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Blackberry 9720
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Pls..If u want to compare a BB with android and ios or windows kill yourself.nn1. RAM : nLearn that every OS uses a specific amount of RAM for the performance..Nokia has only 512mb RAM for its devices upto 20000. WHY? because Windows uses only that level of ram, whereas an android even if it has 1Gb ram sometimes get struck. So, 512 MB RAM is good enough for a BB OS platform..I've used all platforms and yes there is no problem with 512MB ram. u can peacefully multitask.nn2. ProcessornYes,the processor is a Tag less..but works flawlessly.nn3. BB os 7.nMost of the people who use prefer OS 7 as it gives you more security and u can use unlimited internet for 400rs now it's 1gb for 129 on many platforms. OS 10 gives you android apps the features have to be altered and so unlimited internet cannot be given to OS 10.. Even though 10 is a touch advanced..there are many benefits with OS 7. U will know if u use a BB with OS 7 and OS 10.nn4. Apps.nnAn android Facebook uses 17MB of ur internal memory and occupies more RAM.nA blackberry Facebook app uses only 3MB of internal memory. nSo please dont complain about internal memory or RAM,. It is a mere platform difference.nn5. GamesnThis brand is not for please stayaway.nn6.FeelnFeel the QWERTY and see it's magic. Typing feast.nnPlease try to respect every brand and dont compare with androids and other platforms as BB stands out in many aspects and gives you a better feel of a smartphone..nAndroid requires high specs to run smoothly..u can only find a decent android for 10k not less than that..most of them are cheap if under the 10k segment although they work fine ..there is no guarantee. BB Is a global brand known for its compact mobiles although slightly costly..nnLearn things before generally commenting and comparing, just because it has a higher specification does not mean it is better, may be its because it needs it to work..and having a low specification does not mean its crap, may be it's only because it's needs less..

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Finally a good BlackBerry!

I bought this phone about month ago, though not from Flipkart. I have used a BB 9790, 9900 and Curve 3G before, and this has surely been the best till now. It has the following features:nn1. Touchscreen - best touchscreen i have used.n2. Qwerty keyboard - is a straight keyboard unlike the other curved ones, and spaced out keys that makes in very easy to type. The keyboard is identical to the one on q5.n3. FM - has an inbuilt radio.n4. 5 MP camera - not too great.n6. 1450 mAh battery - lasts an entire day with 3g... excellent.n7. I like the build quality and the cover at the back has an amazing design making it very easy to grip.n8. Finally the price is what attracted me... I am a bbm user and for 16k there is no bb as good as this with these specsnnSo finally, if u like a good well built phone, that looks amazing, is moderately fast, provides good social networking... then this is the phone for u !

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Fantastic phone for corporate use

If you are planning to use this phone as an entertainment device or to play games, why are you even in a blackberry page!! move on to android. This phone was given to me by my office and I use it to stay in touch with work emails. A fabulous piece of kit! The battery stays on for more than 36hours in 3G, I receive all mails in an instant, amazing QWERTY keyboard and fast messaging.nnI have never used a blackberry before and I disliked QWERTY until I started using this. I stopped using my Android after using this one. The preinstalled fb doesn't hang or lag and is better than my android app. If you have used a blackberry before, you will love this.nnIf you are a teenager or android fanboy, stayaway. Amazing phone to make calls, check emails, browse internet and send sms.

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pros-: n 1. long battery backup.n 2. Wifi Mobile Hotspotn 3. Bluetoothn 4. A-GPSn 5. 806 Mhz processorn 6. BB OS 7.1n 7. 5 MP cam with EDOFn 8. A-GPS, Autonomous, with Google Mapsn 9. BBM Key and BBM Voice,n 10. 7.2 Mbps HSDPA; 5.76 Mbps HSUPAn n & lastn the qwerty keyboard..(it's amazing)n recommended product for BB lovers...

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Awesome Phone

Firstly, this is BlackBerry. The phone is awesome and superlight. Using for sometime now and falling in love everyday with my phone. This is my first BlackBerry and I already like the BB OS7.1.nnNote: I have been a Nokia Symbian user, Lumia user, Android user for some years now.nnNow the Phone Features:nDesign (4.5/5)- Very good. Easy to hold in small hands also. Looks awesome in hand.nnPerformance (4.0/5)- It is a communications device and not an 'APPnGAME-ready' like android phones. If you simply want a good stylish phone that can add to your personality which you want to use for calls and SMS and keep your APP-hunger to Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Weather and Email only then this one is for you. Rarely lags if you are installing more apps coz of 512 RAM.nnBattery (4.8/5)- With only 1450mAh, it runs like a horse even with wifi on. It's good. Gives me more than a day with calls, SMS, weather app, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Email on wifi. Yeah, I also post to Flickr and Google Drive using the BB browser. I also use the Vodafone 3G on it (Email, Twitter and Fb app won't run on 3G, you need to login through BB Browser) while using 3G.nnKeyboard (4.7/5)- It is as smooth as it can be. Easy to type. Gives a comfort feel and you won't think about any other phone, not even touchphone querty on Androids.nnCall Quality (5.0/5)- Best experience I've ever had. Clear sound, like the person is speaking in your ear in a silent room. I love it. This is the thing that brought me to BB.nnMessage Notification (4.8/5)- It is really good with different colors for different notifications.nnTouchscreen (4.5/5)- Awesome. Smooth.nnCamera (4.4/5)- Who needs a professional camera in a phone? The camera takes awesome pictures in Daylight and nice ones in the evening.nnFlash (3.0/5)- Flash is good but I gave 3.0/5 coz of it's yellowish nature.nnInternet (4.0/5)- EDGE Support is good and 3G is also okay. I used my BB as modem in my PC while using Vodafone 3G. It gave more than 6Mbps download speed and more than 3Mbps for upload.nnProximity Sensor (4.5/5)- It works great and lights up the phone for taking notes while in call.nnOverall I will rate the phone 4.5 out of 5.nnFlipkart - Package was awesome and fast delivery as usual by ekart from Flipkart.

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