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Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A Ultrabook (Core i5 5th Gen/8 GB//MAC OS X Yosemite)
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User Reviews for Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A Ultrabook (Core i5 5th Gen/8 GB//MAC OS X Yosemite) Laptop

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Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A Ultrabook  (Core i5 5th Gen/8 GB//MAC OS X Yosemite)
Out of Stock
₹ 136,999
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Highend laptop,the best Macbook ever !! Got Great offer

I've used my early 2015 13" Retina MBP pretty intensively every day.I got 7% more off priced, check link - . I'm evaluating it relative to my 11" recent-year fully loaded MB Air and the most recent non-retina MB Pro, which I used for a year at work. nHere are my impressions of the 2015 rMBP so far, relative to these other Macbooks: n* Display nThis is the main reason I bought the rMBP and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It blows away every other Macbook's display except of course the 15" retina MB Pro. (The 15" Pro is too big and heavy for my needs, and is overdue for a refresh.) nn* Weight nThe 13" rMBP weighs 3.5 pounds. Whether that feels like a burden or a breeze will depend on what you're comparing it to. nI'm coming from a 2.4 pound 11" Macbook Air, which I brought with me almost everywhere, including to work every day. The extra pound of the 13" Pro is very noticeable. The weight of the pro was the only reason I hesitated choosing it over a 2015 MB Air. nFor me, the Pro's extra weight relative to the MB Air is a compromise I'm willing to make in order to have a much more powerful machine with a much better display. Plus, I no longer need to bring my laptop with me everywhere now; sometimes it's fine to just bring my iPad mini 2 and external keyboard. (It helps that MS Office is available on iPad now, and IMHO it's pretty good.) n* Force track pad nThe "force" part -- pressing the track pad harder to activate different features -- is not supported in most applications now, but more and more applications will support it in the coming year. Until that happens, it works great as a regular trackpad - better than the (already excellent) trackpad on previous MB Pros and Airs. I like using the new trackpad pretty well. But it's not a killer feature, and in the future when more apps take advantage of it it will probably be like having a third mouse button--handy, but hardly essential. n* Speed & Performance nThe 2015 rMBP has a newer generation of processor and graphics. Everything feels very fast, including bootup times, app startup, running apps, ripping music CDs, etc. That said, the 2014 model feels very fast, too, and I don't think most people will notice any speed improvements with the 2015 model over the 2014 model in normal everyday usage. nApple claims the 2015 model's flash SSD is twice as fast as the SSD in the 2014 model. Independent testing from professional review sites have verified this. However, in normal usage, I don't notice much difference - the SSD in last year's model is pretty dang fast. n* Battery life nApple claims 10 hours to a charge, compared with 9 hours on last year's model. Independent tests by professional reviewers largely support Apple's claim: reports 12 hours 4 minutes; gets 11 hours 10 minutes; CNET gets a whopping 15 hours 42 minutes. nThese figures are stellar, but the testing conditions are not realistic. In real-world usage, there are so many things that affect battery life. nDuring my first 10 days with this machine, I never got more than 8 hours and usually more like 7. After much research & diagnostics, including a visit to the Genius Bar, I tried what all of you reading this must think is the obvious thing to try: I turned down the screen brightness. It turns out that you get a couple extra hours of battery life on 50% brightness compared to 80% brightness. I can now get close to 10 hours, maybe a bit more. I *prefer* having the screen brightness at 80%, and often leave it there while running on battery as long as I know I won't be away from an outlet for more than 6 hours. But for those rare times when I do need maximum battery life, I know I can get it by dialing back screen brightness to 40-50%. n* Summary: should you buy one? nBuy a retina MB Pro instead of an Air if you want a MUCH better display, more connectivity, a more powerful system, and don't mind an extra 1/2 pound relative to the 13" MB Air (or full pound relative to the 11" Air). nIf you choose the 13" retina MBP, I'd encourage you to shop around for good deals on last year's model. It has the same excellent screen, keyboard, design, and same exact weight and dimensions. The 2014 model doesn't have the new force trackpad, but I think most people can easily live without this. The new 2015 model is slightly faster, but I think most people won't notice the differences in every day usage--I wouldn't. If you can save $300 by getting last year's model, that seems like a no-brainer to me. I didn't do it because I'm a teacher, and with my education discount at the Apple online store I got a 2015 model for about the same price as the best deal I could find on last year's model.

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MacBook Pro 2015

Being an Apple collector and a huge fan, l love the kind of technology they put into their products and the MacBook Pro 2015 is no exceptional. It has an amazing Retina Display and an glossy glass screen that looks so attractive that one can't get their eyes out of it. The one thing that is reinvented is the Trackpad, and I must say that they have again outclassed the competitors. The processors are superb. I ordered the 2.9 Ghz Dual Core Intel Core i5 with a flash storage of 512 GB and I must say that the flash storage and likely the processor makes the read and writes fast as ever. nnPricing might be high depending on the customers but whatever you put in, you get a product thats Apple and thats enough for one to know.nThe best Laptop you can buy!

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Discrepancy in the specification

If this is the top end 13" Retina Macbook Pro Early 2015 then the processor's clock speed should be 2.9Ghz and not 2.7Ghz like specified on the product details. Someone needs to correct that otherwise this is just a fake product.

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The perfect upgrade

I've been waiting for an upgrade and jus the perfect hardware one that suits my profession and rough usage.

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best in laptops

The product is very good and lightning fast. I have even purchased and installed Windows 10 in a different partition. This laptop now solves all purposes.nnNot meant for graphic intensive workflows as this laptop is not meant for gaming or any CAD operations.

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