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Google Pixel 2 XL
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Google Pixel 2 XL
Out of Stock
₹ 45,499
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value for money it's pixel and the person buying pixel already knows everything about pixel so let me help you with major issue that's bothering everyone 1 screen is fine for Indian user i think our batch is free from other screen issues except blue tint. 2 slow charging and camera issues will be fixed in futures updates 3 clicking noise from earphones and below par speaker is just hoax they are working flawlessly no need to worry if you buy this phone but be careful as flipkart after sales service is not user friendly if you are having second thought then buy OnePlus5t it's bang on for. money at that price.

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Pretty good

Used this device for about 6 days.Below is my initial review(Running on Android 8.1 from the first day) PROS 1. Battery life- Excellent. SOT is always around 9 hours (5 cycles so far). First time ever, I found it tough to kill the battery. 2. Fluid performance on every aspect. 3. Natural mode on display is really natural. 4. Rear camera ofcourse. 5. Gestures. 6. Charging time is around 2hours 10minutes which is good for 3520mah battery. 7. Stereo speakers (good at less than 60% volume only) 8. More wallpapers. 9. Ofcourse latest Android always. 10. 2 year warranty. 11. 3 year software support. CONS 1. Speaker is getting some noise when more than one notification comes at a time. Speaker Distortions also annoying at higher volumes for some kind of audio. 2. Touch on edges are not consistent some times.....especially during games. 3. Front camera is below average on low lighting conditions. Google camera could have included filters. 4. Phone is little taller which is not comfortable to hold. 5. A sound(Speaker being used kind of indication) is coming from earpiece during call which can be heard in very silent conditions. 6. Phone is slippery. 7. Lack of 3.5mm jack. 8. Lack of wireless charging considering removal of 3.5mm jack. 9. Google should have included wireless headset if they are not encouraging 3.5mm jack (Intead of Type C to 3.5mm adapter). Improvements 1. Speakers issues, Touch issues on edges. 2. Blue shift is slightly reduced on saturation mode.So there is a scope for improvement. Considering good battery standby and SOT, GOOGLE should have opted for dual standby sim atleast for some regions.

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Mindblowing purchase

There are few things you should note. 1. This is by far the best mobile phone camera. You will know when you use it. It takes stunning shots. This phone compels me to take more photos. The output produced is way too good. I have used other flagships as well but this phone is in the league of its own. No match whatsoever. 2. Smoothest Android experience one can get. You won't know it until you experience it. it's such a joy to navigate or do anything in general on this device. It just flows through butter. 3. There are other beautiful phones out there specially Samsung and iPhone X . But this device has its own charm. The b & w ( panda ) looks distinct and has a different appeal. Design is quite subjective but I am sure you can't hate Panda version. And if you have taste similar to me you are going to love it. I had S8 and that's such a gorgeous device. But I love my Panda the same. 4. About the #displaygate . If you are used to flagship Samsungs or iPhone X then you will instantly notice the display of this device is no match to these devices. But over a week or so you will stop noticing that and would be happy with what you have. Don't read too much into the display issues with this device. Believe me it has one of the best displays on the market. It's only when you compare it to flagships of Samsung & iPhone X this phone struggles. For me the pros outweighed the single dull aspect of the phone and I made the decision to go for this. No regrets by far. Best smartphone experience till date.

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A fantastic phone.... Using it for 3 months now no signs of slowing down.. get the latest Android.. a fantastic camera.. unlimited Google photos storage (it's far more useful than u think), a very good battery life.. easily get through a day of power use... and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.. Please note: The screen is a tad below the mark... U will find blue shift when u tilt the screen.. it doesn't bother me much... But I can imagine it being a deal breaker for some.. but if you are going for the Google software experience... Nothing else beats it.

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Worst Experience buying from flipkart

I have had the worst experience of buying a mobile online. I was not informed the phone was delayed till the day it shipped. I call the customer care multiple times yet no help. Also Google advertises that they are selling this phone through flipkart exclusively but flipkart claims they are a "marketplace" and they have nothing to with the delays caused by the "seller". Overall worst experience ever. But the phone is an absolute joy though! I had to give 1 star because of flipkart. Worst service from customer care.

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