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Apple iPhone 5c 32GB
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Rs 25,999
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Apple iPhone 5c 32GB
Out of Stock
₹ 25,999
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This review just had to be written.

To start with, this review is probably dangerously close to sounding like a Apple hater review. Truth is, it isn't one and I own an iPad (I'm typing the review on this) so I do love Apple products. nnI'm really not going to talk about specs, screen quality etc. All this you can get from tech sites like CNET, TechRadar etc.nnWhat I will talk about is why this phone doesn't make sense for you. nnFirstly, people who say this phone isn't plastic, it's polycarbonate. nThey both are the same! Phones like the Galaxy S4, the HtC One X are all made out of this. But since then, the world has moved on to metals like steel and Aluminum. nnApple made this with plastic so that they can make it colorful. nActually, if you look at Apple's iPod line, they too come in a range of colors, but are still made out of premium materials. nnThe screen has a ppi of over 300 which is good enough. nWhile it's true that you can't see pixels after a point, the ppi is important. It's effect can be felt while reading books, surfing the net or while trying to read small text. Since the iPhone already has a small screen, this is important. nnAndnnThe hardware is exactly the same as the iPhone 5. Seriously. nThere is absolutely no change to the internals from last year except for a larger battery (but the difference is negligible). Which means no 64 bit processing or anything fancy. nnThis phone makes more sense in the US where it is available on contract for $99 which is much cheaper than the average contract price of around $199 to $399nnI only want an iPhone. nIf you could afford the 5S but you wanted this because of the colours, just please don't. The 5S is superior in everyday imaginable (expect for the screen)nnI can't afford the 5SnBut the iPhone 5 instead! Seriously, with all other hardware being almost the same and with a better build you couldn't really go wrong with it. nnIf all you want is an iOS device for apps and stuff you can try out an iPod or an iPad mini (which is definitely one of the best tablets and better than last year's iPad mini). nnWhat are the other options:nThe Android phone which gives you a experience which is most similar to iOS is the HTC One. It too has a premium build, a simpler interface when compared to Samsung's TouchWiz. They are also improving on their update cycle. The One is getting Android Kitkat from January. nnOther options:nSamsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5&5S, Htc One, Nexus 5, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1, nokia Lumia 1520,925. nnLastly, if you found it helpful, please do mark it as useful! Thanks in advance!

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Amazing product .... it is polycarbonate not a cheap plastic

I have bought this phone and it is truly very good. The beauty of it like all other iPhones is it's simplicity. Same specs as iPhone 5 but better because it is a newer model and will in the future support more updated softwares unlike the iPhone 5. And it is not a cheap plastic ... people with stupid arguments please understand. It is polycarbonate that is as hard as a bullet proof glass. Don't believe me... check it out. It is much better to hold as it is curved unlike the 5 and and 5s that are both slippery. And the price is for the quality and the service. I went to the apple service centre with my old iPhone who's camera had got spoilt. They gave me a new phone within 2 days for free. Micromax and other companies have no service at all. And btw for those who say that they don't care... when your phone get's a manufacturing defect, then you will regret it. If you have used an iPhone only then you will know. The camera is excellent (8mp), the phone is extremely fast and the syncing with iTunes is very fast and smooth. The retina display is the best display in the world. They cannot make a better one because our eye cannot support a better resolution. Please get your facts right, test an iPhone and then you will know what an amazing phone it is. Thank you for reading this and hoped that it has helped you.

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stupid pricing in competitive market.

uff what an stupid pricing for a cheap plasticky phone. galaxy s4, htc one, and nokia lumia series looks sexier then this. nfeature wiseis this phone should not cost more then 30k to the max.nIts time to teach apple what can a consumer do. punish apply by not buying single handset. nwhat apple thinks to its customer?????/nI WANTED TO RATE 0 BUT NO OPTION. SAD

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This is more than phone

The most amazing phone ever in the history of mankind. I love APPLE. MUAAAAH.nBuying an apple phone is like bidding for a fancy phone number by spending huge amount of money. But I don't mind the money spent on it. It gave me immense pleasure.nnI don't even have use the mobile. Just holding in the hand in front of everyone makes me feel elevated. I am soo so happy.nnOkay coming to the usage. It comes with a magnificent 4 inch screen. Initially I found it difficult adopting such a tiny screen. Even though it is 4 inch diagonally, the width of the phone is very small compared to today's android giants. My eyes used to get tiresome. My doctor suggested me to use goggles and magnifying lens to get used to.nnNow comes the most amazing feel about the phone - the speed. Awesome. All the pre-installed apps are super-fast. Only the third-party apps/games like subway surfer used to lag a little bit. Probably it has to do with the age-old processor's speed and sluggish architecure. It comprises of a little bit insufficient RAM. Also the inbuild memory is limited and there is no scope for expansion. Apple is very smart. they made sure that we don't plug in low-quality memory cards and report the bugs hidden in this phone.nnThe battery is super light and charges very fast. It charges so fast because it drain-time is also super quick. When on the go, if I run out of power ( which happens almost every day). I cannot borrow the charger from friends. Because apple have their own charging cable which nobody else uses. This make our phone feel special in front of everyone.nnCamera is awesome. 8MP camera for a very expensive means it must be made with the highest quality. 1.2MP front cam is also awesome. The photos taken on moto G appeared better in looks. But I am sure when we print the photos, iphone photos would be far far better in quality.nnPrice. Apple is way way ahead of other phones .This is where we apple fans have edge over other. We can keep our head high in front of others.

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bought a bike

Its not worth at all for 55k. so just bought a bike :)nnreally surprised to see the prizing so high. Building a brand is good but looting the customers is disgusting.

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