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Gionee Elife S5.5
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Rs 10,999
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Gionee Elife S5.5
Out of Stock
₹ 10,999
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Pathetic phone. Never buy it

I bought this Gionee S5.5 phone. The world's SLIMMEST PHONE. This phone overheats a lot and the static comes from the side metallic body. When i went to the retailer for the replacement he said i have to go to the service center and get the DOA letter from there. When i went to the center Thakkar Mall, Borivali West. They said this is normal functionality with the phone and they cannot do anything about this. I said i have spent 24k on this phone and it overheats from the ear area. So i called Gionee tech support from there and spoke to Tech Hema - She said its normal as its the slimmest phone. I told her there is static too. She said nothing to worry about this. I was shocked. When i asked for the supervisor she said she is the only 1 there and supervisor is not available. After insisting she gave me her supervisor's personal number. I was shocked again. When i started yelling to the service center they said they will give the DOA letter but still its the normal functionality.nPathetic service from everywhere. Please dont ever go with such chaalu brand. Never ever.

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Heating Problem

The phone is very good in terms of design, looks and tech specs but lacks stability. The phone has over heating problem it heats up to 50 C. The other problem with the phone is the battery drains out from 100 % to 75 % within less than 45 minutes there after though it gives a reasonable back up without 2 charges the phone cant survive. Actually buying this kind of a phone is to enjoy those high end specs if you keep the phone across the day in power saving mode why do you need to buy this phone? The last problem is some apps does not work properly like facebook if you open facebook the phone gets crashed sometimes and the app gets closed by itself. I bought this phone from some other dealer and gave it back in 2 days and i have ordered Moto X now from flipkart.

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It looks HOT also it gets HOT!

Just bought this device couple of days ago. Overall its a worth buying device. I ordered from Gionee's website (1K extra) because the seller from flipkart was not so good (bad rating).nGionee sent some demo devices to these sellers to get initial feedback, and they sold it on places like ebay. Probably the bad reviewers (on flipkart) might have got the same.nnPros:n* Nice design, slim and metallic feel.n* Custom OS is good (sometimes I can feel the jerk - its android not iOS).n* Accessories are more than expected (two set of screen guards (both front & back), OTG cable, case etc)nnCons:n* Many people complained about the heating issue. From my personal experience thats not a deal breaker. It gets noticeable heat if you're running lot of process at same time (probably if all the 8 cores are running some tasks). n* I made call for 30 minutes, but I didn't observe any major heating issue (in other words, its same as my Nexus 5).nnSpeed:nThe latest version of Android is Android Kitkat (Android 4.4 - Nexus 5 has it). But this mobile has custom version of android (modified from Android 4.2 - Jellybean).nI used both Nexus 5 and Gionee Slim S 5.5, I felt Nexus5 has smooth interface. Its just my opinion. Looks like Android Kitkat has smooth interface compared to Android Jellybean.nnOverall this is a good device.

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Warning !!!

I am only rating it 5 cause it is really - really slim and was proud to be first few in India to buy this phone. The fun ENDED soon as there are major issues with the device - it heats up and the battery does not last more than 4 hours and drops to 85% sharply even after full charging after few minutes back and drains out completely in 2 - 3 hours after it. The same issue is reported at many sites by other customers but I made the mistake of buying without research. Customer care is rude and asking to leave the phone at the service center, which was purchased only few days despite spending 22K on a device like this... nnStay Away

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what a beauty! but not a perfect one anyways.

WOW. is the first thing you'l say after looking at this phone.n-great form factor.n-beast processorn-high specsn-nice cameran-and an overall looker.nnbut everthings not perfect.n- its has a slight heating issue with can't be ignored or fixed. but once u stop the heavy usage, its cools down almost instantly.n- although it has 2gb ram, more than 1.1gb is already used by its own interface. hopefully gionee will fix this in their next update.n- and lastly 16gb may be less for some people out there.

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