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HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM
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HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM
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Another Over Priced Good Design Phone

Samsung Galaxy Quattro and this Phone has same Specifications yet Price is 26k! Just for design does hTC believes people should pay 11k extra plus the way hTC is doing with updates should any one even think of this? Samsung though does not boast of design like this but at least they do not forget their customers and provide good software upgrades. Please request to all to ignore this and make this company realize that they just can't sell handsets with ridiculous prices and then make them regret their purchase. Important Facts even though this company makes the best Android Handsets and has won several awards for same:n*hTC One X and One X+ are far better at this price point though their Android Update support seems really scary because of hTC habits! They have promised support but they have failed so many times!n*hTC One S was launched with inferior H/W at 30K above Price and now updates stopped at 4.1 without proper justificationn*hTC Desire SV was launched with a promise of Jelly Bean but it has never happened till now!n*Butterfly was launched at 45k and still no updates plus there are and still better handsets available with gradual price cuts!n*One X and One X+ were given extreme price cuts of around 10k all of a sudden instead of gradual reductionn*Several Dual SIM launched are on ICS like Desire U, XC, X, XDS etc in 2013n*Sony, Samsung, Nokia, LG etc all have much better and future proof handsets with sensible pricingn*hTC One a flagship is the slowest to receive 4.2.2 and its still not globally launched.nnWhat to expect from this company!

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How do you people compare two phones

I have been observing that most of us don't own the product or used the product but we review it. Its fine if you make your comments based on facts. Many people here comparing HTC Desire 600 with Samsung Quattro. I have not used the HTC but have good hands on experience with Quattro. And believe me it's not a pleasant one. nnIf we go with the specifications then Quattro is a lower version of Galaxy Grand. Try Flipkart's compare function and you will know that. Basic difference making features of the Desire 600.nnGood quality screen (qHD with Super LCD 2). Quattro got a WVGA TFT screen. A qHD screen is always better then WVGA and when it is smaller then the WVGA, it's steel. I have used Quattro and the is screen really pathetic. nnThe processor of Quattro is 1.2 GHz Cortex A5, Quad Core but most of the functions hang if you have 02 applications running simultaneously. Grands Dual core is much better.nn Any time the HTC sense is much better then any other Skin wether it is Samsungs TouchWiz or any thing else.nnCamera is far better on HTC. BSI (Back side Illuminated) sensor is very good for low light imaging and I know that as I'm a photographer. Camera comes with dedicated image chip like most of SLRs for fast processing and saves space for RAM. Secondry camera is 1.3 MP Vs .3 MP of Quattro. nnBattery on both the phones look weak. 1860 mAH Vs 2000 mAH. anything above 2300 mAH will make differncennI'm not including Dual active sim, NFC (Near Field Connection), Boom Sound, Amplifiers as I do not want to compare what Quattro do not have.nnIndeed the HTC Desire is over priced but not as much as people say. It is over priced by say 2K to 3K. and that will come down when it will be available in the open market like Samsung's Grand which was launched at 21.5 K but now selling at 18 K.

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Give me a reason why not One X @ 25999?

I actually hopelessly laughed seeing the price for India . I liked this phone while it was announced, but then the huge price is surely a big joke to HTC's own products. Considering I'm die hard fan of HTC and wont compare HTC with any other brand...fine....still why not One X then?? Even One S is good at 21K!! One X is way ahead in all aspect - Quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU, 4.7", Internal 32GB memory. Why would anyone pay this amount for a 4.5" screen with resolution of 540 x 960 (~245 ppi )??!! where One X is 4.7" with 720 x 1280 pixels (~312 ppi)!!!! Then why the extra money for? For the BlinkFeed?!!! Dude! 10K extra for an customization app??? Come on HTC, no one will pay extra fat price only for the look..errrr just to add, the phone is quite fat too its 9.3 mm where One X is 8.9 mm...then??? do you pretend to be Apple??? That's a joke again. nOr like your early products you want some dumb fast buyers few months then a price cut? I don't know who your marketing adviser is, but if you really want to be into loyal to customers....!nnAnother joke is, HTC's One series (which was highlighted as classy series) is cheaper than a Desire series phone (which is HTC's mid range series regular phones)!! HAHA!

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Another crappy Midranger from HTC

Snapdragon 200 for Rs 28k? I wouldnt buy a Rs15000 phone if it had Snapdragon 200 SoC. It is extremely poor in performance, in the lines of older NovaThors and Cortex A5s. Indian brands like iBall/Lava costing Rs9000 on Mediatek Quadcore beats this in benchmarks. Check google or just head to gsmarena. I understand its not reasonable to compare a cheap brand to HTC, but being beaten by a phone which is Rs20,000 cheaper =NOT AN EXCUSE..nIt doesnt have the ultrapixel of Htc One, doesnt have the good battery of the HTC simple apes the HTC One with its design and Sense UI. Cheap marketing trick HTC. nIts sad that big companies have yet to bring a high end dual sim Android ...nThe 960X540 on a 4.5" is also very very low grade...bad phone by HTC dunno who will buy this cr@p. nWish i could give zero stars

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Ordered It

Ordered it despite of all mixed reviews..nYes this phone lacks with some specifications, but the design is awesome..nPreviously had HTC sensation xl, and again going for HTC.....nnAnd yes this phone is over-priced, but how can anybody expect walnuts at the price of peanuts.nnAgain HTC can't be compared with Samsung's plastic-body look-alike phones....nnPlease don't worry about the one-star ratings, coz they are not buyers of the phone.nAnybody can easily see that all certified buyers have given as me..

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