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Alcatel One Touch Fire C
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Rs 1,805
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Alcatel One Touch Fire C
Out of Stock
₹ 1,805
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good phone

1)The Display quality is very good.n2)The camera quality is decent.n3)The device even at 128mb RAM does not lag very much as expected.n4)Simple interface.n5)The apps use very less space.n6)Worth the Prize.n7)Supports whats app.n8)And most of all very adaptive.

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Read it and you will know whatever you need to know about the device...

My freind had asked me to check phones priced around 3000. While checking it i saw this one and the price tag it carries it just felt some cheap chinese phone from the some chinese brand. But i had suggested this one with many others in the price range and he ordered one of these. He was impressed by the quality and informed me about it. He ordered one for himself too.nnAs i busted my Z Ultra's screen i needed something to support me till i received the replacement. Had ordered for Gionee L800 but the seller was careless to ship it soon. Ordered this one too. And after checking out my freinds phone i sticked to this one and cancelled the other one.nnPro's:-nWhatsapp is available. (App. Name: OpenWapp).....n-Phone has gesture mode in it. Go to developer settings in about phone and activate home gesture and edge gesture. n-Build Quality is good. Though it is hollow below the cam and makes some kind of noise if we hold it firmly.n-Screen is bright enough at night and good.n- Good U.I. beleive me when i am saying this. I have used windows android blackberry and ios. Its simple no complicated interface. Totally user friendly.n-Screen Size is best for one handed operation. n-Good write and read speed through pc.n-YOU NEED TO KEEP THE SCREEN ON WHILE CONNECTING IT TO PC AS ITS FOR A SECURITY REASON SO NO ONE CAN ACCESS IT WHEN LOCK IS ON IN CASE OF THEFT.n-Battery is a monster on this one. Upon my experience I received the device on Oct. 20 at 5 pm charged it and used it wih both sims inserted and with ocassional use of wifi. Phone completely discharged on 22nd morning when 19% was available and i played 45 mins of 720p videos and 10 mins of songs on it after which it was dead.nnnCons:-n-Sound is below average. Speakers used are somewhat like the speakers used in nokia's c2-00 it sounds same.n-Playing songs on speaker is just waste. Again it sounds and due to hollow inside it vibrates like c2-00.n-L.E.D. notification only for charging.n-Battery charges too slow if wifi is on.n-Speaker makes some sort of noise on its own every now and then.n-Phone just sometimes don't turn on even if you press the screen wake up button it just seems like it is dead. I checked while it didn't turned the screen on and called but it showed out of reach.nnNeutral:-n-Cam is average. (Don't need it already own some best cams available in phone and a slr.)n-Hangs a bit. As the specs are not so good. Who cares, at this price its more than enough.nnnVerdict: At this price it provides you with best you can get. If you want to use a smartphone at the price of a basic phone go for it. It hangs less than an android. Best for secondary device and for the new learners.nnIf you know how to use it you will be satisfied by the way it responds or else just load it and make it slow.nnGO FOR IT. THUMBS UP.

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A nice experience

Pros:n1. Lightweight OS : Boot2Gecko v 1.3 is the ultimate future choice for any user. it is written on HTML 5.5 so functioning is no more an issue.n2. The phone is very user friendly.n3. The application requires very less memory space that even 128 MB memory seems to be more than enough.n4. Touch sensitivity is really up to the mark.n5. it is very communicative towards mozilla's own server, so there will be no issues.n6. It has a brand name of Alcatel, so no problem regarding the hardware.n7. Hotpost i never ever expected. nnCons:n1. Every App is internet dependent so you need internet connectivity all the time even if you use a calculator. i should not complain about because i should go by the design of the OS.n2. The Battery is of 1000 maH. for me it is not at all sufficient.nnNeutral:n1. You can't expect a 5 MP camera and a secondary camera for a phone worth 1990 INR.n2. Sound quality could be made better.n3. As the OS is newly launched, the market is very less. But don't worry, there are lots of Indian Apps available.nnnSo if you are looking for a proper CERTIFIED phone, don't go for it.nBut if you like experiment and love to change the convention, then this phone is a must buy.

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new for industries no prob

it must be the first firefox os device available in flipkartnnow we see the phone built it is good and value for this ratenmid range camera n mid range processornlow space internalnenough space capability for external n...nnbut main prob is we get no accessories for that in store or in internetnno covernno flip covernno replacement parts even in alcatel's official site

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The phone is simple. like a toy.

The phone is simple like a toy . you can buy this if you are on a low budget or just for know the os. there is no main menu just the shorcuts on three pages screen quality is low. battery is also not good. i don't like it. but what you can ask for 1990/- rupees , I-phone ???nnBuy but screen resolution is low , feel like a toy. and no application folder like we have in android device. only three pages and apps on that. skyfall or adele is not working. i am still trying to know. but it's not working. Good phone for budget you can't get a smartphone at this price . what's app is working (a connect). and there are market place , for games and apps. and already installed facebook and firefox is very fast. camera is just okay. Buy if you just want to use facebook and what's app . for low budget people.

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