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Blackberry Leap
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Blackberry Leap
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The Best Among All

I am Blackberry fan from very long time.nnSince the time i was using these phones they are giving excellent efforts in productivity.So from OS 7 to this 10.3 OS there is an another proof of innovation in operating system strategy.nnlet we decide criteria before buying it, suppose if you are a childish user of phone that's have a lot of free time in a day and having fond of playing gaming , installing jokes , themes etc. like apps usually then BLACKBERRY is not for you, But if you are a real SMARTPHONE USER then BLACKBERRY has the capacity to fulfill all of your professional and business needs.nnGo for it, it will be a ''BRAND IN YOUR HAND''.

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The Best Mid Range Phone

In todays world of madly comparing specs of the Hardware, here is one phone which stands out.Even though the critics pan this phone for its older specs after more than one weeks usage i can confirm that this phone works beautifully for the voice and mails.there is no lacking in its performance. There is clarity in the calls and the great blackberry mail.Why people talk about the apps which always collects more permissions than required and compromising the security of our data i do not know.nOverall one of the most value for device you can find in the market.( ignore the so called expert reviewers view that you can get higher configuration hardware at this price.

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Nothing More In This Price...! Oathkeeper!

BlackBerry Leap has a look similar to BlackBerry Z3. This made me hesitate to consider it for buying as I already had Z3. Still I went ahead.nnTrust me, when I powered it on, it was not just an expensive carbon copy of Z3. It has identity of its own. I tell you something not mentioned in specifications.nnPROS:n(1) Z3, when hold for long, causes stress on palm. Leap, on the contrary, has more curved edges making it far more comfortable to hold. And its A1 quality rubbery back makes it difficult to slip off your palm.n(2) The power button and volume keys are embedded more nicely and do not jut saliently providing an aesthetic look.n(3) Unlike Z3, power key is not located along with volume keys thus ruling out accidental lock of screen while watching video when you wanted to up the volume.n(4) It has features like (i) making you to read any document seamlessly without fearing screen light turning off, it'll not go off as long as you're holding phone in hand; (ii) screen will turn on automatically when you pick your phone up; and many more. (Of course, these features can be turned off to save battery)n(5) Buttery smooth touch screen.n(6) Gives rich look.n(7) And all those features mentioned in specifications like powerful battery, camera, processor etc. Since they are mentioned there, I leave them. Rest assure, they all are true and will prove their worth perhaps more than your expectations.nnCONS:nNot as much, if you don't count lack of apps on BlackBerry OS platform [and those of us who love BlackBerry, don't count it:)], and the rubbish reviews of its old hardware.nnFriends, you will not regret buying it, when you buy it. And when you buy it, it deserves a name (recall Ser Jamie Lannister). Mine is Black Feather...!

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review after using 5 days...

So many options are available in the market today but the blackberry leap is best among all brands for this lag issue and os is better then andriod. maximum app available in bb world and amazon aapstore. dual core processor with 2gb ram enough speed to handle os and for gaming.

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Could be way better

Normally this phone is ok...but whatsapp and some of other important app not working on this phone....touch speed is ok and no hang issues.

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