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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL
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Rs 8,499
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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL
Out of Stock
₹ 8,499
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A Zensational smartphone...

Firstly thanks to flipkart for their speedy delivery... no issues here..nnNow coming to the phone...nnOne word Marvelous ... truly a quality product from ASUS. I went through a lot of reviews , many youtube videos etc. and finally decided to hit the BUY button , and i'm more than happy that i did it. nnThe PROS :nn1. The looks - Fantastic looks for a 10k phone , its built well and the white back for the black front looks mature and far better than those cheap plastic lenovos, yurekas etc..... 10/10nn2. The screen - 5.5" with gorilla glass 4.. more than enough and even though its 720p it is sharp enough and bright with very good viewing angles and the touch response is smooth and accurate.... 10/10nn3. The performance - Has a snapdragon 410 1.21 ghz soc , snappy performance - smooth game play ,no lags in usual day to day tasks , 800 to 900mb ram always free , 10.8gb internal space available for usage and sd card can be added ,no issues with the performance in any way... 9.5/10. nn4.The camera - Very good camera with lots of settings and modes (manual mode, beautification, HDR , time lapse , time rewind , low light mode and many more).. Image quality is amazing in good lighting conditions and quite good in indoors as well (sometimes grainy in indoors but not a major issue), laser auto focus is really fast and focuses accurately, video recording is very good and what do i say about the front cam... simply superb for selfies with good color reproduction... so 8.5/10 for camera.nn5. The audio - Some guys were telling speaker volume is low... i think they were expecting a subwoofer or something... come on guys the speaker is crystal clear and loud enough for call ringtones , songs and video playback. And coming to the audio through headphones -- MARVELOUS... connect any good headphone and you will enter into a new world of music.... 10/10.nn6. The connectivity - Dual 4g sims and airtel 4g works fine no problems at all, wifi , bluetooth , all is well and call quality is clear and distortion free... 10/10.nn7. The Fuel tank - The battery backup is superb -- n --only calls and sms (2 days).n --3g/4g internet with whatsapp, fb, browsing , light gaming (1-1.5 days).n -- heavy usage (8-10 hrs easily)...n 10/10 for battery. but the charger is a 1 amp unit so takes some time to charge.nn8. The UI- smooth ,snappy and tons of features... font color ,font style ,themes ,icon packs , wallpapers , double tap to wake/sleep, gestures to launch apps, one handed mode..... and blah blah blah..... nnThe CONSnn1. No cons actually according to me and don't get me wrong that i'm exaggerating or something... the phone IS REALLY GOOD for 9999... ( will update if any cons found with usage)..nnThanks for reading, hope it helps.

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is Sensational in appearance and thrilling in effect

Guys I guess I was the first one to preorder this phone but I received it a little late. From past 6 days I am using this spectacular demon and till now I am unable to find even one trait in it. I have compared all the phones in this price range and am assured no other phone can come close to Zenfone Laser’s design and this phone has surpassed all limits, display is crystal clear, call quality and signal reception is excellent and I did not have any problem in getting signals and making calls from my home where cell signals are pretty weak. Zen UI has hell lot of features and it is lavishly elegant and is a delight to use. This phone does not look like a 10,000 rupee phone and it appears to be a much superior phone and can easily be compared with other brand flagship phones and I’m very much impressed by its performance. nnI am not into gaming so i have no idea on gaming performance. This whizz is super performer for browsing and video streaming. I have watched youtube videos for hours, and there is no lagging, buffering or heating problem. The Gorilla Glass display is really stunning, even the top model phones do not feature Gorilla Glass protection. Thanks to Asus for providing Gorilla glass 4 for this budget phone. Clarity of pictures taken from rare camera is amazing and it captures high resolution pictures without shutter lag. dual LED tone flash with laser autofocus is icing on the cake. Pictures taken in low light are also very good. There are many more features in camera which I am yet to explore. Now coming to battery life, this phone is powered with 3000 mAh battery and for heavy users it will definitely last for more than a day and for moderate users like me it will last atleast 2 days. I watched a full 2 ½ hours movie and I talked for more than 2 hours on IMO and it consumed only 22% of battery. First time I charged the phone and I noticed the adapter became very hot but that was only for the first time. Since then there is no heating problem. Even after heavy usage there is no heating problem.nnOverall this is a very good deal with all these amazing features and at this price this is more than a best deal we could get. My recommendation to anyone who want to buy this spectacular demon – go for it!!!nnI am rating 10 stars to this phone, 5 stars here *****and the remaining 5 on the comments rating.nnVinay kumar you have fixed wrong tempered glass on your phone and it has blocked the proximity sensor which is on the left side of the earpiece and is invisible to our naked eyes. Just remove that tempered glass and fix the correct one and your problem will be solved.

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Awesome Phone in 10 K

The phone looks quite good with the price range. The display is awesome and the battery backup is good. The ZEN UI is too awesome. However the UI might use some of the ram. My sincere request is to update the phone. We get around 800 - 900 mb free ram and things work quite smooth with the available ram. Coming to camera in daylight it captures good photos however in low light the picture is little granular. i guess its the same with other phone not to mention it is a 10 K phone. So i would say its a nice phone with good display in 10K.

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Spectacular phone with minor glitches.

The phone is a dual sim which comes with a removable battery. No earphones provided in the box. Now coming to the good and the bad of the phone - nnTHE GOOD:n==========n1) Display: Colour reproduction is vivid. No pixellation evident even if keenly observed even though it is a 720p screen. Viewing angles are also good. Overall, a great display. n2) Battery Life: One word - incredible. Will easily last 1.5 days with moderate usage. Will get you through 2 full days if used judiciously. n3) Design and Styling: The phone really looks gorgeous. Looks way better than the other phones in its price segment. The product description pics do no justice. Build quality is fabulous. The phone looks and feels very premium.n4) Zen UI: Both visually appealing and functionally competent. Has good options for customization. Well thought out and well designed UI. n5) Performance: No lag whatsoever even though it is a quad core chipset. n6) Updates : Asus appears committed to deliver a phenomenal after sales support. Receiving updates/improvements through OTA updates consistently. Very likely that it will receive Android 6.0 update.nnTHE BAD:n=========n1) Camera: The USP of this phone is its Laser Autofocus camera, but sadly the camera turns out to be below par at best. The images appear grainy & slightly out of focus and the colors in the images washed out. Does the job for an occasional photo or scan but don't go for this phone if camera is your top priority.n2) Speaker: Maximum volume out from the speaker is slightly low. Shouldn't be a problem though. Audio quality in the headphones is good. nnOverall a spectacular phone barring the camera. A great value proposition in all.nnP.S. : GPS using satellite only was not working (positioning though was working through cellular triangulation albeit with less accuracy). Got a replacement only to find the same problem again. Returned it,got a refund & re-ordered. It works perfectly in the third piece.

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A phone worth Appreciation !!

Hey Folks,nA bit more in this whole package than what you expect. I ordered this phone after watching a lot of reviews both +ve and -ve. And finally decided to buy it seeing its gaming performance. I had been running on my sluggish Moto G2 for quite sometime and was actually bored of the UI and the lags. Although I flashed CM12.1 on it and it was fabulous there after, but the same laginess had got me on my nerves. nnI had compared Lenovo K3 note, Moto G3 and this one side by side and finally decided to go with this. All comes with almost the same hardware with bit of a difference, but Moto G3 was ruled out of my scope, Lenovo K3 Note have that dull looking screen and MediaTek proccessor and this one got a clear edge in my comparison bcz of the bigger battery, better screen viewing angle, great touch response screen, a Moto G3 matching snapdragon 410 chipset and an award winning design.nnHere are few of my comments for this phone.nnstarting with CONS :-n1- A lot of bloatwares, you get a storage of 10.8/16 GB here. But I found a way to remove few of them by going in Settings->App->Uninstall Updates->Uninstall. Also few ASUS specific can't be removed. But many of them are quite useful, like the file manager, Notes, whether, minimovie, memo, supernotes. You can use them in place of downloading an alternate from play store.nn2- 1 out of 2 GB ram is always in use. That doesn't slow the device though.nn3- Fast charging option. I put a turbo charger and the touch was gone. recommendation - do not use a turbo charger. It takes around 3 hours to charge 90% of the battery.nn4- No Headphones. But then who use these headphones. I had never used Moto G2 and X2 headphone either.nnso thats all I can see as a con, which definitely is not that big.nnand here are the PROs.nn1- A very beautifully designed phone. Sleek and lightweight. nn2- the HD screen is awesome. Viewing angle is tremendous. A very very responsive touch. My Moto G2 use to cry when I use it while putting on a flat surface, it took lot of effort in writing something on that. This one is awesome. Using the phone by holding it in hands or putting on bed, table anywhere no difficulty at all.n n3- Games run like hell smooth. I installed Dead trigger 2 (~600 MB), Asphalt 8 (~1.6 GB), Reptite 2, Mortal Combat 5, Gaurdians of the sky, Subway surf and few other small games. I had not got a single lag till date. This is what I bought it for. Also to manage the space you can all the game related data on your SD card and can move few of the games too. You can use Auto Start Manager app in the phone to curb the use of RAM. This was of great help.nn4- Battery is awesome. Simply better than Moto G2,G3, Lenovo K3. Gives fairly 1.5 days of backup with Whatsapp, FB and calls and around 8 hours with fair amount of gaming, 6 hours of continous Youtube. To test I played Asphalt 8 and it last 4 hours of continous play time, That was awesome.nn5- Zen UI is a pleasure to use, provided when you come from a pure and boring android lollopop. You have to just run yourself through all of its features once and you are done. After that you use it to your ease. I guess the UI eats a lot of the phone memory as its highly customizing. Not sure though.nn6- You will never use power button if you use double tap function. Till date I had used just once to boot my phone for the very first time.. :)nn7- Volume rocker has a great placement. Although it took sometime to figure out where it is. That placement had made the phone more slimmer.nn8- Phone is lighter as expected. I hate bulkier phones. It feels more comfortable than Moto Phones.nn9- Finally Camera is a delight in good light condition, but low light images are poor. Moto G3 have an edge for low light shots. Laser auto focus is very very fast, manual focus takes a fraction of more, but images comes crisp and clear. You have got many modes too. Front cam is cool too. Beautiful works like butter and will make sure no pimples are visible. A GOOD PICK FOR SELFIE LADIES over there. Transition via Camera to Gallery is bit sluggish,a lag of 2 seconds I will say. But rest all is good.nnThis is all for it. Now coming to the price point, this phone does give all you can get in 10K. nnA good pick for those who love gaming, for selfie lovers and who love bit of customization. Everything is in the phone and you don't have to download any third party app, just that you need to give bit of time to get through the features.nn4.8/5 stars from me.

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