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HTC One X 16GB
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HTC One X 16GB
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The Beast of All Phones

Summary - This cellphone is all in place to set a new standard for the mobile phone hardware for the other upcoming brands and models viz quad core processor with 1.5 GHz clockspeed, camera that is able to take picture at aperture setting 2.0 (will result in excellent low light photography), awsome screen size of 4.7' with LCD2 which in no way less than Super AMOLED or Retina Display. Overall Thumbs up and a great buy but should have been priced few thousands less to beat the market thoroughly.nnPositives :n1. 4.7' Screen that is perfect for a smartfone, 5.3' of Note is a bit too big and 3.5' of iPhone is bit too small. Its a big plus here.n2. Display is awsome. love it.n3. Quad-core in mobile makes my imaginations fly. Days are changing and I am ready to adapt.n4. I own a DSLR cam, but do I carry it always - NO. It can well be a alternative on a few occasions.n5. Believe me, the HTC Sense 4.0 on top of ICS 4.0 is just like Icing on the Cake. n6. Browsing is fun and fast, you do not need to take out the lappy or your tablet for casual browsing and replying a few mails.nnNegatives :n1. HTC phones have inherent problem with battery life though of late they have addressed this issue. I am yet to see how a 1800mAH battery performs with this giant beast.n2. No memory card slot, btw do you need one when you have 32GB on board, if yes you might not be using the phone correctly.. just kidding.. :)n3. Battery is fixed and cannot be detached. It can be a big drawback. We need to wait n Watch.nnNeutral :nPolycarbonate Body Casing : I am a fan of the design aspect of HTC and always say this is where Samsung lacks most, but now HTC for the first time is using a polycarbonate casing instead of their default aluminium casing. So, we need to see how it feels in your hand, does it give a plastic feeling like the S2, or a premium feeling like other HTC or Apple phones.nnCompetitors :nOnly two of them right now -n1. Samsung Galaxy Note - Go for it only if you need a yet bigger screen ie 5.3'. Other than the screen size, the hardware specs and Software specs of OneX is better.nn2. iPhone 4S - Go for it only if you feel and want you to be seen as carrying Apple iPhone. Design, feel, display and Camera are almost at par with OneX, processor and inbuild RAM is better in OneX. iOS has some edge over android as it is mature in the market. you have to pay a premium to get iPhone though. If screen size of iPhone is fine with you, you can well check one. Its a good phone. Note : Both iPhone and OneX uses micro SIM, seems normal SIM cards are going to be phased out soon.nnHope you like my review and make an informed decision on your next big daddy of Smartfone. Seeyaa !

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Battery life! Please

Reading all the reviews here i am not going to add much but to think people are crying about battery life without even using the phone is pathetic. Please do not quote all the review websites here. Use the device and then rate the product. HTC One X is blessed with Tegra 3 quadcore and a companion core.nQuadcores are more efficientnFor your daily life tasks like texting and making calls you have the companion core working.nGiven the size of the screen and the power it packs it easily does 14hrs under heavy usage and i mean 3g video and the occasional gaming. On idle this easily lasted a day.nOn a different note when you quote battery 1800mah , please do not compare it with Li-on ...this is a Li-Po battery. Do your research and USE THE PHONE before reviewing.

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HTC ONE x The start of a new generation of phones!!!

I ordered HTC ONE x from Flipkart. Initially the expected delivery date was 5-7 business days later than the order date. But actually, it was delivered on the 2nd day itself. Very happy with the Flipkart packaging & the prompt service provided.nThis is my second phone from HTC. The earlier was Desire, which I had bought from Flipkart itself when it was launhed. Once the new HTC ONE x was in my hand, I was almost ready with all my backups. There was a small visit to my mobile service provider to get my SIM card cut to the size of a micro-SIM card. Within a couple of hours, my new phone had all the old softwares I was using & the contacts & messages restored. I obviuosly had to download all the older softwares again on the new phone because of the difference in the Android OS version. After 2 days of extensive use, I can proudly say that I own one of the best phones in the market. Within the last 2 days of using the phone, the battery did not seem to be an issue for normal phone use. The camera quality is awesome & the sound is amazing. There is no lag as such while using as many number of applications that I could at one point of time. The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor & 1 Gb RAM show their mettle. The display is crisp. A special car mode is available for use while driving. The mobile connects with the car deck over bluetooth & the rest is an easy job. There are a lot of technical pros & cons written in various reviews which persist, but in the end, the pros outweigh the cons in a decent manner. All in all a very good buy!!!

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If you are in a dilemma which one to buy, GNote 2, SIII or this One X, buy One X!!!

I have had used GNote for a brief period and was very impressed about the capability it has. No doubt Samsung has developed a beasty speed crazy phone a.k.a phablet. But this HTC One X is supersonic. Though it has a comparitively smaller screen (GNote:5.3 inches, One X 4.7 inches) but c'mon it is a phone. When i was using GNote it was at sometimes awkward to hold it to my ears.nnWhen you start using One X one thing will always ponder in your mind i.e, what all it has more in it. It will take atleast few weeks and hours of surfing on your phone to decipher its capabilities.nnHTC and its battery life:nThe moment you ask someone about HTC, everyone tells you that HTC sucks in battery performance. If you speak about HTC One X, "The 1800mAH Li-Po battery does not suck". When I say does not suck i mean that as an average user (one hour of games, checking mails, internet surfing of about an hour, about 50 snaps of camera usage, about 10 min video recording, about 1 hour of talk time), this phone will stay by your side without dying. I could not say that it has a mammoth battery life. nIt is easier to carry the USB cable which you can plug in your desktop OR laptop any time you need. If you find a power socket around you, then you can use that as well. Nevertheless, HTC could have used a 2500mAH battery for the bundle it is offering.nnMoving on to the HTC sense 4.0 interface: nOne word: Ecstatic. Just experience it.nnAndroid 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich:nIt rocks and better than Gingerbread, your multitasking is a piece of cake.nnNvidia Tegra Quad core processor:nThis engine inside your HTC one X makes the phone "Supersonic".nYou need to control your touch inputs intially to get used to the capacitive interface. Blazingly fast and a sure winner over GNote and SII.nnCamera:nUnless you are bitten by a photography bug, you will not use your Digicam after buying HTC One X. I could take 99 snaps in one minute with a single continuous click. It has got a dedicated image processor making photography fun like never before. Again a clean winner over SII and GNote.nnMusic:nI am a music freak. Beats audio is better than iTunes. Compare it yourself and then arrive to this verdict. Sad that HTC does not provide Beats (i/ur) headphones. Nevertheless the headphones from HTC in the box is not bad either. Again a winner over SII and GNote.nnDisplay:nSuper LCD2 with HD display is one of the USP of this. Daylight visibility is amazing. The viewing angles once compared to other AMOLED display is better in Super LCD2. nnBuilt and feel:nIt is so thin that you may have to be careful while handling it.nThe polycarbonate unibody shell is robust and has better shock absorbing capacity as compared to other aluminium shells. The Corning Gorilla Glass gives a soothing feel of touch, scratch guard is recommended though over any type of display. Full marks to HTC for the design and built.nnI feel i have covered the basic review of this supersonic phone, highly recomended if you are ready to shell 34.5K. If you can wait for few more months before an upgrade then wait for SIV.

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Beats the new Samsung Galaxy S3 anyday

Hi all,nnI have not bought the HTC One X from the Flipkart site, but have been using this phone now for the past 2 months. It's an awesome phone and specification-wise has the best stuff in it's category. While you can read up all about the specifications on thsi site, here is something I want to add from my personal experience.nn1. Blazing fast UI and processor - from the lock screen it gets into your home screen and any app in less than a second. One can directly enter an app by dragging it into the lock ring and I find this so convenient when I want to check my Gmail or take a photo. Plus you can customize which apps to show next to the lock ring. By contrast the Samsung S3 takes more time to get to the home screen on unlocking. I guess that's due to its quad core 1.5 GHz processor. Samsung uses a 1.4 GHz quad core processor of a different make.nn2. Absolutely stunner of a HD camera that records at full 1080 P as opposed to the Samsung S3, which records at 720P only. The 8 megapixel camera takes really good still images, although stabilization is necessary to really great pictures. The best thing I liked about the camera is that you can specify which part of the image you want to focus on, by just tapping that part of the image on the screen. Th effect is that yoi can actually take potraits with all the background blurred out, just like in a DSLR.nn3. The HTC Sense 4.0 UI is buttery smooth, intiutive and makes it a pleasure to multitask. The android ICS is a big improvement of the previous android versions and brings it very close to the iOS experience, although the iOS is definitely superior in terms of experience Vs processor bandwidth use.nn4. The only downside I see is the 1250 mAh battery that lasts for just 10 hours with moderate to heavy usage. The Samsung galaxy S3 has a bigger battery that last much longer. So it's a question of whether you like traveling with the charger USB cord all the time or not. nn5. The lack of a micro SD slot on the phone is not really a damper in the sense that there are very few occasions for users to exceed 32 GB in storing apps or files, unless they are into heavy gaming and movies on the mobile. nnGiven the current pricing of the Samsung S3, I personally felt that the HTC One X is better, giving you the same features, better UI and camera than the S3 for a lesser price.nnBest Wishes,ndev

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