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HTC Butterfly
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The Arrogance of HTC

Last month blackberry made a fool of itself by pricing its flagship Z10 phone over 43k. Now HTC is trying to pull of that gimmick it by ridiculously pricing this otherwise good phone. It's time to teach these corporates a lesson by not buying their condescending products. Given that xperia Z is priced more than 5k under it wont be a surprise if this phone bombs in India. nnI have only one thing to say to HTCnnBoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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Features at what price ?

Let’s see what we have got here.nnFROM FLAGSHIP POINT OF VIEWnHTC Butterfly: 5 Inches, 1080 P screen, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait, long in the tooth UI with predictable set of features, good build quality, 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, 8 MP Camera, all this at mind boggling Rs 45890/-nSONY Xperia Z: 5 Inches, 1080 P screen, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait, lesser UI customization for better Android experience, superb build quality, 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 13 MP Camera and a big plus for Indian conditions IP 57 certified Dust and water resistant all this at Rs 37,990/- !!!nThe above example illustrates that even with a super feature which is IP57 certification Xperia Z costs Rs 7900/- less than HTC Butterfly.nnFROM FEATURE TO FEATURE POINT OF VIEWnSONY Xperia ZL : 5 Inches, 1080 P screen, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait, lesser UI customization for better Android experience, superb build quality, 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 13 MP Camera all this at Rs 35,990/-nWhich means that HTC Butterfly is overpriced by astonishing Rs 9900/- , can you believe that!!nnFROM PROCESSOR POINT OF VIEWnLG Optimus G: 4.7 Inches, 720 P screen, Quad Core 1.5 Ghz Krait, feature rich UI, good build quality, 4.1 Jelly Bean , 13 MP camera and at a price of Rs 30880/-nButterfly plus is 1080 P screen and LG Optimus G plus is 13 MP camera , considering them to be even HTC Butterfly is again overpriced by a whopping Rs 15,000/-nnSo guys pick and choose your phone wisely as per your requirements but keep in mind what is offered to you at what price and whether manufacturer is taking Indian customer ,that is you, for a ride or not.nnCheers!nnP S: I am no HTC or SONY fan.I am surprised to see mindless comments trying to deliberately show SONY Xperia Z in poor light. I checked the leading sites for XPERIA Z review and it is among the top best rated mobile phones today in world.nnTechradar : Current Ranking No. 3 (Editorial), HTC butterfly is not even in rankings !nCnet : Xperia Z user ratings 4.5, Droid DNA (Butterfly) 4.00nGSMArena: Xperia Z User Rating 8.9, HTC Butterfly 7.3 ( voting parameters : Design, Feature, Performance) moreover on daily interest/popularity chart xperia Z is 97% where as Butterfly is only 9.7% !nSGBest: Xperia Z tops current User Ratings at 5.00nnThe list can go on and on, the point is fanboyism does not help anybody to choose the right product. I never said that HTC Butterfly is a bad product but at the current price point it is a market dud in India, having said that Xperia Z can do much more that Butterfly can do at the right price point which will make it a success in Indian market.nnCheers !

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Amazing phone at a very disappointing price

HTC butterfly was the first to come out with a full HD display and its price elsewhere is really competetive but here in india, the price of 45k is simply insane.nnCompare this with Xperia Z or to be more price Xperia ZL because ZL is something that has similar features with Butterfly. the price difference is insane. HTC needs to cut down the price by atleast 10k, even if it has priced the one X or one X+ very high. HTC needs to price its products aggressively otherwise competition is giving some similar products at much better price. nnnI just wish they launch HTC one at a reasonable price.nnP.S. Butterfly is available in major markets at around 35k factory unlocked

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3 weeks with HTC butterfly

Now, most of them have already commented how this phone is over priced. Blah blah blah.. yap yap.. anyway, I don't want to get in to that. This phone is not for a person who is not interested in personalizing the look and feel of a phone. Trust me, you will feel that its overpriced. I was planning to but HTC one, but nerver liked what they had done with 4.2.2 update. I ordered this phone on 11th sept and, received it on 13th!..nnPhone was available with an offer : bluetooth headset+Eveready Ultima 2200mAh+EMI :)nnMy first phone showed signs of some lag while playing games, few apps did not work as expected. After testing it thoroughly for a week, I requested a replacement and informed flipkart that it will take a long time for me to send it to service centre, get it done. And, I was entitled for a replacement within 30 days. After speaking to a customer rep, he promptly agreed to replace my phone and initiated replacement. I really had not issues with hardware at all, but just the software since I bought this phone just for Sense 4+ and do not want sense 5 anytime soon. I did not want an update. Checked reviews thoroughly to make sure that it was not a hardware problem and confirmed that reviews point out that all games work like a breezennPros :nnWell, everything is cool. I have no problem at all and works great. No lags, no hangs and nothing!nn1) Music : Wow!! its got superb Amps and the external sound output from phone is loud and clear compared to Sony phones. Well, think of it like this : HTC one has two of these speakers in the front, but butterfly has one in the back.. and trust me, its not feeble to hear!nnInternal amplifier works great and has much more output power compared to HTC one X/XLnn2) There is a message LED indicator at the back, apart from the one in the front. I liked it :)nn3)Spill proof.. well, I dont plan to go swimming with my smart phone and it does not have to be water proof completely! nn4) 4.2.2 update is ready for this device with battery optimizations. 4.3 JB? I really doubt if you need it. please go with change logs and not just because some one told u that its the latest and greatest.nnPossible Cons(although I dont consider it much) :nn1)No NFC(well, I can live with that. I dont often tap phones in the office to trasfer files ;) )nn2)Battery - well.. it holds enough charge for a day and a half with 1 hour on the phone, gaming for 20 minutes, wifi on all the time and sending out 50 messages. If you actually use it as a phone, just to make calls and receive text messages, I am pretty sure that it will last for 2 days. they could have done better with the battery part, or could have introduced wireless charging...nnIf you really want the battery to last for a long time, use it as a phone and not a video game machine.nnBottom line :nnIf you want to personalize your phone according to YOU(like scenes and skins), Sense 4 is the best one out there with quad core specs!nnYES, I am a HTC fan. I love their products and have received a lot of positive feedback for my phone, from people who use S4, Nexus 4 and Sony.nnBuy this phone ONLY if you appreciate its UI and want a decent specs. Do not compare with other phones, specs to specs and complain... I am one satisfied user with few things that I can live without.. :)nnModel : X920DnSingle Micro SIMn4.1.1 Jellybean out of the boxnfull HD screenn8MP cam

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The most PERFECT Android ever...!

Guys, never compare a HTC with a Sony Xperia. Whatever the configuration, Xperia is miles behind HTC. Even the Xperia Z is of no match. Do not be fooled by their THIRTEEEEEEEEEEEN MEGA PIXEL Camera... The clearity is worse than the 8 MP of Butterfly.nAnd about that dirt and water proof feature, who needs them...? Do you always carry your phone in a water bottle...? Or in a mud bag...? Huh.. Waste feature to attract everyone... Just bring both mobiles either side and have a go... The touch sensation of Sony feels like a hell where as the HTC touch is no less than a soft cushion... Do not judge any mobile based on their specs... Have it physically and you will find the difference...nOne thing is sure... If you want to beat a HTC mobile, it is only possible through another HTC and no others can do it...

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