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Asus ROG Phone 2
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Rs 40,999
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Asus ROG Phone 2
Out of Stock
₹ 40,999
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The phone every gamer MUST have!

Pros:n- The first point I would like to say is that this phone has excellent vibration motors. You got a precise and solid vibration feedback when typing or gaming.n- The screen is beautiful! You have an option to adjust the color saturation for those people who like vibrant reds.n- Absolutely love the air triggers! The feedback from air triggers is lag-less and very precise.n- The battery OMG! I don't even need to say anything about this one!😂 It takes slightly over 2 hours for a full charge using the 18W charger that comes out of the box.n- Never before have I used the phone speakers when gaming or watching movies due to the bad speaker quality of my previous phones. However, this will change because ROG phone 2 has some awesome amplifiers. The speakers are not just loud, but it's incredibly clear as well for a smartphone!n- The aura lighting on the RGB logo actually looks good! You can configure how the aura lighting will behave when you are doing different activities like gaming, listening to music, just with phone on-screen, etc.n- Armory crate is awesome. It gives a whole lot of customisation options which includes the option to record your gameplay and much more.n- The camera turned out to be better than I expected for a gaming smartphone.n- The network connectivity and reception is better than average .nnCons:n- The fingerprint sensor is a bit slower than my OP3. However, I would like to point out that the difference is just a few milliseconds and it does not actually "miss" the fingerprint recognition like some of the youtubers are showcasing online. Man, just place your finger properly in the designated fingerprint area!n- The packaged Aero case "looks good". But that's it. The phone will crack if it falls from waist level height even with the aero case on it. This case seemed to be purely for fashion. I tried to look online on how I can buy the lighting Armor case for ROG phone 2 in India but couldn't find anything substantial expect the Chinese varient lightning Armor case sold by giztop. I hope asus starts selling the lighting Armor case in India as well.n- I wish we could configure profiles for the always on screen. For example, the always on screen display should turn off automatically at night. Such a setting could be very useful.n- You might consider a different phone if you are that "photographer" dude. The camera is very good, but certainly not be best in the flagship industry. n- The phone comes with an 18W fast charger. If you need the super fast 30W charger then you need to get it seperately. However, do remember that the 30W super fast charging will result in more cycles of battery wear. A moderate charging speed of 18W is actually the best compromise between charging speed and battery lifespan. But you will surely miss the Dash/Warp charging of OnePlus!😂

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Good choice

To be honest read many reviews saying u get 2 days battery backup on moderate usage, some say if Ur very heavy gamer u get easily 1 day battery backup.nnI did multiple full battery charge n got roughly 5 to 6 hours screen time after heavy gaming ,and around 12 hours to 16 hours of battery backup if Ur moderate gamer.nnpersonaly speaking u don't get 2 days battery backup secondly if Ur very heavy gamer u get roughly 5 to 6 hours screen timennphone is huge n has lot of weight please check thisnnphone gets hot many times very hot when u play with max settings nnu need to buy air cooler 2 must for sustained gaming n frame ratennprotection wise armour cover is just feel bad Asus has not yet released Armor casennbuying fast charger is required toonnover all great product for gamers do note battery backup under extreme gaming u get 5 hours appx battery backupnnphone is big n bulkynnaudio is greatnncamera good not greatnndisplay is superbnndid lot of research before buying n before posting my review don't blindly following reviews on net check customer reviews to know more reliable information on actual product usage.

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Got this NEXT LEVEL Flagship killer beast in its first ever flipkart Big Billion Day sale.. 🔥 🔥 🔥 What a tremendous speed 😈😈😈

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nice product in bast price first time from ASUS awesome . full detail after 15 day use

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Best in the market!

Beast of a phone. This is how a gaming phone should be. Non-gamers and gamers both will enjoy this phone. It is heavy and the display is tall but you will start living with this device. You will be okay in a couple of days. That's the only bothering aspect. But this size factor has a lot of positives to it. - The dual stereo firing speakers add the oomph factor while watching movies and playing games. - Perfect display for watching movies and reading. The battery lasts for 2 days of mixed use of gaming, playing videos and audio, browsing, and normal usage. This is a premium device, no one can argue that. Camera is good but adding Google GCam will enhance the camera capabilities. Heavy customization done by Asus in the software UI department. I love it better than Oxygen OS in terms of additional customization. But I hate the always on lockscreen display (it doesn't show that many notifications). Audio output is really good. Here comes the biggest feature of them all - the 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone blazes itself once it starts entering that mode. The gaming X mode adds more oomph to the superspeed. RAM management and speed is really good. Multitasking is really good. Fast, faster and fastest. The 18W charger does justice to the fast charging. But the 30 W charger will add more speed to the charging. I tested 30W Dash charging to this device. It charges the device very slowly. The best device I've ever used.

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