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Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A Ultrabook (Core i5 3rd Gen/4 GB/500 GB/MAC OS X Mavericks)
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User Reviews for Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A Ultrabook (Core i5 3rd Gen/4 GB/500 GB/MAC OS X Mavericks) Laptop

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Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A Ultrabook  (Core i5 3rd Gen/4 GB/500 GB/MAC OS X Mavericks)
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An Apple that suits the taste within reach..

I've Bought this one recently, not from India but from Japan... The pricing that flipkart offers is quite cheap as its original price is around 90k.nnWell to tell about the product, it is a 2012 non retina model which has a 8x superdrive and an ethernet port which are terribly useful for anyone. While the new models which have Retina display neglects these ones and are also priced heavy, so you have to get them externally with additional money which is bad. Well what is the use of laptops which are premium but don't have necessary hardware?nnEveryone is so obsessed with retina display becoz of the bright and striking screen, good processing speed as they are based on flash storage, but take a beating on basic features like dvd drive and ethernet ports and battery life....nnnIts better to go with this model rather than choosing retinas, if money is ur concern, but for all the others who are easy on your pocket u may proceed with retinas and of course buying additional external accessories from apple.nnPROS:n* Sturdy and beautifuln* Good steady battery life( when i used it came upto more or less 6 hours of continous usage like watching videos and just browsing)n* Trackpad is amazing.n* Nice screen (though its a non retina model, its good)n* Good quality camera. Great for video chats.n* Virus free OS ( no need to worry about virus threats).n* It is upgradable( RAM, Hard disk etc can be upgraded while the retinas are not).n* Stereo speakers are good, with a slight amount of bass hanging around songs which cannot be heard from other laptops.n* The Headphone port supports earphone with mic.( i tried my sony earphones with mic which to my surprise worked and u can directly speak through the earphone's mic).nnnCONS:n* Processing speed is average as what you would expect from an i5 with 4 gb RAM.n* Graphics are mediocre, only medium resolution games can be played because of the Intel HD 4000 graphics which has only 512 MB memory( seriously not for Gameboys).n* The two USB 3.0 ports are placed one close to another, u can't use two devices at a time unless it is very small without the body.n* Little bulky than retina models but less when compared to other brands.nn Other than these i have no concern with the MBP and i truly love it.nnFinally this one is not for professionals( like video editers etc) who look to extract maximum performance related to their work but a GOOD laptop for medium users and casual users( Students,etc)...nBUT it packs lot of features for which i am satisfied....nnThey are proving it(Apple) and this piece is worth every bit of your money and u will surely admire it...............

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Awesome piece of hardware.

It's been more than a year. Best laptop within budget. Just upgrade RAM to 8GB and the machine will rock. I'm using this laptop for Python/Django development. nnBattery backup is more than 7 hours, no heating problem, sometime, I use this for 2 days continuously.nnSuggestion for a developer: Don't upgrade your OS until and unless you know how to setup environment variable, lot of development environments will break because of an upgrade. Factory installed OS is more than enough for you.nnSunil

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wrong specifications mentioned by FLIPKART

MacBook Pro 13-inch dual-core i5 2.5GHz/4GB/500GB/HD Graphics 4000/SD Just look at the resolution mentioned. This is not a retina display laptop. seems like trying to cheat customers specification mentioned is DISPLAY Screen Size 13 inch Resolution 2560 x 1600 pixel Screen Type LED-backlit Display with IPS Technology however Apple offers retina display in this model but the same is far more expensive and comes with flash memory MD212HN/A MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina dual-core i5 2.5GHz/8GB/128GB flash/HD Graphics 4000

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Just Go For It

I ordered on 24th December with in-a-day guarantee and got it the very next day on Christmas.nnnA quick edit on the specs:nnThe OS offered is Mountain Lion (10.8.3) not Lion (10.7) with a free upgrade to OS X Mavericks (10.9).nnnUser Experience:nnAll those Windows users, reluctant to changeover and think that Apple is just another elite brand asking too much for a low-spec laptop, just try once. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed with MacBook Pro. You have to use it to get acquainted with this amazing piece of technology and then you will definitely appreciate and love it.nnDifferent from Windows:nnOne cannot really explain in depth that how Apple is different from Windows laptops. One can make points of difference, tell you advantages/disadvantages; but once you start using it you will not feel going back to Windows ever again. I can tell you this for sure from my experience as I have been using the MacBook Pro for past 3 years and bought myself another this Christmas.nnJust Go For It.

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The deal is a steal

I have been a long time Mac user - from 2008, to be precise. It is no wonder that my past three laptops and a desktop have all been Mac's. And, being a world famous product, the review is not about the macbook pro at all. nnInstead, I want to just point out the advantages of this deal. A recent release (retina screen / SSD) Macbook Pro costs close to 1L. This mid 2012 system, new-in-box costs only 62000 INR on the other hand. If it seems like a bad compromise, these are the upgrades I did to my previous MBP (same machine bought at a deal from Croma): nnConverted the RAM to 16GB (yes - you read it right): 8500 INRnConverted the HDD to 512 GB SSD: 15000 INR. nnFor about 85,000 INR (including cost of the this macbook pro), I have a much better machine than I would get from buying a new in box retina display MBP with SSD (compare specs at 4GB RAM / 256GB SSD). Is the new product a bit thinner and a lot sexier? Yes. Is it worth 12GB less RAM, 256GB less Space, and 15000 INR more cost? It is debatable.nnIf you are in need of a reliable computer that can do office documentation as well as core programming; and you want it at a steal of a deal - close your eyes and go for it. This deserves the highest rating I would give for any product - 4 stars.

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