1.I had receive this tablet in 1 day - Very good service from flipkart. 2.USB cable for connect tablet to pc - Faulty, its not working. try other cable - its working. 3.After 2 hrs tablet is unable to charge - :-( . 4.After restart the tablet its showing "Damage USB Storage" reformat it. 5.I had format 2-3 times that tablet, but after restart that error was continued.. 6. I had raise a call to technical team - lets see what kind of reply i get from there... I think I receive faulty item, lets try another one which is flipkart give me replacement for the this one (Hope soo...)

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