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Apple iPhone 5 32GB
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Apple iPhone 5 32GB
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You are not paying for the specs, you are paying for Apple Service and iOS

Ok first off I know everyone thinks that this phone just because it has low specs, means it is not worth it, firstly, this phone, if it gets ruined or something goes wrong, Apple doesn't fix it, they REPLACE your phone with a new phone, apple's services for iPhone is what is the real deal here, you are paying for the best after sales services and the premium quality of apple and of course, the iOS which never lags, has more apps than android, and will always stay snappy, never will lag, and it is just so fast, reason being is that iOS is SPECIFICALLY made for the iPhone and since there is only one iPhone, (Ehm I know there is the previous ones)nApple makes their OS specifically for THEIR phone, so the iOS used in iPhone 5 is specifically designed to be used on iPhone 5, where as that's not the case with Android, nnAndroid at the end of a day is a google product, other companies like samsung just tweek "Google's creation" and just put it on their phones, therefore making Android much less flexible and more non-sturdy for every phone out there. So basically Android is not just made for a single device, it's a operation system used in numerous phones therefore it can't be perfect!nnWhere as iPhone's OS should be called ONLY just made for the iPhone so that makes it require much less specs and run even faster than Android, I compared this phone's snappy speed to a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 may be smooth and have much more customizations than iOS, but the speed of the iPhone especially while opening an app is WAYY quicker, it's just happens in a SNAP!nniPhone at the end of the day is the best phone out there because of it's service, and reliability and of course being an iPhone, every app being made out there is first tested on the iPhone then ported to android, so iPhone is the MAIN phone out there right now!nnSo if you can afford this phone, I say it's worth it!

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The best money can getindepth review

I have been using this phone for the past 3 months. Following r da pros n cons..nPROS:n1) LOOKS: It looks classy..premium construction…premium looks…only htc one is any close to this..but den it’s a lil bulky in front of the iphone 5.n2) SCREEN: Excellent 4 inch screen…great contrast n brightness..ok its ppi of 326 is less dan htc one/s4/htc butterly…bt if ur eyes cant differentiate between pixels in 326 ppi den wots da use of 441 ppi(Samsung galaxy s4) or 468 ppi(htc one)…..extra pixels wud only cause battery drain…excellent viewing under sun also…beats s4 and htc one hands down…n3) CAMERA: Its 8mp…bt its excellent in any kind of situations..under bright light it produces photo wid great detail without any oversaturation of colours…navigation to camera app from lock screen is very fast….in low light condition also it produces some amazing snaps…s4 is a real bummer in dis aspect…it matches lumia 920 n htc one on dis aspect…iphone 4s also has a great camera…iphone 5 is only an improved version of 4s with better low light photography…I have downloaded an app called as “Kitcam” dat helps u increase da shutter speed/exposure time till 1 second…dis makes u click sm amazing photos in night w/o flash…in general da shutter speed is also amazing..u click n u hv da pic..Even da back camera(1.3 mp) is great for self portraits n video chatting..n4) VIDEO: Excellent image stabilization produces better video footages as compared wid s4 and htc one…only lumia 920 produces a lil better video under shaky circumstancesn5) BATTERY: With 3G on all da tme…..4 mail accounts synced…calls..safari web browsing…whatsapp…camera…switching between apps like facebook, flipboard,ndtv, tumblr gives me a solid 12-15 hrs…its better dan any android phone..n6) MUSIC: An ipod is always in an iphone…music quality is decent wid da apple earpods supplied..its bass heavy n a lot better dan its previous iteration…but if u upgrade ur cans den u can listen to sm serious audio…I have bose ie2 earphone and Beats Studio headphones n da music quality is full of detail even in da top volume settings..As far as da speaker goes.. its also loud enough wid great detail wen not increased to the max volume(for some songs)…otherwise its great..n7) APPS: Don’t have much to say here…its known to da world dat da appstore has more n better apps dan any other platform…n8) IOS: The software running under da hood i.e IOS 6.1.4(latest) is excellent without any lags…u multi any number of wont lag..i have 105 apps installed wid 30-40 apps open always on an average…n9) ACCESSORIES: One of da biggest advantages of having an iphone is da friendliness with accessories..u have 100s of great accessories available(not everything available in India..but u have eBay) available dat can even enhance n exploit da already gud features of iphone..recently I bought Ollocip dat is a camera enhancer..its has 3 lenses dat can be very easily connected to iphone 5 n help u take excellent pics…. n10) SOFTWARE UPGRADATION: One thing in which android sucks is the software upgradation…an apple device gets to njoy 4 upgraded versions wid timely updates..iphone 4 was launched in 2010 with ios4…its been upgraded to ios6..n ios 7 wud be its last upgrade…whereas android devices don’t get more dan 2 upgrades and time is also a big factor…Sony xperis S(last year’s sonys’ flagship) hasn’t received jelly Bean till now…Nexus devices r an exception though..nnCONS:n1) SCREEN SIZE: If big screen size is ur cup of tea den u will hv to look at other platforms viz Andriod, Microsoft ..For me its da adequate size dat can be operated wid single hand..n2) CUSTOMIZATION: If u want to customize ur phone n give it a new look everyday den android would serve ur purpose better….apple has everything basic..u can jailbreak though but den also da customization wont be of da same degree as android would provide u….nnAPPLE vs ANDRIOD fight: Apple’s software and hardware are made for each other(i.e their software IOS and hardware viz A4/A5/A6 processors is made in housen) which makes them perform better dan da android counterparts…android has quad/octa cores but 99% of apps don’t require dat kind of processing power…iphone 3GS has 256 mb of RAM and 600 Mhz single core processor…but den also it is able to play games such as NFS hot pursuit dat even a 1 Ghz android phone would hv problem playing it….so apple must never be compared on pure specs because its an optimized device unlike any android device(except nexus devices)…….nnI am not an iphone fanboy but ya I do prefer quality over quantity..I have used nokia lumia 800, iphone 4 and Google nexus S smartphones before...

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i mean...the phone is awesome,but i honestly don't feel the need to spend 60k on a phone...neven if i was an apple fan,i'ld rather buy a nexus-4 & an I-pad 32 gb... :P

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Excellent Phone !!!

Excellent product from Apple.This is the one of the most beautiful and Smart phone on the planet right now. This phone is way better than android.Features are less than android but way better in operating and stability.go for iPhone..

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For Fanboys, Kids & Old People !

Hyped Like No Other Phone, This Is Less Of A Phone And More Of A Status Symbol Or A Style Statement To Many...Priced At The Highest End Of The Mobile Spectrum...Yet Totally An F- For the Price : Performance Ratio...But Its Not All Bad..Is It ?....Designed very Beautifully And Crafted From Premium materials (Aluminium And Glass)...The Phone Does look The Part Of a flagship Device....The Screen Estate is Small Compared To The Industry giants...yet The Display Is A capable one....The Camera (Manufactured by Sony) Is One Of The Best To Be Installed On A Mobile Device..The Audio Quality is Top Class...Application Performance Is Great Too..Coz You Know, Its APPLE....They Optimize Everything For There Devices.....And The Wealth Of Apps On The Apple Apps Store Can Only Be Matched By a Few...(But Then again, most Of Them Are Paid Apps)...Plus Their Updates Are more Timely..nnBut 45K For A Phone With A Mere 4" Screen Is A little Disappointing....No Expandable Memory... This Is A Big Issue Coz 16 GB (Usable Memory Is Less than 16GB) Is not Enough Especially For A Phone That Can Play HD Games and record 1080p Videos And Play Them As Well...Well You Do Have 32GB And 64GB Versions...But Wait...You Have To Shell Out Extra Few grands For That....Why Should You....45K Is Already A Premium Price To Pay...Then...No USB Mass Storage...Not being Able To use your phone as a portable flash Drive... Disappointing....No Bluetooth file transfers...No FM Radio ...With Some Of The (BIG) Limitations Of The Apple Ecosystem IOS Is Never Going To Evolve Into A Real Mature, Customizable, Usable And Feature Rich OS Like Android...Even The Windows Phone OS Has Become More Productive In Some Ways Than This baby OS From Apple...I don't Think The Non-User Replaceable battery Is A drawback...But The Battery Capacity Is A little Short of Good..Let Alone Spectacular....No NFC..Apple OS Updates hardly Bring Anything New To the Devices.. Seriously Apple Are You Listening...nnSo Should You Buy it? Yeah Why Not if You :nn1. Have Tons Of Money To Spend And Don't Mind getting A phone That is Super hyped and Bound To Draw Eyeballs Towards It..nn2. Are An Apple Fanboynn3. Wanna Use A smartphone But Wanna Skip All the Complexities And Want A (Very) Simple interface..(Basically if You Are A kiddo or and Old Person Who gets Intimidated by Smartphones)nnBut, Should You be The Kind Who Wants A Good bang For Their buck And A Smartphone Which Truly Does Justice To The Word Flagship ....Well Then A Big NO...You Will Get Almost All Of iPhone 5's Capabilities In Devices That Are Priced Upto 15 Grands Cheaper....

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