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Blackberry Z3
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Blackberry Z3
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what is wrong with you people.

I just wanted to ask how many of you have ever used BlackBerry OS 10. And yet you rate not only BlackBerry 10 as well as Z3. Which was not even available in market when you rates this product.nnThis is BlackBerry 10. Not an android. I had used android and the experience for BlackBerry 10 is far2 ahead of the so called android. nnMultitasking on android is a pain even with the flagship phone. I am currently using Z10 and I never had complained or had issues related with hardware or lagging.nnBut when I was using Android I had issues from the very same day the phone shipped.nnAnyway, my point is I am buying this phone. If you haven't used BlackBerry 10 before. Don't/never review this product again. nnAnd flipkart is not the place where you complain about the pricing.nnI even had moto g. But promise myself never to use android device ever again. I believe you all have used android. You will see the difference. See the difference yourself.nnFrom BlackBerry Z10.nnEdited. Some tips for new BlackBerry 10 user.nnYou can download android apps from or download amazon apps store(soon this apps store will be available pre install on the next update) you can also sideload(process of installing BlackBerry native apps). Side loading steps are available on conserve battery you may close apps on the active frame. nnYou may also learn BlackBerry keypad tips and techniques(google it) :)nnOnce again posted from BlackBerry OS 10

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Blackberry 10 OS

I really don't understand why people are yelling at the pricing?!! for the quality of the blackberry product its pretty decent pricing as many said blackberry OS 10 is top notch compared to android, BB OS 10 has no lags no hanging issues.. and people comparing Specs and all with motoG!!!!! guys android is opensource and it needs compatibility with the hardware to perform well on each device so android needs specs...Where as BB 10 is from the same manufacturer who developed and designed the hardware so i think they know it better on what the OS works fine.. nnStop cribbing and comparing android and BB10, BB10 is way too ahead of Android in terms of performance its a best bet for the pricing.nn(Review after using Galaxy S3,S4,and BB Z10)

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z3 decoded !

I had a mixed experience using this device and I would try to remain objective here and I would not write nerdy inputs so that it benefits normal users:nnPros:nn1) Z3 is a compact device which does not feel cheap at all, it is made out of uncompromising plastic of higher grade and kind of a rubbery yet very grippy back panel which looks nice.nn2) The Miracast option is really nice which offers the screen-casting option through WiFi direct and WiFi direct comes with it as well.nn3) The age old FM without using your data is super and the shooter is just about ok.nn4) It can handle all your social feeds related needs effortlessly just like any other Blackberry device but multitasking is restricted to 4 apps at a time and frankly who needs more than that ? The OS is fluid and if security is your concern then you would be well placed. Enterprise needs are always Blackberry`s forte and it won`t let you down.nn5) Price point is perfect.nn6) It is a long time battery hauler thanks to it is less demanding internals and spec war is mostly on Android as different OS optimizes its functionality differently hence a dual core chip would not let you down here for normal usage but there is a stutter for intensive GPU related task.nnnCons:nn1)2) The hardware wise downside for normal users would be it is pretty heavy which is kind of a bummer and the display could have been better for the price point. nn2) It does not lag in normal use but it stutters while using intensive gaming experiences which frankly it can`t handle.nn3) Now the most critical part which I disliked personally, why Blackberry has to use " Android apps compatible" flashline on its advert to sell a product ? Android users would be sorely disappointed thinking of having a near Android experience by downloading APK files for Android apps, do Android apps run here ? yes they do but not fully functional n they stutter.nn4) Blackberry offers you a different experience so if you are interested in that platform with its own positives as well as negatives then go for it but don`t equate different OS while purchasing a device.nnI hope this helps, cheers !

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A feature rich phone for people who wants to do multitasking

This is an entry level phone from Blackberry and runs on BB10. This does not mean its a cheap phone. Its a very well built phone. You might be thinking that price is little on higher but its because of the tax. Trust me with what I am saying. I am using Q10 from over a year which is running on BB10. BB10 is so powerful, efficient and response is blazing fast. Security is top notch in blackberry phones and this one is no exception. This phone can do everything you throw at it. EVen it can run android applications. Phone is really well built and OS features are miles ahead of the rest. You are paying more for android (buggy and laggy OS) phones which just has specifications aiming more on multimedia and iphone which is priced ridiculously high but are these really phones? A phone is communication medium which is what blackberry phones are good at. Blackberry balance, fantastic keyboard (even on touch screen), blackberry hub, superb battery backup, BBM (its really nice), fastest browser on a mobile OS and the list goes on. Please visit a blackberry store and give a try and I am sure you will fall in love with it. If you don't believe my words google for BB10 phone's performance and productivity.nnI have used all mobile OS's and after switching to BB10 I have become a huge fan of it. I don't want to use any other mobile OS anymore.

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Hi Flipkart,nnHow can u allow someone to give rating and to allow to a phone even before mobile is not used by someone...Is this a way for marketing the product.Blackberry Z3 is launched today i.e 25 June around 12 pm...It is still not available and pre-order is going on ..and 14 people have wrote the rating..

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