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Asus Zenfone 2 4GB RAM 64GB 2.3Ghz
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Rs 22,999
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User Reviews for Asus Zenfone 2 4GB RAM 64GB 2.3Ghz

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Asus Zenfone 2 4GB RAM 64GB 2.3Ghz
Out of Stock
₹ 22,999
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BUYERS BEWARE I bought an asus zenfone-2 couple of months back, from the first day it was having several issues like call drops, recurrent freezing, reboot on its own. One day the phone suddenly stopped getting charged so I decided to go to asus repair centre… Though I was busy that day I was forced to stay back because they wanted to make sure there is no customer induced damage and they told me it was supposed to be done in front of customer, so they removed the back cover, opened up the back panel in front of me and had an extensive examination in front of me, and then they said that since there is no customer induced damage it is covered under warranty, then they took out a printed charge sheet wrote their inspection and diagnosis and signed it and gave it to me,(RMA NO – INYM580128) and I was promised it will be repaired soon. For one week the phone was in their custody and after one week they suddenly called me up and told me phone has suffered water damage, so warranty will not be given, I was dumbstruck to hear this and then I went to the repair centre and they opened the back panel again and the inside was splashed with water, seems like something done purposefully, and when I told him this was not the condition when you opened it in front of me at the time of submission. The guy got angry and retorted “ I don’t know anything, just take away your phone from here, I don’t have any responsibility ” I was taken aback by the reply and to be frank I was a bit scared. I just ran away from there called up the customer service and explained everything in detail, but even they are not ready to acknowledge their mistake and was telling me to pay up. WHAT ABOUT THE CHARGESHEET GIVEN TO ME AFTER OPENING AND EXAMINING THE BACK PANEL AND BACK COVER RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, IT WAS GIVEN AFTER THOROUGH EXAMINATION AND THERE WAS NO TRACE OF ANY WATER DAMAGE, AND AFTER ONE WEEK IN THEIR CUSTODY THE INSIDE HAS BEEN SPLASHED WITH WATER. IF THEY COULD AT LEAST GIVE THE PHONE BACK IN THE CONDITION IN WHICH I GAVE THEM I WOULD HAVE REPAIRED IT FROM OTHER CENTRE BUT I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH THAT PHONE, THE INSIDE HAS BEEN SPLASHED WITH WATER, I DON’T KNOW WHETHER IT IS PURPOSEFUL OR ACCIDENTAL. ANYWAY I LOST MY MONEY AND MY PHONE AND DEFINITELY I DON’T TRUST THESE ASUS PEOPLE ANY MORE. I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE ELSE WILL FALL PREY TO THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCTS AND IRRESPONSIBLE SERVICE.

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A Mature review

I have been seeing a lot of negative reviews about this phone Zenfone 2. I own 4 GB RAM, 32 GB 2.3 GHz version, and let me tell u honestly, the phone is decent and is very good for its price.Let me clarify the issues raised by most of the dissatisfied people:- n1. Excessive Heating while charging:- This phone uses fast charging technology which can charge yr phone fully within1.5 hr!.It uses a 2.1 A charger. So some amount of body heating is normal. Even Redmi Note heats up in the same way( I have one). n2. Bad Rear Camera. So untrue!. the camera is very very good. It comes with so many modes and gives you so much freedom to select your shot.. u will realize only when u buy it. If people are photographically challenged, one can't help them.Yes, Zoom quality is not exceptional as it is only digital zoom. for this price, don't ask for moon! n3. Poor Battery Performance. People who have complained haven't mentioned under what circumstances they have used the phone. That is, with wifi continuously on or with brightness at full etc. Let me give you the correct input.. Without wifi on but with 3G always on , with brightness at 70% and auto brightness on, this battery lasts full 20 hours with moderate usage of internet. With continuous wifi on, it lasts 10- 12 hrs with heavy usage of data. In ultra saving mode,overnight idle consumption is just 1-2% and in optimized mode its just about 4-6%. In my Redmi Note, the battery performance is little better, but the point to be noted is Redmi is HD and this phone is FHD. One of my friend has HTC M8. Its battery also lasts about same. Hence battery is very good. Ignore peoples' crib about the battery. n4. Excessive Bloat ware. Again so untrue. Please note that Zen UI is heavily tweaked. It has many apps of its own which are meant for versatile usage. Only unsolicited apps I found were trip-adviser,, zenio, amazon kindle and 50+ games. rest all very useful, that is if u know how to use them. n5. Excessive RAM usage. 4 GB RAM is great, But any time about 1.5- 1.8 GB free RAM is available which is more than necessary for any fast processing activity. Just because it has 4 GB RAM, to expect all of it to be available is so stupid. More over, it has a great app called Auto Start Manager which is akin to Greenify. It allows u t o control which app to run in background and which one to go to hibernate. nnI have not highlighted any of its unique features such as 4 GB RAM and Intel processor and all. U have already read them in other reviews. I just wanted to inform u about the complaints by many users due to half baked knowledge. This phone surely doesn't deserve any of them. nnIf u r looking for a decent phone at a very reasonable price...just go for it. I give full 5 stars. I had zenfone 5 also. There I gave only 4 stars due to its poor battery. Here all the shortcomings of ZF5 have been looked into. Hence 5 Stars. nnUPDATE TO MY REVIEW ( 04 Jun 15). I am sorry, my review of this product giving 5 stars was not so mature. Now after using the phone for one month, I have come to the conclusion that the phone is full of bugs! I will explain. n1. Battery drain. Initially, the battery was decent. But after update, the battery drain has become a big headache. Full charge lasts about 8 hrs. Internet is full of battery complaints. nn2. Audio lag while playing video. This is a horrible problem. I am just not able to enjoy the video due to audio video sync issue. if u stop the video and re-run, it becomes ok. Many people have complained. See Zentalk page. n3. Call drop. Call drops frequently. Antenna sensitivity is not up to the mark. This I can say with confidence because I stay in an area where network strength is a bit tricky. I had a karbonn earlier which had this network issue. But my Redmi note is excellent. This phone again is weak in network strength. ( Both Redmi note and Asus have same airtel connection). n4. Misc complaints. I have read many complaints about no direct usb connectivity to the PC, PC link and file share not working, heat up isues, having to do many software tweaks such as system cache cleaning by a complicated process etc... nOverall, I can say, the phone has been released without developing the OS properly. The phone is a beast spec-wise and performance wise. But with a battery lasting just about 6-7 hours and a lagging audio video and host of other problems, this just proves one thing, Asus may be a giant in hardware, but they are still dwarfs as far as software is concerned i certainly do not recommend it now.nUPDATE AS ON 18 JUN 15. Yes, this phone had many bugs. But Asus is sincerely trying to address them. We receive updates once in every 3-4 days. Most of the bugs have been resolved. For the commitment of Asus to address the problems of consumers and the performance of this beast of a phone, I add 2 more stars to 4.

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Asus 2 a bad experience

Zenfone 2 a flagship Phablet killer from Asus...... does it really a flagship product from Asus. I had been waiting form last 4 month when it was not even announced. I was so obsessed... keep counting days.Finally i received it after a week of launch date. Initially i was very happy with its performance (Smooth touch,gr8 display with its 403 ppi resolution) but after using it for a week or two i start facing so many problem. It has so many critical issues which i want to share with everyone.nnPros-n1) Gr8 Display compared it with 40k htc m8.n2) UI is good.n3) Camera is not a concern for me.nnCons-n1) Music lags with multitasking it happens every time (did anyone face the same prob ? ... its really a very serious problem with this phone... where as i didn't feel any lagging while playing heavy games like mortal combat,fifa 2015,death trigar n2) Call quality is worse with call drop about 10 times in a need to push it hard on your ears to listen something.n3) No earphones though they are providing handset with Asus zenfone 5 they should provide it with this phone also as their is a huge price difference between two.n4) Proximity sensor stop working afterwards no light signal is coming up while charging.n5) Pathetic Charging with USB or any other portable charger.n6) Last and most problematic issue with this phone as display goes black during phone calls and it doesn't turn on until i use its power button ...i did lots of RnD with settings but nothing worked out....i don''t know as its a hardware / software problem.nnNeed to talk to Flipkart for replacement.

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A complete Honest Review.

Ok I am in awe of Asus products so I always tend to buy them .nI had Zenfone 5 first, which I sold for 7000, because I was tempted to buy this one. nnPLUS POINTS : n1. SCREEN RESOLUTION:n Full HD ! Smooth Smooth Smooth !I can hardly take my fingers off the screen! nn2. RAM:n 4 gb RAM ! Ok So after vigorous testing , I found that 2gb is more than enough. But 4gb in 18k(after cancelling out the VAT) is really good.nn3. CAMERA:n Camera is perfect with no glitch at all (This is after the update).And this goes for front as well as back!You can check the sample Pics online for proof! For People saying camera is not good at all :I disagree, obviously its not overboard but for that I would like to say that it ain't a Camera centric phone.If you compare Nikon camera (of 4k) and this, obviously Nikon camera would give you an outstanding output coz the device focuses 'solely' on camera.Nevertheless I found Zenfone 2's Camera awesome!nn4. 18W CHARGER:n As promised, It charges around 60% in 40 minutes. That's for sure ! nn5. SOUND:n The sound quality is really high with headphones on ,beats are clear which was not that promising in Zenfone 5.nn6. UI:n The UI is really better than others . The dropdown menus are really easy to access unlike others.. nn7. UPDATES:n Trust me guys, ASUS people are really working hard. They give updates every week and the updates actually work! I found battery to be draining 'a lot' but after the update, it's relatively fine.nn8. TRANSFER SPEED: n I tested this with fully loaded 64gb memory card and Viola ! It worked with no hangs (unlike Samsung)!nn9. 4G : n Ok we all know in few days , even 3G would be outdated.So Yeah,a plus pont for Asus.nn10.HARD BACK PLASTIC: n The back is amazing! This is the first time,I didn't buy any back cover but a transparent one just to retain the silver color ! nn11. HANGING:n No hangs ! Nothing ! I tested with 107 apps/games with heavy RAM usages running in the background. If u want a phone which doesn't hang at all, then Zenfone 2 is for you! nn12. 100 GB GOOGLE DRIVE STORAGE: n Usually you get 15 GB with google drive , but asus gives you 100GB when you first sign up! nn12. INTEL:n Boss, it's Intel! What more can you ask for! 64-bit Intel,clocked at 2.3 GHz,G6430 GPU. Wow! nn13. THIN:n Remarkably thin! nn14. TRICKS : lol I fanatically scribbled 'C' on lock screen and camera popped out. So yup many surprise sure to come! nnnMINUS POINTS :n1. NO INTERNET ON SIM2: n Ok that's like a howler from ASUS ! Seriously ASUS?!nn2. HEATING DURING CHARGING: n Although it did carry out it's promise of fast charging but it heats a lot during charging due to 18W. After the update, I found lesser heating issues but still some heating issues are there, I won't lie.nn3. CAMERA : n As said, camera is awesome , but for Camera lovers, it's not upto the mark. I compared samsung's 16MP with this, I found this better. My friend, a photographer found the camera descent but not superficial.nn4. RAM LEAKS : n Although, the phone does not hang at all even during multiple apps being run in the background, but there are RAM gloats. At first,when I bought, it was displaying only 1 GB ram available . I was like What the fuck! But after the ASUS updates, it showed 2.7GB RAM available..According to me after force stopping 'all' the apps, the remaining RAM must have been >3GB. But sadly it's not.But that would likely be fixed in the 5.1 lollipop update as it's said that Lollipop 5.0 is buugy..nn5. SPEAKER: Being honest here, the speaker ain't that loud. nn6. NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY: Yup battery can't be replaced.nn7. BACK COVER HARD TO REMOVE: It took me 5 minutes to take it out lol. Minor issue though ..nnnSOME TIPS:n1. Please let your phone drain to 0% for the 1st time . Then charge it to 100 % and keep for 15-20 minutes more. That would improve the battery life to some extent.nn2. Do factory reset 1st ! It's mandatory otherwise you might get errors like 'Unfortunately the app has stopped working'..nn3. Install the Updates 1st and then use.. After getting reviews from Users, ASUS was quick enough to solve the problems even after the release !..nn4. Disable or uninstall built-in apps which are useless.Fortunately, ASUS doesn't provide you with useless and 'uninstallable' apps.nn5. Battery would be draining at 1st but later it would improve. So don't worry too much. 2 times a day is good enough for me though.nn6. Use Auto Manager to lessen the access to background apps.nnP.S : With final thoughts I would say that if the battery issue is solved ,Zenfone 2 would surely give a big run for other biggies! nnnOk with this, I congrats you all if you go with Zenfone 2..If I found any other points, I would add to this post.nAnd as usual , faster delivery by FLIPKART. Good work. Keep going..

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Good Looks But Very Troublesome....Do NOT buy as of now

I am using this phone for 7 days some very critical issues which take away its good look features. First, very high call drops, in my case its 95%. Call would drop within 2-3 mnutes….in few cases where call could go to 15-20 minutes call quality would deteriorate very badly…. intermittently voice from other side is NOT clearly audible. Background disturbance. There is NO network issue as same sim is working fine with my previous I-phone 4s. The 2nd issue is heating. The phone is heating up significantly, though not burning ….but you can feel it…it heats on charging, using internet, Even for 30 minutes 3rd...As many other reviewers have pointed out…you cannot use internet on 2nd sim slot…its purely a call base sim slot. 4th Takes very long time to charge. Overall considering price of Rs15000; these very serious problems on this phone and that’s bad if it happens from a company like ASUS. I would recommended to buy this phone once these issues are resolved.

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