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Blackberry Curve 8520
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Blackberry Curve 8520
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Amazing Blackberry mobile phone at this price , blackberry rocks

Hey frnds, I bought this phone from Flipkart, got it in just 2 days. Presently I am using it and the best feature of this phone is the voice quality. The push mail service is awesome. The track pad is quite smooth , don't know about the other blackberry phones but like it. I got little pain in getting synched with my earlier phone but after some surfing I got it fixed by synching it using gmail account. Didnt used the app world because of the shitty services of Airtel. Sound Quality: The sound is good, much louder than all other phones I used till now. Camera: its ok and does its job well. Querty Keypad: yeah the Querty keyword helps a lot in messaging and using the BBM services to its fullest. Initially you get some problem as the keys are quite small but when u get use to it, you enjoy it. BBM (black berry messenger): One of the best timepass on this phone apart from the poker game. You can share any pic and gossip very easily. It even shows if the other person has read you msg or yet not received it. So u can keep a check if he or she is ignoring you. Alarm: Its not loud ...very loud. Problems: You cant add a number directly from the call logs to an existing contact. You have to copy the number, go to the contacts and then edit the contact, AND then paste it. huh

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regarding phone services

well though i havent bought BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 from flip kart.... and i dont doubt flip kart's services... they are amazing.... but the phone .. i would recommend you not to buy blackberry...its been just six months and am facing lotta problems not only with the phone but also the service centre and their services....blackberry is no more a reliable brand... rather go for i am using it since so long but really its not worth the BIG amount we pay for it...nit is a simple phone ... instead of BLACKBERYY 8529 NOKIA E63 is a better deal and muchh efficiant...nwith time blackberry burve's battery goes... phone stops responding to wifi connections, blackberry messenger is a dumb users community.. as in we can use Free sms services rather than spending 500 per month just for the bbm messenger.....ncant find one good quality about it....nni would rate it -1 star outta 5 stars...nthough here htere s no option for negative stars so have to give one star to it...

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Practicality of a blackberry

If you don't own a blackberry already, and are in the market for buying a new smartphone, you generally start out by comparing its specs with android phones in the same range to check for the wide range of apps that you can run.nBut people, then you are missing out on what a phone should be for.nIts not a PlayStation portable or a media center or a replacement for your girlfriend/boyfriend using some of those cheesy apps.nnnIts a communication device,period.nnI am assuming that atleast 99% of the people buying a smartphone in India are well off and at least have access to a computer at home.nSo why do they need to watch a movie on a phone!nThe current market trend ensures that people go for the smart-phones with the highest end specs to run Google's now bloated android 4.0nThe quad core phones with dedicated graphic processing unitsnand a large touchscreen, are useful only to play games or watch movies. Its cumbersome to carry a big phone in your pocket in any case.nAdmit it, however comfortable you are typing on a touchscreen, you would rather enjoy having a keyboard which can give that tactile feedback to your fingers. nBlackberrys have the best qwerty keyboards in the market.nWhen you hold one in your hands, it feels like a solid device with rugged build, not a fragile toy. It has an unified inbox for calls, sms, bbm, email, social alerts etc, which makes it feel more of a communication device than anything else. nEverything in the menus, make you feel that its a no nonsense workhorse. No fancy stuff, no cute apps, yet all the important ones are preinstalled.nAnd morever, you dont pay data rates when using a blackberry. The BIS plans are mostly unlimited with a fixed monthly charge. So you need not worry about some apps draining out your battery and data plans.

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Awesome refreshing experience!!

First let me tell you that this is not just another phone in the market. This is a Blackberry that brings with it style and status quotient. Curve 8520 is an entry-level BB phone with almost all features that can be found in top-level BB. It is worth every penny of its cost!!nnPros:n1. Super cool looks. Very professional.n2. QWERTY keypad. Very useful for typing msgs, emails and of course BBM.n3. Commonly used Apps are free and good.n4. Push-mail. You can configure personal and corporate emails and you will get an alert on arrival of new mail.n5. BBM. Great communicator between BB users.n6. Voice quality is very good and loud.nnCons:n1. Cant use GPRS/EDGE for internet. With every BB phone, you have to purchase monthly BB Data Plans from service provider. Plans are available for BBM, BBM + emails, BBM + emails + Internet. If you want to setup corporate email services, there is another expensive plan. You can easily use Wi-Fi for accessing Internet, though.n2. No 3G. But hardly matters as BB Data services are quite fast.n3. Syncing contacts from other phones is difficult but can be done using free file-format converters.nnSo keep your requirements in mind before you buy. If you are ready to shell out for BB plans (as compared to cheap GPRS/EDGE plans on other phones), then this phone is for YOU!!

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Nokia E5 offers much more at the same price

I am using BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Nokia E5 and I find E5 a better phone. GPS in Nokia E5 works great and has many times helped me to find the way but BB 8520 does not have GPS. In Nokia E5 you can edit word documents and rename the documents and create new word files. In E5 pdf files can be viewed clearly. In BB 8520 you can not create new word documents. pdf files can be viewed but the quality of the view is very poor. It's inbuilt memory is too small. The worst part is the availability of themes and applications. Nothing seems to be free and there's a price tag attached to most of the useful applications and interesting themes and the only from of online transaction accepted is through Credit Card. Further, the body has a distinct plastic feel and other than the logo there's not much difference in looks and feel between the BB 8520 and a cheap qwerty Micromax phone. Battery life is also not very promising. If you are not obsessed about the BB brand name and if you prefer utility more than showing off, then go for Nokia E5 and you will get much more than what BB 8520 has to offer for almost the same price. My verdict - do not go for this phone if you do not want to waste your money on a phone that should cost not more than Rs 5000/-. BB 8520 is over prized and not worth its cost. If you have Rs 10000 and if you want to buy a good phone then buy Nokia E5 and not Blackberry.

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