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Google Pixel 128GB
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Google Pixel 128GB
Out of Stock
₹ 41,000
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Mindblowing purchase

The feel you get when you hold this phone can't be expressed. Just the perfect size. And the camera is the best in market. Compare to iPhone it definitely competes. Battery has been good so far. It took around 45 minutes for its full charging. Assistant can do anything for you. In all its the best thing I ever purchased.

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Great minimalist phone

The phone build is pretty solid. But it doesn't quite have the wow factor. In fact the XL I found to be pretty big for my hands (yes I don't have a big palm/fingers) even though the length and width is the same as OnePlus 3. Its mainly due to slippery sides and greater thickness vs. the OP3. But the software is a gem. No slowdown, no bugs, no juggling with the settings to get something to work. Everything just works. But that's also its downside. It just about works than trying to wow you. Appreciate the amazing and consistent camera, battery life, screen, etc. But then no features for power users to make the stock Android more productive. Google Assistant is great but that is just 1 feature and may not remain exclusive to Pixel for long anyway.nn## Screen & responsiveness - Excellent. Almost iPhone like responsiveness with a top notch AMOLED screenn## Camera - Amazing. Best you can get in the market for now.n## Form factor and ergonomics - Average. Not for small hands. Try the Pixel in that case instead of the XL variant, unless VR is absolutely necessary for you (2K display vs. 1080p)n## Battery - Good for now (Both Standby and SOT) ... Based on less than 24 hrs of usagen## OS - Clean and fast. Vanilla Android (Nexus users will be at home)n## Customization - Almost nil vs. what's in stock Android Nougatn## Call Quality - Fantasticn## Speakers - Loud for daily use but just above average for a single speaker setupn## Google Assistant - Fun and most productive while driving or when you have your hands busy. Otherwise you will still use Google search more than AI (unless you don't find it weird talking to your phone alone or with people around)nnWhat I miss based on my usage of other devices -nn1.) Double Tap to Wake Screen or Trigger Ambient Displayn2.) Lack of Ambient Display on "Wake to Lift". It only lights when notifications arrive, that's it. May be it will get fixed later via an OTAn3.) Capacitative buttons vs software buttons to save more screen estatennI still recommend getting this device. You will not be overwhelmed by it. But it will grow on your slowly. Just don't expect too much after unboxing the device. Remember for any device to do everything that it promises is still tough. There are always conflicts and/or compromises and/or bugs. I haven't found any for this one yet.

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A True Android experience.nI have received the mobile only on today.while I haven't done the details operation of the different systems .My review are as under:nThe phone is very compact and seems to be durable.The Flipkart has sent the same as quickly as possible.Thanks to Flipkart for their prompt delivery.nPROSnSuper fast and awe some performance.nPhotographs are good with best color and sharpness.nBattery backup is very good.nnCONSnCost is a bit more.nThe audio performance is average.nSuch a costly phone a good earphone should be included.The earphone is of very average quality.nThay could have made room for extra memory card slot.nOverall performance : Overall performance up till now is awesome.

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Long awaited for Google Pixel ...

suppose to get it delivered anytime between 10am - 7pm today by flipkart.nbut i couldn't resist myself.... i tracked it on flipkart & it was already there in the nearest hub by 6am this morning.... & then i rushed to the place told them i can't wait any longer please give my pixel here itself... they made me wait 20mins though the package box was infront of me... & then the hub Manager came with some chocolates & took a picture of me & told me that i am the first person to get this cool gadget..... woww... that really made my day....njust loving very black color, it feels premium & amazing in hand.......nwill soon share Google pixel reviews & with some camera test samples....

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Avoid buying Pixel from flipkart.

Google store warranty conditions do not apply for the purchases outside google store. If you are crazy about this device (like I was before), buy from google store itself. In fact, I strongly recommend not to buy due to the poor service they are providing in India. nnMy brand new pixel xl stopped 'powering on' on the 12th day of purchase :Purchased on 11th Nov 2016, stopped working on Nov 23rd . I lodged complaint with google customer service center on the same day. Since I was out of the country, I could take it to service center only after I got back to India (on 25th day of purchase). The service center guys informed me that I'm eligible for replacement since the phone stopped working within 14 days of purchase. But they wanted a mail from google customer care, confirming my complaint on Nov 23rd. I have been following up with google customer care ever since then. After initial positive responses, today they responded saying that "Google Store warranty policy covers only for the devices purchased from Google stores.". Google store website itself lists flipkart as the online partner without mentioning this loophole. I strongly recommend not to buy this device in India. Service is provided by HTC in India. Due to the disconnect between HTC and google, I'm not getting what I deserve - replacement of the phone which stopped working on 12th day of purchase. This is not acceptable after paying 67K for a phone. Here is the mail from google customer service. n_______nnHi Tiju, nThank you for contacting Google Support Team. nThis email is in regards to the conversation we had on 23rd Nov, 2016 regarding the problem (the device won't power on) you're facing with your Pixel XL device. nAs already discussed with you, Google Store's warranty policy covers devices purchased from Google stores. As the device is purchased from a different retailer, it isn't covered by the Google Store's warranty policy. You can take your device to a walk in service center to explore warranty and repair options. nIf you have any more questions, please reply to this email. I'm happy to help! nThanks!

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