Silver Rate Today in Mumbai (13th Jul 2024)

Silver (10 gram)₹919▼1(0.1 %)
Silver (100 gram)₹9,192▼9(0.1 %)
Last Updated: 13th Jul 2024

If you're looking to invest in silver or to buy silver jewellery for personal use, find here all vital information you may need before going ahead with your purchase. Find here the latest prices for Silver in Mumbai and also compare them to make an informed decision. Silver rate in Mumbai today is ₹919 per 10 grams and ₹9,190 per 100 grams. All prices have been updated today and are on a par with industry standards.

10 Gram, 100 Gram & 1 kg Silver Prices in Mumbai Today

Price 10 Gram 100 Gram 1 Kg
Silver Price ₹919 ₹9,192 ₹91,919

Silver Price For Last 10 Days in Mumbai

Date Silver (10g)
13th Jul ₹919 (-₹1)
12th Jul ₹920 (-₹5)
11th Jul ₹925 (+₹5)
10th Jul ₹920 (-₹1)
9th Jul ₹920 (+₹1)
8th Jul ₹919 (+₹9)
7th Jul ₹910 (+₹1)
6th Jul ₹909 (₹0)
5th Jul ₹909 (+₹8)
4th Jul ₹901 (+₹2)

Silver Price History in Mumbai

1M 3M 6M 1Y 5Y
Price Before Silver (10g) % Change (Today vs Prev)
1 Month ₹880 +4.44%
3 Months ₹835 +10.04%
6 Months ₹717 +28.13%
1 Year ₹751 +22.35%
5 Year ₹341 +169.51%

Compare Silver vs Gold Performance

1M 3M 6M 1Y 5Y

Monthly Silver Price Movement

  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
Silver Price Silver (10g)
1st Jun 2024 ₹926
30th Jun 2024 ₹881
JUN Highest ₹926
JUN Lowest ₹871
Price Performance(Beginning Month to end Month) ▼4.81%

Silver Rate Today in Major Cities in India

City Silver (10g) Silver (100g)
Silver price in Hyderabad ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Bengaluru ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Delhi ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Chennai ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Ahmedabad ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Mumbai ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Kolkata ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Jaipur ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Pune ₹921 ₹9,210
Silver price in Lucknow ₹921 ₹9,210
Silver price in Vijayawada ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Patna ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Chandigarh ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Surat ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Visakhapatnam ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Mysore ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Coimbatore ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Vadodara ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Bhubaneswar ₹919 ₹9,192
Silver price in Nagpur ₹921 ₹9,210
Silver price in Madurai ₹921 ₹9,210
Silver price in Nashik ₹920 ₹9,201
Silver price in Gurgaon ₹921 ₹9,210
Silver price in Mangalore ₹920 ₹9,201
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Things to Know

Best places to buy silver in Mumbai

Here are a few of the famous and customer-preferred jewellery stores in Mumbai

Retailers Address Contact
Manubhai Jewellers Lokmanya Tilak Rd, Mini Zaveri Bazaar, Mhatre Wadi, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092 088281 00222
Tanishq Jewellery - Mumbai - Andheri Vastu Prestige, Off New Link Rd, near Citi Mall, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053 022 6199 6666
Antara Jewellery Private Limited Antara Jewellery, D S, P Road, opp. Ranjit Studio Compound, Dadar East, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014 022 4041 5565

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Where can I buy silver bars in India?

You can purchase silver bars from local jewellery shops and online stores selling silver. Silver bars of all purity grades can be purchased from these places based on availability.

What is hallmarking?

There are five main components to a silver hallmark, which is used to determine an item's origins and purity:
BIS Mark
Fineness number
Assaying and Hallmarking Centre's mark
Jeweller's identification mark
Year of marking denoted by a code letter as decided by BIS
Six grades of silver alloys, including 990, 970, 925, 900, 835, and 800, are listed in the Indian Standard on Silver Hallmarking (IS 2112: 2014). These alloys are used to make silver jewellery and other artefacts.

Why is the silver rate increasing?

In our country, silver is in high demand and its supply declines as demand increases, making it rarer. The electrification of vehicles, the development of 5G technology, and the dedication to green infrastructure will all likely increase demand for silver in the industrial sector. Additionally, it was anticipated that physical silver investment would increase by 18% in 2022.

When is the best time to buy silver?

The ideal period to buy Silver is in the first half of the year, preferably in the first quarter of the year itself.

Will I have to pay tax on my silver purchase?

There are multiple taxes to be paid on silver, including 1% VAT, 3%GST. You also have to pay Wealth tax if the value of silver is above 5 Lakh rupees. Taxes may vary depending on the region.

What are the advantages of buying silver coins from a bank?

Available in lower quantity
Higher purity grade assurance
Readily available
Easy to store and transfer
Presented in a very artistic form, good for gifting.

Do banks levy any charge, in case I purchase silver from them?

Yes. Banks typically charge higher rates compared to jewellers, this is on account of purity checks and assurance provided by them. Taxes on the purchase are to be paid extra.

What are the benefits of investing in silver?

Silver is a physical asset with many uses and high demand in industry.
When compared to other investment options, silver is affordable.
Silver is a secure investment with a prominent presence in jewellery.

Is investing in silver stocks a better idea than investing in the metal?

Even though stocks and ETFs are more liquid than physical silver, owning them is simpler and less expensive. Additionally, you won't have to worry about storage, despite the fact that it increases the risk of a third party dependency fault.