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Blackberry Z30 (A10)
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Blackberry Z30 (A10)
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If you are comparing BB10 with Andriod, Windows or iOS then please read the following reviews. nnA smartphone is the one which satisfy all your needs without kill your daily routine. Blackberry is first smartphone maker long before Apple and Andriod which actually provide service without any glitch. Fact state that still there are many BBOS 2 , 3, 4 ,5 ,6 user in world . You must have seen BB flip phone which are actually discontinue for years.This is due to blackberry high self life of 5 years or more and support even after discontinuing of production.( please tell at least 10 out of thousand andriod phone which have such high self life) . Now let check Z30.nnn1. OS - its smooth , quick and upgradable to latest and upcoming os and free from crashes. Fact if Andriod crash 3 times and apple crash 1 and than BB 0 in a given year.( please tell at least 10 out of thousand andriod phone which will be upgrade to latest OS and upcoming os within 1 month of its release.) Don't listen to people who say it is hard to learn , believe me people who use andriod actaully don't know how to use it fully. Even iphone is hard to learn . nn2. Screen - 5 inch and made in such a way that it can be use by single hand. (Please note anti blackberry reviewers don't write this in there review)nn3. Apps - Blackberry provide most of its apps by building itself- Facebook, Twitter, weather , office documents, calender, Whatsapp , bbm , adobe reader, dropbox, compass, print, gtalk, yahoo messengers, password keeper, , travel, microsoft one drive and so on. This is done to protect users data to get free from snoopers. Now you download any extra app from amazon to bb. BB now allow andriod apps on there os. Please use only Amazon becuase after Apple and BB only Amazon makes multi check for malware apps before releasing. All beast developer like EA , Gameloft and even Rovio have there games for BBOS for Blackberry world itself. So virtually there is no term call ' lack of apps'. Every app is optimise for Z30 thus no compatibility issue.nn4. Camera- if you think greater MP means greater picture quality then please read this. MP actaully means zooms , so higher MP means higher zoom. Remember Nokia 41MP camera add , it was actaully about zooming not quality. Camera of mobile depends on sensors .Check of camera quality of iphone 8MP and HTC 4 MP and any high MP camera you will find HTC wins!! If want to zoom buy standlone camera instead . Please don't look for camera in phone they don't stand a chance against standlone camera. Z30 camera is just good . Front camera need is just 1 MP but BB give 2MP which is great for Selfie. nn5. Self life- as said atleast hope for 3 years.nn6. Processors and RAM- Andriod phone need atleast 2 GB RAM to run wild. iPhone 5s run on 1 GB , so all those reviews who like high RAM phone they will hate iphone 5s . Will you too ?? RAM depends on phone OS . Blackberry gove high RAM to support and run its high end games. You can download high end games on any andriod phone but cannot run them because it will kill the phone. nn7. Data - 16 GB is more than too much .nn8. Speaker - Best of Best Speakers among all phones . Cannot believe me check Youtube. nnPlease respect every brand. Blackberry has done mistake in past but everyone needs a second chances.

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BB will Rise Again & This BB Z30 is the Proof! One of the Best Smartphone Available Today.

There were times when BB (RIM) committed blunders and also things were against them. Time & again media have written them off saying BB wont see the ray of next dawn. However, BB kept on fighting & ultimately came with the BB Z10 phone. It was indeed a great phone but the pricing was really very ridiculous and bad which do not go well with customers. Had they priced it (Z10) reasonably/properly their story would have been different. Though critics, analysts & reviewers like the phone but media bashed BB like anything mostly for the unreasonable price tag and the end result was a Billion Dollar loss.nnHowever, with BB Z10 & Q10 BB seems to have learned their lessons a hard way.nnThen came the Z30!! A truly true True Smartphone. But unfortunately, people doesn't look or touch BB devices before giving their EXPERT verdict/s. Even without touching it they say it's the worst phone and is not worth buying. But friends, don't just go by naysayers or misleading, uninformative and dishonest paid media reports and so-called Expert Reviews. They are BIASED Damn Biased! They don't even hold an Ounce of Truth in their so called expertise. Go to a Showroom take a look at the phone, play with it for some time and then decide. It's sure to delight u. I am not saying to buy it but just go and spend some time with it and then give your verdicts. No doubt you will obviously find less apps but honestly how many apps do we use??? very few..... apart from app gap (compared to iOS & Android) this fone is just awesome and has many useful, intelligent & cleaver features that are really helpful and handy in our daily lives. And if you are so much concerned about Apps then you can easily sideload most of the android Apps (almost 95-98 % the apps). They are compatible. nnAlso on the part of BB there was ZERO marketing for it so you don't actually see many people know about it or buy it but ask people who are using it. You will be surprised. nnnNote: ** Unfortunate, in most of the outlets like mobile store etc. BB always get the step daughterly treatment. The Sales guys (in most of the cases) will never put BB devices in the power plug so most often u'll find the devices are devoid of any juice and lying in the stores collecting dust. Even these sales guys will divert your mind to buy something else..... really sad!! nnGod has given us a wonderful gift call brain so why should others decide for us?? nVerify the Truth Yourself.nThank You

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My review on Blackberry Z30 upgraded from a BlackBerry Q10

Update 2 on 13-June-2013.nnWas reading through Crackberry Forums. Now India Map is available in BlackBerry Maps...! Checked and it works...!nnWow..! great..! and other similar triumphant voices... :-))))))n***************************************************************************************************nUpdated Review.nnI have read about the BlackBerry 10.3 OS ( Current one in Z30 is 10.2). Atleast one of the 'con' points addressed in 10.3. The music player has got equalizer now!nnIn addition to that some refinements I read about , in 10.3 , arenn1. Improved camera - Panoramic shots now possible.n2. It has a 'home' screen.n3. Quick Settings from any screen with two finger swipe-down.nnNo, I would not load it now. Waiting for a bit more stable version ;).nn***************************************************************************************************nOriginal Review - 29 - April - 2014.nnFirst, about excellent Flipkart service. Ordered the product on 23rd April 2014, Received it on 24th April 2014. Thank you so much, guys.nn***My need****nnWhat I expect from a mobile phone - Good to make and receive calls and other instant messenger communications, a good screen to do some reading documents, social and professional networking very occasional gaming, couple of hours of music in a day , use of GPS ( hence need pretty good battery life).nn**** A little background****nnSince I moved from a BlackBerry Q10 (that word "upgrade" can be debatable as a Q10 is a very different beast altogether) Features like predictive text, auto correction ( works in multiple languages if you are a user) and "flick up" feature built in Blackberry 10 did not deteriorate my typing at all . It is only a question of time taken for me to get used to this way of input ( it takes a day or two).nn****Observation after using Z30****nOne of the main surprises I noticed is that the Z30 is quite comfortable to hold, albeit being bigger in size. The glass weave back felt like leather. The grip is great. So no fear there if the phone accidentally falls of your hand or not.nnThe battery life is amazing. I tried to drain the battery completely quickly (just to test) by playing a video clip, in 1080p resolution. When battery level reached 0% the phone even played the video clip for 7 more minutes before finally switching off...!nn****OS and Applications****nFrom the beginning till date, Blackberry 10 evolved adding more and more productivity enhancements. To name a few, apps for Microsoft One Drive, BlackBerry Express (to create professional quality presentations), file manager integration to services like Box and DropBox, Evernote and of course BlackBerry???s Remember, and BBM. Not to mention improved Android Jellybean runtime (4.2.2) that fills the application gap to a great extend.nnSome of the applications I personally use are.nn1.ICICI bank iMobile, n2.Fedbook from Federal bank,n3.MakeMyTrip, n4.Candid (anonymous social networking application)n5.Vocabuilder (an excellent dictionary application)n5.Amazon Kindle ( android port?)nnOn the gaming side I have Temple run, almighty Angry Birds and Asphalt 8 etc. So for people who say "Nooo apps" , there is only one word. Seek and you shall get.nn****Calls clarity, accessories, performance****nnThanks to Paratek antenna technology used in Z30 and 4 noise cancelling microphones; it is assured that call clarity is superb even while traveling remote locations. There are areas where my Q10s signal bars used to be minimal and voice quality used to suffer a bit whereas Z30 adamantly hung on, giving excellent voice clarity over calls.nnOne great thing worth mentioning about BlackBerry 10 phones in general is that all the accessories are industry standard. You can expand the storage up to 64 GB memory cards - Unlike Apple products where pretty much everything is proprietary and costly. nBlackBerry 10 OS is running more efficiently in this dual core configuration than in a Quad Core Android does. nnFor those who are all howling "Wonlliyee dual core..." wait, the GPU is quad core for you ;)The integration of OS and hardware is so seamless that navigating around different app screens and performing tasks is a real pleasure. nn****What I wish has improved in Blackberry Z30****nn1.A better camera. Though 8MP camera is sufficient for Instagram and Facebook style pictures, the low light performance are bit disappointing in my opinion.nn2.Gmail integration (especially calendar and contacts).nn****A words to those who gave negative reviews****nn For the "reviewers" who are "LOL" ing over specs, the BlackBerry Z30 "LOLLLL" right back to you, dudes :-D. For others who say BlackBerry has sold real estate etc... Well, here what we review in Flipkart is the product, not the share value or cultural vision or longevity of the company that produce it. Being relevant is one of the important aspects of common sense, which should be reflected in the product review one writes.

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BlackBerry Z30 all the way!

If you think this is a fan boy review,nope its not!nnI have a BB Z30 black and its a wonderful phone.nnThe main demerit everyone says about BB is that it lacks app support. Well not anymore.nBB OS 10 CAN RUN ANDROID APPS NOW. After the last update BB can download apk files directly from websites and install it(besides the apps from BB World).nnPROS:nn1)Hardware is the best in smartphone world and has a premium touch to it. n2)Runs all app (both native apps and android apps) very well. n3)No lags,no reboots, snappy response.n4)No special subscriptions for using BB services like email and bbm necessary like on previous versions(OS 7).n5)New UI, fresh and innovative. OK BB has redefined the usual standards in UI. Its nothing like anything out there. UI unlike other phones does not having the same boring type of User Interface.n6)Got Dual speakers! So, blast them away! nCONS:nn1) Camera focus speed is slow.( very irritating sometimes). Again it can be fixed by a software update which i guess BB would soon do.nn2) Doesn't have Quad core processors like most high end phones.( By the way,I felt no need for a Quad core processor as it crushed all the apps which i threw at it without even flinching).n nThats all. Overall, I like the phone and is very very satisfied by it. nPLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO FOLKS WHO SAYS BB IS FINISHED EVEN WITHOUT USING IT. ITS NOT.

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If you are a professional, why Lollipops and Clowns?

If you have crossed that gaming age and use the phone more to make calls ,emails, check data , presentations, are looking for an awesome typing experience ,having confidential data , need premium security , excellent flow and battery backup, want to pick every call and drop none, look outstanding with this phone having remarkable presence.- this is the phone for you.nYou play games , its ok i run asphalt ,temple run , real racing smoothly in it for entertainment plus great youtube experience and what not.nInstall any android app you want. nThis phone is a beast at multitasking. Beast. nThe looks are simply Sxy and rich.nThe black one was the one for me. Its big , adds power to your hand. Handles my mails just a swipe away with everything so systematic in the Hub. I dint even want to see the Gmail app again.nI dont know why isnt it the huge seller. and i totally forgot it has dual stereo sound speakers, not just only for the loudness but for keeping the sound clean. I just moved from an Galaxy note to this. And i realized what i was missing all these years. In short buy it dont listen to ios and Android fans, cos they probably never have used this. Buy its today. It still out-stands in June 2015.Check in fi beam , i bot it from thr at 21/-

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