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Gionee Elife E5
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Rs 16,693
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Gionee Elife E5
Out of Stock
₹ 16,693
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lumia?????????ohhhh no no gionee elife e5................but No black available online???????

cannot find available anywhere online....bought it from nearby store............nthe product: direct to pros and consnpros: friends always ask me regarding lumia 925....guess the reason......nvery thin stylish.....very good build quality better than samsung black one having a cool matte effect giving it a executive of the finest resolution i have seen on a screen but apple's retina display is a little better...i use iphone 4...perhaps one can go for e6.n3.the sound clarity from the speaker is too good....better than to play almost any games....asphalt to mc 2......without any prob........n5.using it for 2 hang no auto issue.....everything is exceptionally good...and u have many themes to impress ur girl......n7.the benchmarks says everything about the specs.......n8.b4 buying i went to the service centre.......i can asure you these are not like lava,xolo or mmx one.....they will pay u attention and will try to sort everything out bcause what i felt is they are afraid of complaints from customers to higher authorities......u may have good after sale services.....n9.and all headphones works here.....i,samsung,lg,skulcandy,cowon,creative,sony,sennheiser......ncons:n1. 16gb is too less for me apps and games takes up the space...even i dnt keep music and movies on the memory......n2. the overall backcover gets heated up very frequently....perhaps due to its unibody design....but not much.......and it occur only when i play is normal but it will be much enough to make stop pause ur game.....perhap im having this prob....n3.the headphones are not upto the mark....i feel its far bad from apple ans samsung provides a better hdset with 10k mobiles.........but who cares we all prefer our own sorted headphones ......nngo for it man...if u have budget around 19k.......great deal....u will never regret.......not before sale and neither after sale......nbut if you are buying now and have 3 k more please buy e6............its will feel the difference if you hold a gionee phone is not like other bad quality chinese or lava,karbonn,mmx phones.......

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display crash interior lighting damage after buying 15 days.

i bought Gionee e5 in 30 dec,but after using it i realize i got damaged piece,actually the display is damaged also in middle colour patch sometimes blinking in black screen,when divice is performing its task,for me its like angriness to me after investing 15,000/- rupees of hardworking,such a looser and cheap phone,never expecting this from gionee,sorry.for middle class people like me i want to say that don't buy this useless phone,its my clear suggestion to all of you.only buy branded phones like LG,SONY,SAMSUNG,I-PHONE,NOKIA,because they provide good product,they first see quality then quantity,have you heard that branded phones provides you a 1.5 Ghz quad core processor in 15,000/- rupees,? NO, because they know that its impossible for them,so be wise and then take dicision,only chinisse phones provides this cheap product.actually i am going to give -5 to this GIONEE,but its not mention here so 1 unfortunatelly.

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Nice Phone....Pathetic after sales service!

I have been using this phone from last 5 months. Phone is just perfect in each aspect (Camera Ignored). Unfortunately i had to visit service center in Delhi due to some software issue ( Phone software crashed + Battery issue), i was surprised to know that these guys did not even have the original firmware of the phone and i was asked to submit my phone ( to be sent to company) for such a minor issue. Basically the service center was just a pick up center ( Even that too was not exclusive center for Gionee...It was a service center for LAVA Mobiles...and For Gionee, They were just collecting the phones). nnI thought this might be the problem with that particular center so i chose not to submit it there and visited another service center hoping that my problem could be solved on the spot in another center. But these guys proved me wrong for being hopeful and the same thing happened again. I had no other option left except to submit my phone. nnP.S. : It has been 26 days since i submitted my phone and there is no news till the date. Whenever i call them to know the status, they ask me to call again in 15 mins and they never pick up the phone again ( Sometimes switch off) . Even if they pick up my call what they say about my phone's status is " Sir, your phone is still in Company, we will let you know when we get it."

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Gionee go back to china

Gionee should stop selling their over priced piece of crap in india.. 18000 for this crap mobile with single sim and NON-expandable memory. Highly disappointing..

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This phone is Kewl !!

After much thought between Lumia 720 and Gionee Elife E5 , I decided to purchase E5. It has been one month since I bought this phone. I was using lumia 510 ( windows 7.8 ) before. So initially I thought to buy a windows 8 phone. But the problem with windows 8 too is the uneasy navigation to reach the settings or updating the address book etc and also a stupid music player where you cant add songs to a playlist. But ofcourse there are some good things like windows 8. Anyway I thought not to buy windows till there is windows phone 8.1 released. So I came back to android after 2 years. I did the right thing in purchasing this phone. It is really good phone for the budget. nnPros:n1. Display is awesomen2. Performance is really good.n3. Very sleek and stylish.n4. Android 4.2n5.Can run almost any game easily. I was stunned to see it playing Fifa 14 very easily.n6. Camera is very good.n7. Inbox accessories like flip cover and screen guard ( 2 in no.s ) are pretty useful.nnCons:nn1. Heats up only during games being played for few hours like 2-3 hours.. but the heat is negligible too. So not much of a con.nn2. Pathetic headphones. Although they look good but it was quite uneasy in my ear. Keeps coming off all the time. I moved back to my sennheiser headphones.nn3. OK battery life. Need to charge almost once in a day with 3G on.nn4. Camera is little sluggish when you move the phone. But it will take good picture in the end :)nnIf your budget is for a midrange phone , I would suggest go for this one than the sony xperia SP which also comes in the same budget. Dont like samsung's budget phones.

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