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Blackberry Curve 3G 9300
Out of Stock
Rs 15,400
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Blackberry Curve 3G 9300
Out of Stock
₹ 15,400
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Good but not Perfect!

I bought 'Blackberry Curve 3G' after due research and comparisons. Though the vendor I chose (Flipkart) was a very good decision, however the phone is not perfect. nI would say I am not disappointed by the phone however for the ones who are reading this review; the decision will hang on the balance between your needs and what is offered.nn ves n-----n1. The processor is good. Hence the phone is fast. May have to do with Airtel BB connection I have.n2. QWERTY keypad and the keys are good. The functions on the keys are exhaustive.n3. The Data card is sufficient. n4. I like the interface. Is simple yet efficient. Classy font and aesthetics.n5. The call interface is good. Exhaustive options. Like the ease and quality of conferencing.n6. I love the touchpad feature! It makes the working so much easier and cooln7. Network (Phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) are good.n8. The email functionality and service is very good and extremely user-friendly, convenient and classy.n9. This phone is very addictive!!n10. It has a 'Password Keeper' functionality which is a God sent. Very effective!n11. Blackberry Messenger is obviously very good!!n12. Apps like Google phone app, Facebook and Twitter are very user-friendly, however that will be the case with Android too, so not much of a differentiator.nn-vesn-----n1. The GPS is disappointing. B Maps never works. Even Google maps (Latitude, Foursquare, Waze and other social GPS apps) are slow. Frustratingn2. Phone becomes slightly slow when you load more than 10 apps.n3. 'AppWorld' has very limited and n4. The camera (2 MP) is barely decent. Even the video quality is disappointing.n5. Though it was expected the music functionality disappoints. Voice quality is good however the hands-free is not music friendly. Only call-friendly! n6. The contacts directory is again exhaustive however there are no customizable options.n7. I didn't find the Word, Excel etc. functionality very comfortable.nnOverall, I have given it 4-stars. This functionality suits every requirement for me except the apps part. It is a good classy and addictive phone to have. A very good and welcome change from Nokia N73.nBuy this phone for -n- If you want to stay connected on-the-gon- Like classy attributes and aestheticsn- Not prone to use many appsn- Want to experience a rich and dignified feeln- Obviously, Business oriented

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Excellent phone but not good for entertainment

Positive Things:n1. Excellent speed which never deteriorate over period of time like all other nonBB phones.n2. Querty keypad is built-wise excellent and user friendly compared to all other Querty phonesn3. I am serving without BIS BES plan in just Rs99@month with RIM GSM so don't bother that costly BIS is must.Now those days r over. Without BIS BES also u can enjoy all apps like pushmail, gtalk, facebook, youtube,googlemaps and everythingn4. Best phone for calls - Features like conferencing, enhancing voice clarity r excellent.nnNegative Points :n1. PC software is worst one I have seen in my life. Nokia PC Suite is best one amongst all PC software.n2. 2MP camera is very disappointing. Picture taken r completely useless. Just for shake of saying that have still and video camera.n3. 65k screen resolution makes screen extremely dull, u won't like watching photo or video in it.n4. Very limited app available in marketnnConclusion : This phone is excellent for busyness people who want faster processing mobile. But poor for young generation who need mobile for entertainment purpose too.

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Don't waste your hardearned money this is pure bullshit

I'd purchased this phone in October 2011 and by January 2012 it stopped working. Battery gets discharged in 2 hours after full charge and phone gets hanged for every alternate call. Sent for customer care center. After servicing the phone for more than 10days, they returned it saying that the problem is solved. Took it home and found that nothing has really changed. Executive from BB customer care says that in 3G active option the phone gets discharged in 2 hours. DON'T EVEN THINK TO GO FOR BLACKBERRY FOR A FRACTION OF A SECOND. Basically people at BB think that consumers are Idiots. Never, never, never, never go for blackberry.

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BB 9300

Hey! nGot this phone after a lot of deliberation and looking at Android/Apple phones in the same range. Went for the Blackberry for two main reasons:n1. Hate a touch screen to type onn2. Have no real need for games, since I own an Ipod Touch. nnI've used the phone for about a month now, and I am enjoying the keypad. That being said, typing on the iPod (and iPhone) is actually quicker than BB, but an iPhone is waaay out of budget for me. All in all, I'm happy with my buy. nnYou should be warned though, there is a lot of compatibility issues for apps on the Blackberry AppWorld. Apps are released for a particular OS and are often unavailable for older/newer OSes, which makes zero sense. Since this doesn't extend to the most popular apps (WhatsApp, Gtalk, Twitter, Facebook, etc) it hasn't bugged me yet. Don't be surprised when an App you used on your earlier BB isn't available for this device though.

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never buy blackberry

Actually never go for this brand as it is not good for indian market.It prices too high and when it comes to customer services it is very very poor.if it is very small problem you have to submit your phone for at least 1 month.And too many bad complaints too.I also bought the bbm curve and submitted it to noida service center for past 1 month but when i call there they say "We dont know as company dont tell us the exact date" and same complaints from many other service center. I think Nokia is best.

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