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Google LG Nexus 5 16GB
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Rs 29,990
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Google LG Nexus 5 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 29,990
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awesome camera (87)
decent camera (17)
awesome front camera (3)
poor camera (5)
poor phone (14)
awesome battery backup (39)
average battery backup (19)
bad battery backup (44)
battery heating issue (2)
battery issue (15)
battery saving mode (1)
awesome display (55)
display issue (2)
good voice clarity (3)
connectivity issues (4)
poor voice clarity (1)
awesome phone (649)
awesome budget phone (1)
value for money (72)
average performance (1)
amazing performance (42)
great sound (10)
hanging issue (51)
poor performance (9)
heating issue (67)
awesome performance (15)
camera issue (1)
poor sound (3)
wireless charging (15)
fingerprint sensor (2)
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Read this otherwise you will regret that you don't have such a spectacular phone

let me first get rid of those who gives one or two star.....I know,initially phone comes with some glitches.Yes that is also unacceptable from Google But all those issue are now rectified in progressive updates i'm in Lollipop v 5.0.2 and feels great having such an astounding phone.Till today none of other phone get the taste of Lollipop yet recall lollipop was released on 12 Nov 2014...nAny phone is dead if it does not get update with time...think twice any phone get better than Nexus 5 in term of Updatesnpros....(Some of you might haven't noticed this..till you have not this in your hand)n1. phone comes with 4.95 inch display with 445ppi which almost cover 71% of phone you are thinking whats new in this..n### 1. narrow bezels means screen is almost edge to edgen### 2. ips display are much brighter than super Amoled but lacks accurate color reproduction....Nexus has IPS+ display even better than super Amoled in some points n### 3. due to narrow Bezels height of this device is comparable to other 4.5 inch products available in the market eg. Canvas A1 and Nexus has same height 132mmn2. Google phone means Direct update with no modification #fact 4.3 JB,4.4.4 KitKat and Lollipop all are baked on nexus 5n3. Supports all bands yes all because single product is launched Globally this makes it unsusceptible to tropical locationn4. One MOST IMP. thing is Nexus 5 is devloper phone means......... even after the official support period you can get faster unofficial updates from after market rom makers like cyanogenMod,AOKP,Omni,Paranoid etc. n5. At that time and price only one phone come with OIS+.This comes very handy when you are shooting videosn6. LTE under 30k ...... now u can get LTE at ONLY Rs6999 BUT WAIT wait every components has its class here class refers to quality for Eg. Iphone 6 has only 8mp camera (ipad onle 3.2mp) but beat the hell out of other 16mp(nearly double) and (*** components in this case is type of lenses used)n7. Performance is unquestionable.....i never ever feels my phone slow,sluggish or whatevern8. LI-POLY better than LI-ION stand last in term of shelf life as every advantage has disadvantage too li-poly batteries does not has charge density as high as li-ion result in poor battery backup nmay be these points are enough to convince an intellectual personncons (nothing is perfect)nif you play around half of your time then go with 32 gb model,purchase power bank for extra juice and if your an audiophile then go with other doubly stereo speaker phones nnTHATS ALLnnNexus 5 -- Beauty with Beast -- the best phone I have had so far nnDisclaimer -- this review is not for those who always goes with paper specs and are hungry for performance.....this phone is more than sufficient for satisfying needs of daily task encounter nndon't forget to click on helpful if you find..nnKudos nHit Esh

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Amazing phone, pathetic customer care service

No qualms in stating that Nexus 5 undoubtfully is a beast of a phone and the best phone of 2013. If you expect blazing fast day-to-day functionality, you won't be disappointed. The battery is tad average but given the amazing specs, one must learn to live with that.nnOn the flip side of the coin, Flipkart customer care executives and escalation team leave no stone unturned to make your buying experience a living hell. There is absolutely no or little effort taken to inform the customer the status of the delivery. It seems misinforming customers is the new fad.nnI don't like name bashing, but behavior of some executives and especially a member of escalation team was utterly disgraceful and not worthy to be called professional.nnAlso, a word of praise for Mr. Madan who went out of his way to get the product delivered to me. Dear Flipkart team, you need more people like Mr. Madan to excel as a competant customer service team.nnThe phone deserves a 5 star rating. But thanks to the pathetic response of customer care service, there is a pressing need for a negative scale of rating.

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Just a query

Why Flipkart shows MircoSD cards in supported acessories with Nexus 5 , and in combo offer Samsung MicroSD card . Why would anybody want a MIcroSD card when Nexus does not support MIrcoSD.

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The Complete Worthy Package!!

Hi friends,nnMy info should help you decide making the right choice.!nn♦Cons:nNo in built FMn12(Actually 12.28) GB is all you to get to play around with your files and Data.nNo micro SD slot(Non-expandable storage)nLoudspeaker is on the quiet sidenNon user-replaceable batterynComparatively less battery lifenLow Light Camera is 7.5/10nn♦Pros:n10/10 Most affordable phone with fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset till the date.n10/10 "Ok Google" that is Google Now is much smarter now!!n10/10 First to get Google Android updatesn10/10 Extremely fair Pricingn10/10 Excellent Displayn10/10 Classy Designn8.5/10 Good call qualityn9/10 Catches WIFI Signal even at relatively long distancesn8/10 Battery Backup lasts for a around ~2 daysn8.5/10 Music Qualityn10/10 Hassle free stream of 1080p HD Moviesn10/10 No lags on HD Gamesn9/10 Voice dialing works without internet/data and understands neutral Indian Accents flawlesslyn9/10 Camera with optical image stabilization also Photo Spehere (360 degrees photo-shot) and 180 degrees Panorama shot very decentn8.5/10 USB host support, USB on-the-go support this time (Third party apps can give full support)nnSo overall this is really Beast phone that if you want to purchase the Best phone in this budget then this is the only choice I think!nYou don't need a film star to promote this phone.nPeople who use it will recommend this to their friends and family.!

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Cheating from flipkart!

I had ordered this phone via COD. All of a sudden without any notice they cancelled the order by saying that the confirmation call was failed as the price increased than the ordered price. I didn't receive any call for the confirmation and when i contacted them, they just said we're sorry!n This is cheating from flipkart and i need justice for this!

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