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Apple iPhone 6s 32GB
Out of Stock
Rs 25,299
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Apple iPhone 6s 32GB
Out of Stock
₹ 25,299
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Too expensive

Extremely expensive, with this amount you can get a good motorcycle at your home and believe me it will be more useful than this. Will ultimately will become outdated in next 6 months.

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Best iPhone but Overpriced !!!!!!!!

Everything is good about this iPhone except its Price :( People out there waiting for this iPhone including me from a very long time but unable to buy this due its over-price. I hope Apple India will realise this and soon bring its price down and will see some happy customers :) Cheers to those who are enjoying there brand new iPhone 6s (y)

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Nice Phone for business Users

1) Choosing to buy online? Make sure u buy it from WS Retail.nn2) Shipping, packing all on time every time especially with WS Retail and guarantee for new product.nn3) Got this on an exchange for my Samsung S4 used for 3 years @5k. The 16gb phone costed me @35knn4) Moving from android to apple was my first experience. But considering the privacy, security, resale value, retina display, amazing apps, i consider myself a proud owner of apple. nn5) If money does not matter and quality matters to you then go for this phone.nn6) Considering the number of online payments we make these days it is imperative that we have a good phone which gives security and privacy to data. Apple has "wallet app" which they claim our passwords and credit card information are not stored anywhere, not even their own servers. nn7) Get an ipaky case and curved tempered glass to protect the screen and to avoid any dents. nn8) Peek n Pop is simply superb and a must incase you use your phone quite frequently for messages and mails.nn9) phone batterry is decent and it goes on for a day. Low battery mode which reduces the functionality of many apps and gives an extra miler. Unlike android where one can whatsapp offline and it get sent as and when connect to internet, the same is not available on iphone. In other words you must be connected to internet only then send button is activated.nn10) 4G is fast on this phone comparative to other phones.nn11) True caller & voice recorder are available on apps but does not sync well and a good voice recorder comes at a price only.nn12) Bluetooth connectivity is fast, searching for other devices is also fastnn13) The OS occupies half of the storage an still have half for photos and music. if you are music and use camera quite often then go for 64gb. I wonder why they have not introduced 32gb! nn14) camera both front and back is gud. photos comes out natural and is soothing to the eyes. i would say better than samsung s4 camera.nnI hope the 14 pointers are helpful in making a decision. All in all an amazing phone.

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Dead charging Adapter

Bought a Apple Brand new Product and got Dead Adapter in box. i gave my phone in exchange so no other way to have access unless until need to travel 30 kms off to service center.nThats Pathetic, we are online to save our time or waste more?

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Very Good Phone but not worth the money

iPhone is no doubt a very good phone - no need to tell about amazing camera, apps, build quality, looks and famous apple care but 72k seriously? Even if you cannot live without iPhone 6s, go and buy it from US where you will get it in around 48k. Or you can buy 3 one plus 2 or a MAcBook Air or have a holiday in Dubai - at least that will justify 72k but not this one specially when you know that India is the only place where apple is charging such exorbitant price.... kinda makes us feel like a fool.

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