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Blackberry Passport
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Blackberry Passport
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Passport to Productivity!

The first thing you notice is that this isn't your usual Rectangular shaped screen.. its a Square Display measured at 4.5" which is Bigg!!nn~* The large display offers an uncompromising experience for viewing content, reading & editing word & excel documents, using maps, managing email and browsing the web. *~nnThe display is an IPS LCD screen with super high resolutions of 1440 x 1440 pixels on screen and a Pixel Density of 454ppi that beats even the new iPhone 6 or your nexus5.. it also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection to secure that beautiful display!nnBesides that, the Passport packs a 13mp rear Camera with Optical Image Stabilization & a 2mp front cam, also a 2.26 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 801 Processor customized for BlackBerry!nnAlong with that..n32GB Built-in Memory.. '3GB RAM'n& a 3450 mAh Battery!!.. This trio is a Killer!!nThe battery of this phone is tested to last a good 36hrs of PROPER usage (3g, Social Networking, Gaming, MULTITASKING etc) and has a standby time of about 18 DAYS!!nn4 Quality Speakers make the Passport 350% more crisp & more louder that the Galaxy s5.nnThe Most Innovative Feature and probably the most important and the USP of this device is the Keypad..nNow its not a normal keypad.. the keys a capactive that allows the entire keypad to double up as a Trackpad!! For example if you want to scroll up/down while reading or surfing the internet.. you can simply scroll on the physical keypad to move around your screen.. ALSO while typing a sentence if you want to delete an entire word.. you simply swipe from right to left on your keyboard and one word gets deleted per swipe..nNow THAT is something new and innovative..nnThe Software: BlackBerry 10.3 is NOT your old bb software it's a brand new software and super productive.. things like the BlackBerry Hub which manages ALL your msgs and notifications in ONE Place helps manage your chores all in one go. Interactive Active Frames displaying all open apps.. Video Calling..PICTURE PASSWORD.. 2 different appstores BECAUSE it HAS Alll the APPS that you need..... the amazon app store for android apps is built into the BlackBerry Passport which carries 3 LAC android apps that work on BlackBerry 10.3.. you can even sideload 98% of all Android Apps on the Passport.nnAll in all its a device completely one of its kind... its Unique.. ppl can make BlackBerry the butt of all jokes all they like but you can't deny that the innovation BlackBerry came up with.. Could not have been expected from companies who's latest innovations were a "larger screen for the first time" or something as silly as a Heart rate monitor..nnGo for this one..nIt's Hip to be Square & it's better to have a Tool of Productivity than a Toy for Gaming!n* * * * *

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Blackberry passport review It's not a Smartphone... It's a Genius Phone!!

Big, awkward, very productive, massive battery, unique, eye catching, excellent for seeing spreadsheets.nThese are the few thoughts I have about the new BlackBerry Passport.nnWhen I opened the box I thought "My god! How am I going to carry this Thing? Though I had taken out my tape measure to see how big it would be on reading the specs I was still shocked on actually seeing it! Slowly as I started using it I got used to this mammoth phone. Setting up this mobile was a breeze. The key board though is different from the BlackBerry Curve I am used to. A new learning curve here. But a week on I am loving it. This phone slips easily in the upper shirt Pocket (though it's made for CEOs wearing a suit). It can be easily carried and I believe that this should not deter us in using this new form factor. It's a pleasure in using this mobile to see spreadsheets. You can really Work Wide with the BlackBerry passport. Seeing PPT is also a pleasure. As it has a 3gb RAM big Excel sheets can be opened in a jiffy. Using blackberry for mails and sms was always excellent and the same holds true for BlackBerry passport also. The concept is HUB is unique and all those using their mobile for business purposes will find this concept Fantastic!! As usual the notification LED light is the highlight of BlackBerry. The massive internal memory of 32gb with the option of inserting 128 gb micro SD is the big plus point for storage for those on the go. As mentioned by all in many reviews you will have to use both the hands. One hand will not do. Though some of the operations are possible with a little practice. Using this new keyboard requires a bit of practice. But you will love it once you get used to it. This mobile is also useful for those having Telecons frequently. You can dial and minimise the dial up interface. You can at the same time open up spreadsheets, PPTs etc and keep participating in the conference with earphones connected. Everything can be easily minimised and accessed on the screen. The voice clarity is excellent. You will find it a bit difficult in holding this phone initially while speaking but will get used to it. Some Dos and Don'ts: When speaking you will have to hold the phone in such a way that the small speaker is exactly touching the ears. If not placed properly (since its a large phone) the voice clarity may not be good. But if placed properly then the clarity is excellent You have to download WPS office or Office suit pro as the pre- installed 'Docs to go' does not have the filter options for excel sheets. Hope Microsoft offers the MS office free for BlackBerry also as they are for Android and iOS now. DO not sync the Hotmail address book. This creates Multiple duplicate entries and the address book slows down massively. Appears to be a Hotmail error. I had to manually delete the entire address book and transfer the address book from my BlackBerry Curve using the Bluetooth. After doing this the problem got resolved. Security remains a largely compromised area with many mobiles. In today's world we are prone to using mobile devices for online shopping and banking services. Credit cards are used. How can we then ignore the security offered by BlackBerry? All the more the most ignored aspect is built strongly in BlackBerry devices. What the OS 10 misses out is the facility to forward sms as mail or mail as sms which is available in older OS. For seeing the images in mail you have to click a small arrow at the right side of the page. A bit irritating. Maybe there is a way out. BlackBerry passport has OTG facility. A feature less written about. An excellent phone for those on the move and also those who use their phones for mails / sms. This device is not for playing junk games like candy crush or subway surfer. The massive battery lasts for 1.5 to 2 days on average use. For me only 70% gets used each day on average to heavy use. I have penned this entire review on my BlackBerry passport. It's not a smartphone..... It's a genius phone.

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Blackberry Passport

Excellent phone, the size is huge, but once you get used to it, you won't feel like using any other phone, the Samsung galaxy grand seems to be a small phone after using this.nnThe performance is astonishing, you can't expect any other than this. the sound quality and video are amazing, the headphone gets you to the next level.nnThe Battery comes for a day, you cannot expect much more in smart phones nowadays, but other than that, everybody recognizes this phone, the moment you show it to them, this phone belongs to a separate class of people, who understands what is a business mobile.nnIf you want a perfect business phone, go for this one, the best choice you could make without thinking.

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iphone to BB Passport

Review and rating is 4nSince 4 Years heavily used iphone and felt bored with iOS and decided to shift- with knowing fact, as lesser application, square model, choose BB passport.nThe only fact I can tell is... something new is better; major applications, BB hub, what'sapp, FB, Twitter, Linkedin, sms- email, phone call, Skype, Axis mobile, SMC trading, all are working- so why to stuck to iPhone?nIts about being something different without compromising your need and that's what this phone provides you and will keep providing you- nI don't need games, i don't need photo editors, am professional and for me using of mobile is to stay connected in whatever mean is possible- which BB-passport is doing.nAm happy and feeling free from iTues's complex structure, bored and routine iOS and finally got key board with touch sense which is the most amazing to use and increasing typing speed 10 times compare to any touch phone.

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warranty issue

imported handsetndosen't come with any warranty ?

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