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Zync Z909 Plus
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Zync Z909 Plus
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worst product ever

This is the worst product I have ever used in my Life. 1) The Tablet crashed on the first day ! It just refused to start. The customer service no. was constantly engaged for about 3 days constantly, I must have made 40-50 calls before the phone was received ( no wonder the phone was engaged as most people who purchased got problems). The customer service person was helpful and send a reversed pick up in 3 days. The phone was "promptly" repaired in about 20 days and sent back to me. 2) After about one week, the tablet battery died and I had to call the customer care again.(3 days later I could again speak to the customer care agent as phones were constantly engaged) The customer care was very polite and immediately got a reverse pick up again.( I think they are very polite because they understand that their product is defective) I received the tablet again after about 15 days. 3) The tablet battery again died !!! in just 5 days again after it came from repairs !!!!!!! I received the repaired tablet after about 25 days!!! This tablet got repaired 3 times in just actual use of only about 12 days!!!( it spent more time ,about 60 days total in repairs and about 14 days in my hands) The only plus point in all this is that the customer service people are very helpful and immediately send for reverse pickup of tablet for repairs.( if you can reach them !!!)

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Don't buy it.

This is the worst tablet ever made in the tablet history.nI bought it and broke the screen very first day.nI was so frustrated that how can some one make so cheap product and fool customer.nTrust me don't buy it.

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Don't Buy this Tablet

World's worst tablet don't buy it,screen is very very bad,Battery is very very bad,resolution is very very bad,camera is very very bad,the day i purchased this tablet i have used it for 5-8 times only for watching movies but u cant watch movies bcz battery drains in 10minutes.completely wastage of money.

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best cheap tablet

best in use


all thing ig best



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zync z903

its the worst tablet and worst company i have seen in my life. first of all the battery backup was poor than wifi getting hanged. i cant even use internet and the main thing is that the service and support area omg. they should sell bhelpuri instead of working there. its a complete dabba. dont follow the reviews. the company should be banned.

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